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(/ * u *) /  Thanks, the levels needs redesign XD

I hope play that one after the jam

good game, the idea is simple to understand, the voice acting is funny

good game, maybe you can make little spikes in the base of the spikes to tell that this sides hurts too, in the last level i think that it was a platform XD

Funny, simple, good, i think you can try to let us do another ball while the first is flying

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I can't play on Linux, I see that you make that on godot and for play on linux we need the .pck file together whit the .x86_64, there is just the .x86_64

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I am interesting in "how did you code that?" Really good idea.

(ノ ºヮº)ノ* ✧ Thanks ✧

really happy that you liked XD

Thanks ^_^

really good, i liked the art and the music, and it has a finish, i don't figure out that was to "lose" to have a boss battle, i killed myself trying to pickup the powerups, and when i do it, i enter in a infinity loop because i don't let any bug to pass XD

uhuu! thank you

Thanks, all the art was made by the team, and the audio was made by Dani Costa. This modules really need adjustment XD

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The Idea remembered me "Metal Warriors" from Snes, but pacific and relax XD

Really like it, i got stuck on the second level, but finished the game, the audio is good too

OH Thanks! i was doing the cable when the time run out XD, and you are right about the level difficult and the power of modules, our fault :P

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really good one there, a lot of work just to beat one bear, i don't now if have more than the bear, after they i just say "mission accomplished" XD

really good, the mouse control is really easy compared with the arrows, but the spawn of enemies is a little frustrating, i recommend a animation of spawn, that alert the player where it will be

hum... in the beginning i don't see the connections around the buttons and the painels, but after a while i just undertand and beat the game

good work, one time it enter in a level without the robot, maybe its good to put a reset button.

I tried to download the linux version, but it came just 1 archive, it need the .x84_64 and the .pck too

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You marked that can play on Linux (the penguin), but i don't find any way to do it, just .exe files

Edit: I tryied on the Itch App too, and don't work.

hum... no game, ok ç_ç.

I probably played this more than i needed to play XD

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Good idea, i think that it needs to make the cross less distance in the first ones, and maybe a button to command "follow" and "wait", a zoom out when building great bridges, put a little force on the top of the stick when released to the bridge always fall forward, i think that way it will be good if you update after the time of votes when it will be allowed.

to update the game
You put sensors on the followers to jump when needs, good work.

Good Game, it really can be a mini game in a game kind Papers-please-like or something

really liked it, the ambient and the mechanic of limited questions

solid game, the art is the best part

Cool puzzle, but the noise on walk need to change

I really liked it, good idea, i just get stuck in some levels by spawning in the air, the controls just need a explanation, i liked the orb walk on the walls

i loved the clouds and turn on the fullscreen button on the "game edit" page on, when the space bar is pressed the screen go down by default of the browser, if you don't want to turn on the full screen, you can change the button to S in future updates when it will be allowed

the second one was difficult, also i break the game on the third level, by putting the blue one inside the wall in the finish, that way i go to the next level below the ground, but i back to the third and it get back to "normal state", not to normal, i jump and the camera get goind up and down restarting the level, and i need to restart on the fourth scene where the blue one enclosed me on the ceiling, i think it was revenge from the last scene, that happen when i jump on the jumper, the blue one bellow me jump and force me inside the wall. When I restarted i finished the game with no bugs XD. So i think the problem is more me than you XD. Really good game, i like it.

hum... the camera always centered on the players make its strange at movement, my hint is to put a parallax on background, that way we can fell the movement

good, a solid idea, with just those mechanics and more time it can be expanded a lot

a really good ambient, just need to fix the bug of chickens stuck on corners

lol, its seems that will be good, like a beat'em up with two characters chained, its unfinished, but really, happens with every one XD already happened with m

its fun and easy to add more levels, good work

38 \o/

hoho! valeu, eu resolvi brincar um pouco com as físicas do Godot, usando mais Rigidbodys dessa vez.