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Sympa comme platformer :) vivement la suite !

Merci de ton commentaire !!

héhé ! désolé pour ton clavier et ta vie sociale, en même temps c'est un jeu d'école primaire, le lieu ou on perd des amis aussi vite qu'on se réconcilie :D

Les graphismes sont juste magnifiques, et la direction artistique de haute volée, bravo !

Merci beaucoup !

It's awesome, congrats !

I have to say that this is a really great game with a real artistic touch. bosses are epic and the story is great ! Adventure is very cool and there is also a defi mode which is really challenging !

IT looks awesome, the trailer is thrilling !

Whao it is really a beautiful game ! A love your pixel art and wonder how you did this (were you alone ?) Congratulations it si really nice to play. I am working on my platformer myself, check it out (it is less pretty but there are some great stuff anyway) It is called Woander.

Hi , I really liked your games, it reminded me Solomon's Key on NES, congrats !

Check on my games if you have the time ;)

Hi !

I'd really like to have your opinions on my game, please try it, I've made some updates !

Have fun

hello, i'm fromage France

Hi ! I'm new on itch, i've upload three games two days ago and i'd like to have your comments on it. There are two short experiences and a full shooter game inspired by a famous space opera game. Please check it out !

Thank you, i managed to take down (or spare) the ennemies. I advice you to put some sounds in the fights so that we understand what we are doing. You should also explain the fights more clearly with the pampa at the beggining. Else it's a cool demo, I'd like to see what it will become :)

I uploaded an English version of the game.

I plan on uploading an English version of elite today! I'd like you to try it ;)

Man it's really cool, I just Don't understand what to do in battle, i can't do anything but avoid the sprites, so i'm stuck in battle … I really what to progress in your game, can you explain to me what do do please ?

PS : check my stuff if you have the time ;)

Chouette petit jeu ! Le concept est simple mais c'est asse bien réalisé pour qu'on y joue un petit moment )

 Y en aura-t-il un par jour jusqu'à Noël ?

N'hésite pas à venir essayer mes jeux ;

Hey it's a great space game ! congratulations, is it your first one ? I've made one my self calle "elite dangereuse" (i am french), check it out !

When you have five batteries, you have to Land and go to the laboratory, they will blow every ennemy ship ans they will send another wave, After three wave there is a boss and then a New level when you fly out of the Room. Indeed, commands are written in french ... To land you have to go back to landing pad ,point up your ship ans press enter. In the second level you can have bombs, that you send with control. I Hope you will try again till level four !

I liked your game, it's really nice to play. I like  that it's really a mess when everybody shoot, and the way you integrated RPG stuff in the game. Be careful though, you left a command that allow to increase XP with the "0" …

Check out my games, i've made a space shooter too (another kind, but i think you might like it)

Grrat sensation and great physics in your game ! I made a spaceship game too, check out for elite dangereuse, it's an arcade fighting game, but i worked on the feeling of the flight too :)

Made me mad ! I couldn't pass the second level … My screen is safe though :)

Check out my games if you have time ;)

Hi, your game is very cool, I like the music a lot ! It's difficult but in a good way, so congrats !

Check out my game, i'm a new programmer and i'd like to know what people think of my works :)

Un peu sexiste mais marrant ! Bravo d'avoir fait ça en une heure :) J'ai pas réussi à atteindre la pièce dans le 3° (ou 4°) niveau, elle est bloquée par un arbre …

Hésite pas à venir voir mes jeux, je suis nouveau dans la programmation, j'aimerais bien avoir des avis extérieur :)

Vey cool game with a clever way to increase difficulty ! brilliant !