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- In camps on a couple plays I have encountered enemies. Encountered both a fly and one of those vertical moving things that shoots horizontally.

Most noticeable art things (Most things seem pretty shippable visually, but these are the things that I notice):

-The orb that you carry up the mountain is exactly the same color as one of the mountain strips, so I took damage and it dropped and blended into the ground. Also the crystal seed blends into camp 2 super easily.

-The totally flat colored orb icon when you're carrying an orb.

-The various recharging bars. If they just had rounded edges and maybe a simple trim I think that'd be more than enough for me.

-The gopher like creatures in zone one that just sit there feel a touch out of style from everything else. Not bad, just a bit too much like animals, whereas everything else feels pretty cohesive.


I've played over 4 hours, and I've grown to really enjoy it as an escape, even though I still hit hard gameplay walls. Gotten halfway through the desert.

awesome! thanks randy :) we'll look into the camps more closely for sure.

yea all the auras are temp as is the other stuff you mentioned, actually working on auras right now haha. they'll sorta look like this: with the gem attached to the vine and a familiar that is attracted to that gem. like little spirit friends that follow and help you.

Ah cool, I dig it!