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I'm happy to hear that the UI started making sense after a while. I was worried that in the absence of a tutorial it would be confusing so I added the tooltips as an intermediate step. Do you have any recommendations on what would be a good replacement for stars? Originally I had planned on doing a bar that shifted color tones, but I wasn't sure that it would be very accessible for color blind individuals.

Adding some buffer between the logs is a good idea. Under the Lamp (User), had some other feedback such separating out the inventory portion from the story elements that I may tweak as well. I'm glad to know that the color coding was helpful in keeping relevant information apparent. I tried to break it down between Informational (White), Story (Cyan), Warnings (Red), Buying (Magenta), and Selling (Green).

My hope is to continue development and do some major UI overhaul. As you know in these JAM games once you commit to a certain path it's hard to pivot design decisions even when you recognize they can be improved when you are running out of time. My hope is to have a hand crafted map with some narrative elements sprinkled around which will include new features/obstacles/towns/ports/etc. I was planning on adding "larger" towns in this iteration in the form of villages being next to each other, but they merge their resources together, but again, time was limited and the current system was functioning well enough to get the idea across.

Thanks again for the additional feedback!

I really enjoyed this entry. Everything felt polished and put in the game with purpose. The only suggestion I have is to have the red indicators be lethal on contact. With the current implementation I was able to quickly rush through them and complete levels without any penalty.

As a side note, whenever I launch the game it loads up my SteamVR for some reason. I'm not sure if this is intentional or if you were planning on introducing some VR support for the game in the future but figured I would mention it in case it was something set by accident.

Thanks Saturnaut, I'm glad you enjoyed it enough to play through it more than once. I was worried by the lack of ratings that no one was interested in a mercantile game.

Was everything explained well enough in game? Did you have any general feedback or suggestions for improvement?

After playing it three times I was about to give up on getting to the end until I saw the edge of your final image. I then proceeded to play for another 30 minutes just so I could see what it said. Well worth the time and effort :p.

In terms of improvement, my personal preference would have been to add a checkpoint in the second level after you made it to the platform after the first water jumping puzzle. Other than that I felt the game was well done for what you had. The game shows that you put a lot of effort into level design, and you did an awesome job building the parallax effect with Pixatool.

I'm looking forward to what you create in the next jam.

Thank you for the additional feedback. It has been very helpful.

The problem with the resolution for widescreen monitors should be resolved now. The problem stems from having the canvas scale with the width of the monitor rather than the height. I flipped that ratio and verified it with a friend who has a widescreen monitor. The need for fullscreen mode results from my resolution choice (1920x1080) and doesn't scale well if I modify the ratio settings on the WebGL export. It's something I'll keep in mind the next time I build a game for itch.

I like some of your suggestions for reorganizing the UI elements, particularly option 4. I had bounced that idea around while working on the game, but decided I could go back to it if time permitted. On a second note, the references to Offworld's UI are helpful for further improvements on how I can layout the assets.

Again, your idea for a historical log on the town would be a nice addition, however, my hope was to keep the player engaged in the world by having them keep track through other means about where they can find some information. Personally, if I had the game keeping track of where everything was at for me, I would just mindlessly click around without paying much attention to what I'm doing. If I continue development on this project I'll perhaps add that as and additional option or throw it in to a casual difficulty level.

Thanks again for the feedback. I'll be sure to give your game a play once I get home from work.

Thanks for the feedback. Would you mind clarifying a few things?

Did you play the game in full-screen mode?

Regarding the numbers in the UI, were they hard to get because they were small or did you feel that the tool-tip did not offer a sufficient explanation of what they depicted? Did you eventually understand what they meant after playing a bit or were there still unknowns?

Regarding the number tracking, was the transaction log not sufficient for tracking the buy/sell price or were you wanting some type of indicator in each town UI to inform you of the potential profit/loss for your transaction? If it's the latter, were the surplus/dearth indicators not useful?

Fun game, it gets challenging in the higher levels. I would have like a rotational type movement as the orthogonal movement felt out of place at times.

My favorite part of the game was the stacking mechanic (and the artwork on the burger components). 

As others have mentioned I would have appreciated the plate being just a given as you were making new burgers as I felt it detracted from the core game play. Additionally, the recipes were awkward to reference since the burgers had several components (in comparison to the Cook game).

Overall though really fun game!

The art and audio were great! Making the fish more attracted to the lure as it moved was a nice touch.

As someone who eats peas with a fork, I resent the title! Game was fun and I managed to make it to 76 seconds before getting caught. 

I'm interested in giving it a shot when you get it working.

Quick and simple game play. Would have been cool to see all the food stack up at the bottom of the screen.

Interesting replication of the old Tapper Atari game.

The difficulty curve with new customers being added was just right mount. I would have liked an end victory condition or a progression of days where you had to earn a certain amount of money as the only way for the game to end is to get $0 which doesn't leave much motivation to try and get a high score.

