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I just finished playing this, and the whole time I was thinking "OMYGOD IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL." I couldn't stop myself from giggling from excitement. When it got to the second memory I instantly thought there was a switch of rolls between Sal and Battam. If I had money I would love to help you out on Patreon, because this is honestly one of the cutest and well thought out BL stories I have ever read.I hope you continue to create things like this in the future.

Oh gosh, well thank you so so much! I'm so glad to hear this!

Even though Patreon help is always appreciated-- just reading and checking out my stuff helps a lot too! If you haven't read the original comic for this-- you def should! (It's 18+ only btw!)

And yes, of course! I'll def be making more stuff like this in the future, as well as tons of other stuff as well~ So I hope you'll look forward to it and read it~ <3