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Basically make as many free or paid games as you want =) Don't resell as is, or as part of another pack. That's about it =)

In the footer it says the maps are free for commercial use and even attribution is optional. But yeah, does feel like the author deserves more than credit, these maps are hella cool.

Hi! I was looking for a way to generate these kinds of maps for a roguelike game. They're amazingly organic and feel man-made. Are there any clues about how this was developed on your patreon, or can I get in touch here to ask a few questions about your methods?

Woah, took me a while. Sorry you got a bad experience but to my eyes it's as good a pack as my 2016 self could muster. 

Given the super low interest in this pack it's just not viable for me to go and fix it in detail. 

I uploaded a _2021 version with the source files flattened, but with corrected contrasts and transparencies inside the sources. Unfortunately re-exporting the layers is not going to happen. Doesn't sound like it will fix your particular issues, but it's the best I can do given my current time constraints.

Good luck and thanks for the support :)

Hey man, thanks for reporting this! :) I'll review the pack tomorrow and see what can be done.

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Dude, I always wanted to make a game with these assets, beat me to it :D Congrats!

Hi! Thank you :) Hm...haven't considered this, didn't realize there's a need!

Really cool! I love how simple yet engaging it is.

Ah, cool. I can provide a zip too, no prob!

Wow! Thanks for the heads up, good catch! I'm away from work so I'll check this out first thing Wednesday, thanks for understanding :)

Wonder how long it's been that way :-0


Hm, key icon. Can be done I think!


Thanks for reminding me, I have a 1.0 license file uploaded to this project. Shout if you find any no-no's, unclear paragraphs, anything missing etc.

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Took me a while to respond:
I'm still debating this, but according to my latest license draft the answer would be no: as in its current form the license states that it can't be used in forms that allow for easy extracting and reuse without buying a license. In other words redistributing my stuff without my control. That would include open source games and asset store templates.

I'm still wondering about this since I love open source, game jams, and all the good stuff. On the other hand I also put tons of effort into these packs and want to respect myself and my hard work :) I also want them to be distributed in a certain way, controlled for quality.

I'm preparing that license right now, might take a moment to settle though. Huge shout out to all of you who kept reminding me to finally prepare a proper license.

No real reason, is it a problem?

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Thanks for the kind words and the detailed analysis :) You make some excellent points!

It's a trivial matter for AGE (the logic/ruleset engine) basically like turning a switch. However in the context of the entire UADOM game, it's actually quite complex, and touches on a lot of UI/UX/Controls decisions.

So far we feel the benefits of this decision outweigh the costs. There's no way around it, some people will enjoy it less for sure.

Sucks to be in that group, to which we can only say - we feel you. I guess we're all gaming fans and each of us has experiences where our beloved game went in a different direction than we expected (I'm looking at you Vermintide 2!). 

Still, we'll continue in this direction as we feel it's the best for the game as a whole, both in terms of completing the project and it's longevity.

If Thomas ever decides to release an AGE-based game again, with a different approach to UI, or even purely ASCII, then who knows? :) As for this project, this particular features' fate is sealed.

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Congratulations on completing the game! No easy feat in itself :) 

As always I'm curious if there are any icons you wished were in the pack.

Haven't updated it in a LOOONG time...but you never know :)

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No need to credit me in the game, just link back here so more people can enjoy the goodness :) Good luck!

Sadly no discord and no tutorials (yet!). Well see if there's demand.

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Absolutely. Go wild with your commercial game use :) No need to credit me specifically, but please link back to the pack so others can find it :)

Thanks! Good luck with your game!

Thank you so much! :)

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::: Known Issues :::

Emails sent to alpha testers include more detailed information about features not yet included.

::: Overall Limitations :::

  • Most "veteran ADOM" commands aren't added, like "," or ">" "<".

::: Inventory :::

  • Items have sizes, currently can't equip items of different size than yours (this will change!). This is now marked in the UI tooltips.

::: Visuals :::

::: Controls :::

  • Spacebar passes turns, this is poorly explained.
  • No diagonal movement is a deliberate design choice, feedback welcome!

::: Game Rules :::

  • Balance is nearly non-existant. We're testing stability and major bugs. Balance comes much later.
  • Currently most dungeon features cannot be interacted with, only destroyed.
  • You can massively farm XP in the animated forest by casting fire AoE spells. (see first entry in this section ;))

::: Interface :::

  • No accessible text log :( we'll get there!

::: Performance :::

  • Game slows down heavily in Animated Forest and doesn't recover. (First batch of optimizations applied!)

::: Other Bugs :::

Im not sure? I do see a buy button that seems to work. What is the exact problem?

I have truly no idea, and currently no modifications are planned. I used a spritesheet generator, I forget the name, there are quite a few out there. 

Wow...that took a while. Been busy helping to get some RPG materials off the ground:

*2 months passed* Not yet! :-O
But I'll do it today after work :D

Sure, I'll give it a shot. But it might take a few days :)

I'm not really working with Graphicriver at the moment, but can you PM me your email? I think I have a way to handle this :)
Err, not sure if has PMs, but you can always get in touch via Twitter DM or there's a contact form on my site. Links in my profile.


Man, I almost forgot!
I use the GDM PRO license template to make things simple

(+)One commercial project/purchase, commercial and personal use allowed.
(-) Don't make a logo out of this, or resell without the project you used it for.

Though I don't go after you with lawyers if you happen to use these for multiple projects. (Not yet, anyway ;)) But it is a nice gesture, especially at this price point!

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Hi everyone! Trying something new here:

I've added a pixellized version of my original space shooter set (

Very curious about your opinions - is this kind of thing useful? Anyone trying to make a retro top-down shooter? Any other assets might be required? All comments very much welcome :)

Use it as you wish, just make sure to add value to it, don't just repost under your own handle. Commercial, personal,  all projects are fine. Credit me if you make something cool that gets popular. Don't hesitate to give some back if you happen to make boatloads of money with this. That's the best TL:DR terms I can think of ;)

Good questions. I'm still confused about the whole thing.

One of the payouts (initiated ~70 days ago) just arrived in full amount (crazy 28USD :X). If the tax wasn't applied, why the 2 month delay?  
I also got the email "Are you sure about 30% witholding?" which said I could reply to fill the form again. As my country does have a treaty with the US I thought I might have gotten something wrong and I'll try again. So I replied to that email after a few days, but nothing happened :(

Totally agree though that is indeed awesome =) Just the tax thing really killed me, in a small way.

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I can't be the only one confused by's recent tax changes! :)

So I submitted the required form (as I understand it was required, otherwise PayPal payouts would be entirely disabled, might have misread something though).

Now I got an email asking me to confirm the 30% tax withholding thing. Is this the correct way to go about things? Or can I avoid it and pay the taxes over here (as far as I understand Poland, where I reside currently, does have a "avoid double taxation" thing signed with the US).

The email I recieved mentioned applying for an EIN/ITIN(?) number, but that seems rather overkill for about 40$ every 3-4 months...  It doesn't also quite specify how and why that helps.To my eternal shame I have no idea about these things, I just make pretty pictures. 

Tried to inquire with support but I guess legealese ins't their job, which is hardly surprising.

Any hints? How do you guys handle it?

Thanks! =)

In a perfect world - one key is for use in a single commercial product. Though obviously I don't go around checking how many games people have made with a single license ;) I'll be like WinRAR and leave it to your conscience ;)

Sure! I always love to hear about projects that go far and use my icons :) Good luck!