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Finally saw that you submitted a video.  Pretty funny, nice short!

I really like the distopian genetics inspired twist on papers please.  I can definitely see this working out.  I wonder how the verification would work, there could be a lot of interesting genetics factoids mixed in too.

This is a really pretty piece, nice job, I really like the scene, there's more going on in it than I initially realized.

These are incredible, nice job!  It'd be good to upload them all as one slide in a jpg format so that they'll appear without having to download them each individually.  Still, totally worth the effort of downloading these.  I really liked the style.

This was funny!  I really liked the story it told and how chill it was.  Nice work!

Some information in the description about how to view your project would be helpful.  I like this fungi wizard, reminds me of this meme: 

I thought you said you were a "fun guy..." Nooo, lol, "fungi" - iFunny  Brazil

Awww, I like the twist on the theme.  Very wholesome and nice job with the scene!

Oof, a wav file, would be nice to have included an mp3.  I really like the vibe and how it feels like I'm back at the event just chilling making stuff.  Nice work!

Missing link?

I really like how creepy this shadow snake looks and how the fish can't see anything with its glowing eyes in spite of being near to its doom. Nice work!

Wow, this is haunting, makes me think "horror Vegeta".

Also, there's a duplicate entry of this.

Wow, this is amazing, I really like all of the extra spooky details and the dual nature of the lady.  Very nice job!

Wow, this is really captivating, nice work with this animation, it's nice to see it done now after seeing the very beginning.

Thanks for sharing the teaser trailer for the event, nice job with the editing!

Wow, this is really cool, it's nice to see the process, thanks for sharing!

Wow, this is fantastic, I've never seen anything like this at an event. It does however remind me of this embroidery game:  Very nice work, I like the touch with the music and how the string died the people together.  Very unique.

Nice first level, unfortunately level 2 wasn't playable (I couldn't see/hear anything, except for the text).

Whatttt? This is insanity, very unexpected.

It'd be really nice to have a link to the reference you shared.  I like the painting on the eye, definitely has a dead vibe to it.  My only thought is that I'd consider reducing the number of polygons/rings and adding smooth shading.  Maybe also changing the shading model, anime/toon shading is tricky in Blender.  It definitely captures the vibe.  Nice work!

Oh my, so many sprites, solid work, nice job!  I really like the sprite you chose for the cover art too.

This is pretty, nice work!

I definitely liked seeing the Godot icon.  And, wow, seeing the lighting for invisible platforms was such a nice touch.  This is surprisingly polished for such a short jam, nice work!  It was funny to see the Unity icon at the end too!  It would be good to share a screenshot of your game.

This is super cool looking.  I like your interpretation which I luckily read after.  To me each of the purple dots are nuclei of cells and the surrounding area is the relevant cytoplasm/membranes while the cell in the middle is undergoing some sort of superhero transformation.  Maybe it was being reanimated, what it looks like to have 1hp left.

I really like the vibe, character, music, yoyo effect.  So many features in such a short period of time, nice work.  Maybe add a screenshot so that people have a better idea of what they'll see when they play.

Wow, I really like the glow, reflection, and cute magicy vibe.  Well done.

Nice work, I like the feel, reminds me of the age old game "guess who" when someone does this to you and you're supposed to guess by their voice.  But, there's something very ominous about this scene so it gives a spooky vibe.  Very cool!

I spent a bit more time with it and reposted here:  As you can see, each level is real short.  So, "the end is near" it loosely fits.

Thanks, I spent a bit more time with it and reposted here:

Hey, thanks for that, @Robohero did that feature.  I also thought it was a nice touch.  We were aiming at something like guitar hero.  But, we were busier than anticipated with other stuff this weekend.

There were prerecorded melodies that were going to turn into a "keyboard hero".  As for theme: you're playing a song but you're near the end since it's a short riff.  So, loosely related.  Thanks for the comment!

Nice gameplay and art!

That was a solid interpretation.  I really liked the background eye and the personified microtransactions and how they exploded

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Made with Unreal Engine 4.21 (and a tiny amount of Blender 2.79)


  • Planet rendered with Unreal noise + tessellation + displacement
  • Collectable Cocoa (Balls) (25 -> win)
  • Modeled a cup + creme swirl (curves) in blender
  • Snow GPU Particle System (surrounds the player)
  • Impulse based flight controls (location/rotation)
  • Main Menu: (Start, Controls, Credits, Quit)
  • Keyboard + Gamepad Controls (for menu and gameplay)
  • Levels: Menu, Main Level, Win Level, Lose Level


  • Gravity
  • Fireworks (For
  • More realistic drag
  • Planet (mountain) collision (because of tessellation).
  • Multiplayer (didn't integrate it in time).


So glad to hear you added that touch of realism!  Nice work!

Cool, I was just talking about possible games like this and just saw you follow.  Does momentum build up  so that acceleration in one direction needs to be cancelled out before moving backwards?  Do you have twitter?  Maybe we can have a chat about this?