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A nice, simple game that's been really polished. Would've liked to see maybe different types of enemies, an end screen or a scoring system.

Thank you so much!
Glad to see we could recreate that feeling <3

Thank you for the feedback, will fine tune the commands in future updates! 

Thank you for the feedback, yeah we are planning to polish the mechanics more in future updates.

That's exactly what we were trying to recreate! Thank you! :D

Thank you for the feedback, will look into that for future updates. 

I really love this concept of time = life. Reminds me of the movie "In Time". There seems to be bit of readability issue or the sentence might be a bit too long for the attack descriptions.

Cozy and simple game, love the artstyle. I would suggest to increase the gravity, a high jump seems very punishing right now.

Thanks for the feedback!
We will work on the mechanics again and update it after the submission review is done.

Thank you! <3
We ended up planning way too much for the amount of time we had to develop this and so we moved a bunch of features to future releases.

Thanks for the feedback!
We planned on having a how to play in game but ran out of time. We just added a controls in the description part of the page.


Yep, real last name.  Indian last names can get pretty crazy xD

Loved the music and the concept of sacrificing to gain light. Easily understood and fun!

Yeah, the models were downloaded, tried fitting it into a cyberpunk-y theme. I ran out of time as my pc took forever to compile and package which lead to me being able to make only 1 level and publish so I could submit it before the deadline. Lesson learnt from first game jam - manage time properly!

I will be updating it with the other 7 levels!

Thank you so much for the feedback!