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Good questions. I'm still confused about the whole thing.

One of the payouts (initiated ~70 days ago) just arrived in full amount (crazy 28USD :X). If the tax wasn't applied, why the 2 month delay?  
I also got the email "Are you sure about 30% witholding?" which said I could reply to fill the form again. As my country does have a treaty with the US I thought I might have gotten something wrong and I'll try again. So I replied to that email after a few days, but nothing happened :(

Totally agree though that itch.io is indeed awesome =) Just the tax thing really killed me, in a small way.

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I can't be the only one confused by itch.io's recent tax changes! :)

So I submitted the required form (as I understand it was required, otherwise PayPal payouts would be entirely disabled, might have misread something though).

Now I got an email asking me to confirm the 30% tax withholding thing. Is this the correct way to go about things? Or can I avoid it and pay the taxes over here (as far as I understand Poland, where I reside currently, does have a "avoid double taxation" thing signed with the US).

The email I recieved mentioned applying for an EIN/ITIN(?) number, but that seems rather overkill for about 40$ every 3-4 months...  It doesn't also quite specify how and why that helps.To my eternal shame I have no idea about these things, I just make pretty pictures. 

Tried to inquire with itch.io support but I guess legealese ins't their job, which is hardly surprising.

Any hints? How do you guys handle it?

Thanks! =)

In a perfect world - one key is for use in a single commercial product. Though obviously I don't go around checking how many games people have made with a single license ;) I'll be like WinRAR and leave it to your conscience ;)


The demo was made using Spriter. You can achieve 60fps by using Spriter and exporting the character at the desired framerate. The source file is included IIRC.

I only exported lower FPS versions to keep package size down :)

Let me know if there's a problem with this, I'll be glad to help.

Sure! I always love to hear about projects that go far and use my icons :) Good luck!

Thanks! =)

Many thanks!

I've updated the pack with transparent export strips, let me know if this works for you :)

Hi! There are Spriter files which you can export yourself in a better way :) I'll update the pack today with a better sprite export method (I hope!) stay tuned :)