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I finished it =) really good art as always, i think that I take 5 minutes, good sound design, the dub catch me by surprise XD

thank you by the feedback, we really considered the game to be just attack/teleport without WASD movement, the option of choose not to teleport can be a good addition =)

Thank you, i liked to make the teleport thing :P

Good and challenging, maybe a button to reset just the bullet and another to reset bullet and place

it take a while to understand the cards, but the game is fun and challenger

good game, the sprinting go forever for some reason

It has a good amount of bugs, but the concept is good

Good game, just Mouse and Space. 

Its a good game, maybe a auto shot holding the button

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XD, i find the same exploit, but I have a rapid fire on my mouse :P

I found a way to movement sides shooting down all the time, holding up and down at the same time :P Good game.

It take a while to figure out what its was to search, but after you find its really easy. A good game and a good idea

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Oh! I believed in the name of the game XD


hehe! More!! 

Congrats, its a really nice game to play

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Thanks, it is good to know, its the first time I make a game thinking directly on the mobile version, and the first time I don't use the function _process() on Godot, just interactions with the buttons to run the next loop of the game

Thanks and your game is beautiful.

XD, I probably will make the lizard hide if its a died friend on map in the future

Good game, a liked the aspect that the trees spawn wolves, and at night it means that its dangerous to get trees.

Really creative way to fit the theme. Really cute and good art, they seems to have circular foots that make some lands on the end of platforms a little weird, the "zoom out/zoom in" is a really good touch

i liked it, just need a button on keyboard to start the game with out touch the mouse, and to avoid the monster to spawn on the side of the ship

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When I was thinking "ok, I have a good strategy to go forever and ever", and then... Diagonal ones! "Nooooooo!!"

The diagonal ones ToT

Really good one.

its was a creative way to fit the theme

The best sounds.

you make the button and doors system,  that interact with player and objects, it needs more stages with more difficult jumps
PS: I broke the game by jumping on ceiling to offstage at the first stage with the guy on the right side

Good game , we have similar ideas on the survivor game part, I played your game before the extra 1 hour, and the upgrade was nice, the music of the ending really got me XD.

oh, the final XD

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good game, it breaks after a while but a get fun resetting the game and trying to place turrets in different places, the bottom corner can have 2 lines of turrets and the top one can have just 1, it probably makes that one side is better have numbers and the other upgrades

A print of where the game crashed :P

be capable of get back in time is thing that i need to learn how to program yet, i think that really impressive.

A good game with good humor, the parallax is a good touch.

I get more time programming the little lizard and the cooking action than i was expecting :P



92.1 seconds ^-^ its a interesting game

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We updated it, hehe! now it has a little shop to spend the points like credits, each duck has different values, one of the duck kill you and you lose half of the credits :P

This Game is amazing, a inspiration for make games on Godot.


Maybe we add the different ducks, but we are really bad in update the games after a jam, we are working in a Pokemonlike game, the jams are pauses on the work :P

Thanks! The problem with the magnet is that the Duck push the magnet while try to reach the center of it, but they has collision with each other so it never happen and the duck push the magnets forever, I tried some solutions like a reverse magnet on the middle to negate the other, different weights, but it turned the game unplayable, so trying to reach 3 hours i chose the push magnet bug :P