Great job!

I enjoyed this game at the start but ended up quitting on the fourth level because the donuts were to random and kept going off screen in unpredictable patterns. There wasn't much there in terms of gameplay to keep me hooked either. Perhaps doing something akin to the old Asteroid game ( where there are huge cookies that you shoot to break off chunks of more manageable cookies (that you then eat) and also reflect the predictable pattern of going off one end of the screen and entering on the opposite side.

Either way, great job getting a submission! I enjoyed the animation on the ship when you ate a treat, it was very satisfying.

The game give me some Cuphead vibes which was fun. The voice acting was a little hard to hear during the narrative, but a welcomed addition since not many people tend not to add it.

I had fun and like the minimalist approach of the art.

Swapping between the menu and the ingredients was frantically fun. I ended up copying the recipe list to another screen and was able to get to a score of 64.

Thanks for trying our game.

Even though I'm not great at these rhythm type games I enjoyed playing through your game. The artwork, animation, and soundtrack/effects went really well together. Way to take advantage of the season, the thought didn't even cross my mind. 

Great job!

The design seemed like it would be fun, but the camera and aiming system made it difficult to play even on full screen. For the amount of time I was able to play I also didn't seem to be able to kill more than one enemy before I ran out of ammo, even when every bullet hit them. Impressive job though for doing everything yourself.

The theme is intriguing and I really like the art style. I enjoyed playing the game, but couldn’t get past harvesting the kidneys. The only issues I had was with the organ harvest portion. It was difficult to determine how to grab the organs or if I had one select. If you decide to continue working on it maybe add some feedback so the player knows that they are able to move them. I’d also recommend polishing up the shop as it was a little difficult to navigate. Overall great job for your first project!

Interesting idea. However, I didn’t realize it was a two player game or what the controls were until I played 2-3 rounds so it may be beneficial to others to add that to the description.

Amazing game! The music and artwork were spot on and the controls felt extremely responsive. Overall the game is extremely well polished and it's amazing what you guys were able to accomplish in three days. Just add a couple more levels and I'd be willing to buy a commercial release of it!

I managed to hit a depth of about 1100. The grappling hook was a nice addition that really tied the gameplay together. It would be nice to have some type of indication of what each ore color did or a HUD that lists your current stats so you know what to prioritize. Overall, great game and I would be interested in playing a finalized version if you decide to continue development.

I had a lot of fun playing this game and seeing how all the different items interacted with one another. I also enjoyed the art style, it’s nice to see something other than pixel art every now and then.

Amazing game for only 48 hours and going at it solo! The art style/theming is great. I also found it really satisfying hunting down information to find a target as a gameplay mechanic and having it stored in a nifty HUD menu so I don't have to take paper notes. The game appears to be really well thought out and I'd be interested in playing it further if you ever decide to flesh it out further! As others have mentioned, I did have difficulty getting some relevant information a few times and I also wish the text was sped up to 2x or immediately presented via a setting tweak.

Fun platformer considering the amount of time you had to work on it. I wasn't able to get past level where there are coins behind the hammer, but the ones up to that point were really fun.

I really love the artwork and I also like the sacrificial upgrades as it had a nice balance to power/benefit. I managed, somehow, to make myself immortal on wave 5 so I managed to buy all the upgrades. However, in doing so I got stuck in a corner on wave 7 (I assume an enemy is behind a pillar somewhere) so I'm not sure if there is an ending or not. Either way, great game! 

One of the best LD44 games I've played so far! I really enjoyed just above every aspect of this game. The only thing I would have liked to see improved would be having more control over what buildings were being generated/upgraded.

Thanks for rating our game!

I felt like this was a very unique take on the theme. While the game itself is very intuitive it would have been nice to have some goal or objective instead of just clicking around on tiles and dropping dice. Speaking of the dice, at times they felt clunky to drop sometimes and felt very easy to manipulate in their current implementation. Overall though a relaxing game and good soundtrack!

Addictive game. I made it to wave 7 with $7.27 spent. The controls felt really smooth, despite the occasional jitters, and it was really satisfying to just shoot on rapid fire. Only recommendation would be providing some feedback on when you respawn and may not randomize the map on respawn.

I played enough matches to get 3 or 4 loot boxes. I only ran into one noticeable bug; when the circle is finished any participants in vehicles appear to be immortal (even when they exit). It would be cool to be able to see all your unlocks somewhere since they are difficult to see on the participants unless they are the victor or you zoom all the way in. Otherwise, very fun game!

I wasn’t able to get past the third level, but I enjoyed the look and feel of what I was able to experience. The only issues I had were with not being able to tell how many enemies I needed to fend off on a given level and that the splash effect of the meteor was difficult to predict since the radius extended the circle indicator.