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Thank you for the support,

I still re take a course on the subject, the head that is supposed to be poseidon is not a success :-)) ..

it was really hard to create the mesh the proportions the edge flow ect ... I finally managed to create blender animation to unity... I had no energy at all after for the rest :-)) 

I really enjoyed your demo and for 4 days of work it's really a good step . 

and yes we have worked on the "subfield" aspects of the video game and yet it is such an important step

 I didn't implement any controller or gameplay... it's just not what I was aiming for at that stage.the goal at this stage was to make good models and correct animations...the code is everywhere not necessarily in a game loop .. code jam shader is code, and many utility code in blender..

but thanks for your message

pour les jam je fait juste des proto 

oui j'ai essayé des jeux sur steam dit de rythme, mais je suis pas allez trés loin dans la synchro musical .. mais l'idée est chouette de rajouté 

la musique dans le mouvement du joueur.. en tous cas merci pour le test

beau jeux bien realisé c'est propre, c'est dommage que tu est pas rajouté une image rien que pour presenté le jeux 

merci !!

thats beat the boredom.. ;-) 

good use of color sound, you made a nice theme 

thanks for the support ...i did better next time

very fun to play ... but i'm not able to use meat 

i need to retry 

wind are strong to the right ;-) 

i like the scroll effect, and the water effet the color palet .. did you draw all the stuff by yourself ? 

thats damn hard .. i never beat the first level !!! 

simple and efficient, and good pixel art ;-) 

how did you feel godot for this game ? (i ask this because i've discover godot recently)

My first game with godot, and my first use of godot .. anyway i have never does good game with other plateform too :-)) 

thanks for the support

definitevly a very good one, like your pixel art .. well animated 

i come back to test more seriously ;-) 

lot of work !! 

good experience, simple and efficient

wow not so easy to avoid the fish !! small little box adventure 

i watch some of your live !! i never understand how you can build a complex game in assembly 

but to me its realy good work (i try the showcase with mesen).

well made !! 

Thats very well made !! and i like the nuclear ending ;-) and your exe is classified by kaspersky as trojan.win32.generic 

(1 edit)

small and good idea !! not so easy to know where i can put my true ;-) best score 14% shame on me 

nice theme ;-) 

thanks a lot !! 

that was good !!! thumb up 

never imagine we can make some game on excel !! impressiv work, but excel struggle too 

i've an error when i launch the game .. damage

tetris for jonas !! thats fun 

easy to understand the game and to play it 

nice classic reboot ;-) 

classic but well made (thats always cool to play directly on the browser )

but i wanted soo much that the ship can shoot ;-) 

!! you made it with xna ?? thats fun to play  !!

Nice !! simple but it's fit the theme !! 

i suggest this theme : Cartoon
a Chuck Jones  revival .. maybie its too much on the graphical aspect ??!!

many thanks for your comment .. 

i choice always the most simplest solution, entity component system :
the most simplest solution to build map (random walker ) && generate monster (simple % )

and the most simplest i find ""IA"" ;-)   (hum ia .. hummm)

thats an hard topic, the better choice its let the player choice the difficulty level at start (i dont know how you generate enemy )

with the difficulty level you decrease the enemy number .. 

thats was very very good .. maybie a bit hard .. 

ben j'ai trouver ça bien comme petit jeux de reflexion ... pour changer le game play 
pourquoi pas un randomize des cases .. tu fait des cases glissante .. tu fait apparaitre les cases qui vont changer avant le prochain tour ou carrement une rotation de la map