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Spare a rate for a tiny web game?

Maybe still time to do mine?

Really cool experience. Not sure if I got a good ending: my starting clan was the only one that survived, staying at about  the same size, everyone else died of the plague. Kneel before me.

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Gotta take the chance to self promote:
Single Monolone

Single Monolone
Although I recognize that design-wise it's not great, even though that's the point, but I think it is fun, entertaining, and a bit unexpected, so give it a shot :)

There was one platformer where you can only jump once per screen and I found it good. Can't seem find it again. Any way to find games where I left a comment?

Love the clean look. And cool how you did the animations with only CSS.

Looking at the code, seems like the refresh rate depends on how often the browser is able to call the onmousemove callback, which might not be enough. If I move the mouse fast enough, I can go through the needle without registering a win or a loss.

Usually for this kind of thing you'd use interpolation: every update, draw a line between the previous mouse position and the current one, and check if the line intersects the needle threading area.

Probably nothing new for you, totally understandable if you just wanna keep it simple.