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First of all, the sounds are absolutely troubling, but it sets the mood up really well. So far I've gotten every ending but 2 and 9 (I've been playing for about an hour trying to get those two). The 5th ending is very heart-warming and is my favorite ending along with the ?? ending. Please continue the hard work!

Oh, yea, I didn't see any errors along the way :)

Thank you so much for your feedback! I'm really grateful you took the time for it...what you wrote really helps :)

Ending 9 is actually ending ?? - I know, I should've probably clarified it better...

As for ending 2, if you're still stuck, I made a walkthrough (you'll find it here in the download section) and if what I wrote there is too vague, please let me know and I'll gladly help you.

(just curious: did you also unlock all the images in the gallery? And thanks again: I'll try my best ;) )

Ooooh ok, that makes sense. As for the gallery I've only gotten a few, but I'll come back to find what I've missed.