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I got more and more into it, but was not into the ending. Fun little game overall!

Ah cool, I dig it!

- In camps on a couple plays I have encountered enemies. Encountered both a fly and one of those vertical moving things that shoots horizontally.

Most noticeable art things (Most things seem pretty shippable visually, but these are the things that I notice):

-The orb that you carry up the mountain is exactly the same color as one of the mountain strips, so I took damage and it dropped and blended into the ground. Also the crystal seed blends into camp 2 super easily.

-The totally flat colored orb icon when you're carrying an orb.

-The various recharging bars. If they just had rounded edges and maybe a simple trim I think that'd be more than enough for me.

-The gopher like creatures in zone one that just sit there feel a touch out of style from everything else. Not bad, just a bit too much like animals, whereas everything else feels pretty cohesive.


I've played over 4 hours, and I've grown to really enjoy it as an escape, even though I still hit hard gameplay walls. Gotten halfway through the desert.

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So devious this felt intentional. (The very start of zone 2.)

(I did not succeed.)

You can lose more than one heart for falling!? Wow, did not know/notice this. It also sounds like you're punishing the player twice, which does not make sense to me. I already have to cover that distance again. I like planting crystals and thorns, and one of my favorite aspects of play was the risk/reward balance of knowing the farther I go only planting resources, the more I'll have to redo if I screw up.

Same feeling. Right now, it doesn't signal as advanced play, it signals as a break activity. When half/all of the activity in a safe space is dangerous, that feels not so safe.

What if you had to do something else to unlock the dangerous version. Or if the free safe things had a decent upgrade (you get one shot then it locks), but secret strats, like bringing in extra crystals, unlock the dangerous but oh-so-good results? (People will figure out every secret.)

I have basically not engaged with any holes because I'm just trying to reach zone 3 before I even dream of more advanced strats. It feels like I still have so much space to improve my thorn/crystal/heart balancing, the last thing I want to do is hurt myself or spend crystals on things with unclear value.