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The Winter Jam is a jam where you make games based on the wonderful Winter season! 


Make a game! by yourself or with friends, but make sure the work is yours and is all made during the game jam period otherwise you are disqualified! You can make pretty much make anything as long as it adheres to the theme, but an actual playable prototype is super fun and good. Jammers retain all rights to their work, and you can find a handy list of general game jam tips here: link.

You can join or create a team on Crowdforge:

Use #winterjam when you post your work on social media! ❄🏂⛄🎿🌨🏔


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Have you ever wondered what’s going on inside a Marshmallow Spa?
Get out your fishing rods, and prepare to set sail!
A two player action game where you are a marshmallow and must drown your friend in hot chocolate! And there are hats!
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a very brief and imperfect visual novel
Interactive Fiction
A cute game where you jump off a high dive, pose midair, and land in a mug of hot chocolate.
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A relaxing game about making hot chocolate
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You have 60 secconds to find and pick up all of the hot cocoa cups!
Catch the falling cocoa toppings! Play using a mouse.
Object Collection (has youtube video)
Sort hot and cold cocoa to demanding customers
Hot Cocoa Minesweeper
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