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Hi there! This game is absolutely adorable. I was so sad that it ended abruptly, but that just makes me even more excited to see the rest of game! Balin is so adorable too... 

I made a video of it (as you can see). This is my first video on Youtube so it's probably not going to be seen much, and it may be a bit awkward. 

Anyways, I hope your getting close to releasing the full game. I can't wait to play it!

Thank you! It worked through google chrome. It's a really cute game, I wish I could contribute some money. Also, the beginning oddly reminded me of Homestuck for some reason.

This game is really cute!!! I got this one person that looked a lot like MC (Mystic Messenger) and thought she must be done with all of their bs

I was really looking forward to playing this, but for some reason the game won't open up ;-;

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I've been trying to get back into the game (from when I first finished it), but I can't get it open.


I got it to work :) Love the hidden 'hidden' ending.

Ooooh ok, that makes sense. As for the gallery I've only gotten a few, but I'll come back to find what I've missed.

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First of all, the sounds are absolutely troubling, but it sets the mood up really well. So far I've gotten every ending but 2 and 9 (I've been playing for about an hour trying to get those two). The 5th ending is very heart-warming and is my favorite ending along with the ?? ending. Please continue the hard work!

Oh, yea, I didn't see any errors along the way :)

Some one down in the comments mentioned that they didn't really get much from the girl's pov, and I have to agree. "Dustin's" pov gave me chills and honeslty left me hanging there. This game is really beautiful.

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, this game is amazing! I got all the endings (including the hidden ending, though I was a bit confused on how to get it at first). I literally said "what the fuck" during the "true" ending cause of "Senpai's" sudden turn of preference, one of my favorite endings to be honest. After the True Ending I thought about an odd ending: what if Sebastian-Kun was yandere too and killed Yandere-Chan when she tried to save him from Robert?

I just finished playing this, and the whole time I was thinking "OMYGOD IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL." I couldn't stop myself from giggling from excitement. When it got to the second memory I instantly thought there was a switch of rolls between Sal and Battam. If I had money I would love to help you out on Patreon, because this is honestly one of the cutest and well thought out BL stories I have ever read.I hope you continue to create things like this in the future.

This game was really beautiful. The art was well done and the story was interesting. I thought that when Dreamweaver was given a name it would have been clever to name him Ash, since he rised from smoke and his clothing was a mixe of gray and white :).

I really love this series! All the characters are really cute (Chai is my favorite though) and the game was really well made. Instead of finding the code I went through the different possibilties till the vault unlocked (any one reading this who hasn't played the game yet, try to find the code in the last game, it'll save some time). I can't wait for part 4!

I had just found this site about 4 hours ago and this is the second game I've played. I think it was really beautiful and interesting, definitely something I'd play over and over again. I got the Beautiful Ending I think so I can't wait to get the others.