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Have you tried clicking on the download link straight from your library?

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You should be able to still access games you've bought that are now restricted, I thought 

Thanks! Glad it worked for you

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Phillippa Mort took a closer look at the game which you check out here!

We've upgraded the description to include the link to the Party of One episode we did. 
You can also find it here: 

It was such a blast to record, was super fun and I think really shows of what I love about this game.

The Gadgeteer by W.H. Arthur is a superhero rpg for 3-6 players (including an MC). The game itself is made for one-shot play but it can be linked together with other games from WH Arthur's Superhero Cinematic Universe TTRPG universe to form a connected narrative.

This is a framework I find really exciting but even if you just play the Gadgeteer as a one shot you've still got a complete and satisfying story with a dynamic and refreshing take on the superhero.

The game focuses on a gadget-based superhero fighting a tech conglomerate in a cyberpunk dystopia. Unlike a lot of gadget-based heroes though, the Gadgeteer isn't a millionaire, they're a broke genius teaming with a ragtag group of friends to shatter the system.

The playbooks in the game, besides the Gadgeteer, include the Punk, the Graffiti Artist, the Hacktivist and the Rider. Playing working class people screwed over by corporations makes the game feel like a response to a militarization of superheroes you see in some modern stories.

The Gadgeteer feels like a superhero story aligned with early working class hero Superman, who'd go around knocking the heads of corrupt landlords and abusers.

The mechanics of the game are inspired by Apocalypse World, Lady Blackbird and Uncanny Echo. Rolls are a dice pool of d6 determined by the relevant role on your okaybook and applicable tags. It's super straightforward while linking everything to who your characters are.

There are also two competing clocks (Technoarchy and Disruption) which help control the pace and momentum of the game. The mechanics of the game are simple to grasp, the game feels low prep to me, and it's all really cool abd exciting.

If you're looking for a game of superheroes smashing the system be sure to pick up the Gadgeteer. I really love it.

Added some more :) enjoy!

Hey, sorry we changed our @ and forgot to update. Added more community copies, now, hope you enjoy!

20 minutes was around my experience too fwiw

Carta Jam community · Created a new topic Length Estimates

Anecdotally how long do people find Carta games take? I know how long I've okayed for but don't wanna take rhat as godsend.

We're working on idea that encourages you to make a playlist you listen to while playing and need to know what's a safe suggestion of length.

We're thinking of using something related to playlist shuffling/interpretation. Need to nail down the theme a bit more and figure out if it's complimentary.