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Welcome Developers, to the 2019 New Year's Game Jam! 

What is this Jam about?

The 2019 New Year's Game Jam is aimed at promoting a creative start to 2019! The span of the Jam lasts a week, plenty of time to conjure something awesome! This is a ranked game jam meaning game submissions will be voted on and ranked! 

Who is this Jam for?

If you come from an experienced coding background and are a game developing wizard, go on ahead and steam through this Jam! However, if you are just starting out and your knowledge on programming is fairly limited, don't hesitate to submit! 

The End Goal?

The goal of this Jam is to improve your craft in game development! Anything you feel that is lacking in your current skill set, you can express in this Jam! Meaning, by the end of the Jam, you should at least be a fraction better at programming than you were before you entered! Like all game jams, your creativity is key! 

Additional Information

Is Teaming allowed?

Teaming is allowed and use of assets, music, sounds are allowed so long as they are royalty free and you have obtained permission from their respective authors/owners/artists. Please credit content you did not create in your game or your game's submission page. Include all your team member's on the game submission page as well.

What Game engine must I use?

Any game engine is permitted! Go wild!!

Community Section

If you were wondering where you could find help/teammates or simply to get in touch with fellow participants, the jam has a dedicated community page! Post stuff you feel would help others or post if you need help in anything- either the host or fellow participants would be happy to help! 




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Rythm game, based on Fireworks!
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A dark adventure game about intervention
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tycoon game
Start off the new year with some groovin'
Solve a murder mystery as the Monster Detective!
Role Playing
This game is just the simple journey of a dude at home that wants to go see the fireworks.
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Fill your rocket with good luck spirits for a better new year!
Create your own festival with fireworks displays!
Avoid other fireworks or u'll explode.
Click to launch a firework of various colors! Change the size of each firework particle with the buttons at the bottom
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Shoot Down Your Enemys
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Use the mouse to pop up the fireworks
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Buy fireworks from market and set them off! Move Left and Right.
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Game for 2019 New Years Jam