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Thank you ! :)

Unfortunately no :(

Wow...that took a while. Been busy helping to get some RPG materials off the ground:

*2 months passed* Not yet! :-O
But I'll do it today after work :D

Sure, I'll give it a shot. But it might take a few days :)

I'm not really working with Graphicriver at the moment, but can you PM me your email? I think I have a way to handle this :)
Err, not sure if has PMs, but you can always get in touch via Twitter DM or there's a contact form on my site. Links in my profile.


Man, I almost forgot!
I use the GDM PRO license template to make things simple

(+)One commercial project/purchase, commercial and personal use allowed.
(-) Don't make a logo out of this, or resell without the project you used it for.

Though I don't go after you with lawyers if you happen to use these for multiple projects. (Not yet, anyway ;)) But it is a nice gesture, especially at this price point!

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Hi everyone! Trying something new here:

I've added a pixellized version of my original space shooter set (

Very curious about your opinions - is this kind of thing useful? Anyone trying to make a retro top-down shooter? Any other assets might be required? All comments very much welcome :)

Use it as you wish, just make sure to add value to it, don't just repost under your own handle. Commercial, personal,  all projects are fine. Credit me if you make something cool that gets popular. Don't hesitate to give some back if you happen to make boatloads of money with this. That's the best TL:DR terms I can think of ;)

Good questions. I'm still confused about the whole thing.

One of the payouts (initiated ~70 days ago) just arrived in full amount (crazy 28USD :X). If the tax wasn't applied, why the 2 month delay?  
I also got the email "Are you sure about 30% witholding?" which said I could reply to fill the form again. As my country does have a treaty with the US I thought I might have gotten something wrong and I'll try again. So I replied to that email after a few days, but nothing happened :(

Totally agree though that is indeed awesome =) Just the tax thing really killed me, in a small way.

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I can't be the only one confused by's recent tax changes! :)

So I submitted the required form (as I understand it was required, otherwise PayPal payouts would be entirely disabled, might have misread something though).

Now I got an email asking me to confirm the 30% tax withholding thing. Is this the correct way to go about things? Or can I avoid it and pay the taxes over here (as far as I understand Poland, where I reside currently, does have a "avoid double taxation" thing signed with the US).

The email I recieved mentioned applying for an EIN/ITIN(?) number, but that seems rather overkill for about 40$ every 3-4 months...  It doesn't also quite specify how and why that helps.To my eternal shame I have no idea about these things, I just make pretty pictures. 

Tried to inquire with support but I guess legealese ins't their job, which is hardly surprising.

Any hints? How do you guys handle it?

Thanks! =)

In a perfect world - one key is for use in a single commercial product. Though obviously I don't go around checking how many games people have made with a single license ;) I'll be like WinRAR and leave it to your conscience ;)


The demo was made using Spriter. You can achieve 60fps by using Spriter and exporting the character at the desired framerate. The source file is included IIRC.

I only exported lower FPS versions to keep package size down :)

Let me know if there's a problem with this, I'll be glad to help.

Sure! I always love to hear about projects that go far and use my icons :) Good luck!

Thanks! =)

Many thanks!

I've updated the pack with transparent export strips, let me know if this works for you :)

Hi! There are Spriter files which you can export yourself in a better way :) I'll update the pack today with a better sprite export method (I hope!) stay tuned :)