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Nice! Would be neat to see the line of colleagues represented in the picture

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I also hadn't found her, even though I tried out the lake exploration more times than seemed reasonable before that. But thanks to you asking and Tiny Dracula and ehroifcf's replies, I did find her and get her to move in.

Now I've lost Elyana again. I did her quest in the oasis and now she's not in her room anymore, she's not at the lake, she appears if I go fuck Orcs with Claire and after I do a breed vacation with Orcs, but isnt in her room after that either. 

New Space Whores content? What a treat!

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hella impressive Ultrareconking!

I like the beautiful planets/moons 💖

My best though the Google Playstore app is 12169

:0 Just noticed in the last update  (months ago 😅) you declared dev of this done! Congrats! 🎉

I was coming to suggest a feature, which is now more awkward to do, but maybe it's actually easy to slap together, so I might as well.

It'd be cool if there were a high score record thingy in the game, like it'd have a tab for each kind of victory and how many days it took to achieve them in your various saves so you could race yourself for personal bests. Definitely valid if you're done done with this and on to something else with your life though. One could always keep ones own records if one feels the burning need, lol.

I also want achievements, mostly just validating and recording that I finally satisfied the damn VIP Visitor (by intentionally sabotaging my rich people rep until I had all the necessary upgrades), lol 😂 but I can certainly make due with declaring my success here 

Oh, sorry I never got back to you, I didn't realize you had to go through the door guarded by the statues and confront the ghost, I figured I had failed the check to do the statues and so that path was some sort of bonus for smart characters lol.

The game is pretty. I find the mini games to be fine, I'm just disappointed that it's a horny high schooler game. Would it be that much of a downer to make the school actually college-like instead of obviously a high school while living with obviously your mom and sister with only the text contradicting those things? Idk man, I'm 30 and ready to play smut with clear adults rather than a teen trying to look at everyone's mom's panties, but, Your kink is not my kink and that's alright, just leaving this comment for others' info before they download the game (though it's honestly a pretty quick download). Congrats on all the work you've done on this game though, I can see the things you're trying to do and it seems like you're doing a pretty great job, even if it's not what jibbles my jollies.

Hows about now?  I figured it was with the update talking about new content, but I'm not having any luck trying to leave

Not sure if this is a me (my hardware/software) problem, an problem, or a game problem. Anyone else getting such errors?
I tried playing on an old desktop and had it black screen after the controls instructions screens, then I tried playing other games and noticed it said my browser didn't support WebGL, apparently it doesn't work on Chrome if your graphics card is too old... so then I switched to my laptop, which I've played Max the Elf on before, and got this error at the same point, after the intro and controls instructions screens.

<3 hug-type-intent. Relatable content

Oh, I think I had that happen too. I saved at the beginning of the fight, and then did [insight], and then I loaded it to see what happened if I did the other things before [insight], but it proceeded as if I had already done [insight] (with the info you get from it in the battle header text that precedes the decisions each time), I'm not sure if it was a load error, or if doing the other things kind of make it assume [insight] was already done?

<3 I make so many typos when I try to write without autocorrect these days. And you had all the other game making things to do! Mad respect on getting something out at all, what's it they say? "Perfect is the enemy of good"?

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Ok! Here's the rest that I caught in the prologue and Codex so far! Also, I assure you I didn't notice all of these in my original playthrough, this time I was reading  very slowly for typos/grammar. I think I saved and tried all the branches for everything so hopefully caught aaaalllll the things. Sorry it's right before an update

capital is the only thing [worshipped] (apparently 1 p is also considered correct in American English, but it's less common than two p's)

[There] isn't much you have to hide, you are late,

'I see showing up for work [on time] is considered optional now, (there were two "now"s in the sentence, could be "I see showing up for work now is considered optional," or I suppose even "I see showing up for work is  now considered optional" or if you wanted to maximize the nows to cover all the possible places it could be in the sentence "Now I now see showing up for work now is now considered optional now" XD lol)

After sniffing his nose, the sunken eyes ("sniffing his nose" is a bit weird, right? maybe "After giving a sniff"?)

[It's] a faxcee, an 'almost' computer,

 It is like a laptop, if you squint [reeeeally] hard, (this shows up both in the in-story intro to faxcees and in the Codex entry)

There is way [too] many of them, they are arrogant,

tells you to 'show her the ropes', and sets out to [find] somebody to take this burden [off] of his hands. (this is also a bit weird, why is he setting out to find some one, he just dumped her on you, yeah? So maybe: "...tells you to 'show her the ropes', happy to find somebody...")

Nooks puts hard work in making sure people to think he is incompetent (I think should be "Nooks puts hard work into making sure people think he is incompetent" or maybe "Nooks puts hard work in making people to think he is incompetent")

nobody ever wondered what she [was] doing here

Within days, your fellow [colleagues] started greeting

Before you know it, she has pulled a first aid kit [from] somewhere,

one of [these] days you are going to end up dead

 'Now [will you] take [off] your shirt[? Those] cuts need to be cleaned and bound.' (or else rework the next line to omit the reference to a rhetorical question, but I think I like Mona seeming like she's asking)

'Sure, I will take [off] my shirt.'

 Mona['s] cute cheeks turn maroon,

Reaching for the [fifth]-

For a couple of [exciting] moments

her hot breath prickles your neck, and then [it's] over.

dependent on personal preference [than] gender roles.

Sex and romance are considered completely [unrelated] topics in Weredog society (? I'm not familiar with a definition of "untreated" that makes sense in that place, but it seems like the kind of word that might have a less common definition/usage that I don't know)

a monthly increase in sex drive brought on [by] pheromones

during the heat/[rut,] their instincts become so intensified

from getting fired more [than] once.

conduct your business [than] the middle of [the] cubicle block.

I have been standing here for [quite a few] minutes, (or "a couple of", you wound up with a mix of the two phrases XD)

[']She is right Nooks, we have been fooling around for far too long. Mekill will lynch us if he finds us dillydallying like this. It is time I get to work, and both of you too.['] (not formatted as speech, even though I believe it is meant to be the PC speaking)

waving you a warm goodbye, [despite], or perhaps due to her seat being 

 You can hear his fluffy tail slam against the back of your chair, as it wags excitedly from left to right. (how is his tail hitting the chair when he's up against the PC's back? I assumed I was sitting back in the chair with the front of his pelvis up against my [and thus the chair's] back, especially with Mona's comment about "a horny dog humping an office chair", so maybe his tail would be hitting the PC's desk or cubicle wall?)

Ask [Mona] for her opinion about the guilds.

 somewhat fondly on the guild[ ]for bringing a feeling of resistance to a ever corporatizing world[ ]and (lol, usually I think you need more commas, I'm a comma fiend, but I hold back when it's all clear enough. I think this is the first case in your writing where I think they're confusing/uneeded)

the hair on the back of your neck [stands] up, (or "the hairs... stand")

A thing seems to click and clack [behind] you,

You can almost sense the horrid mass[ ]slither and pulse (omit the "it" or change to "as it slithers and pulses")

Mona [whispers], as she takes your hands.

(Mona, why are you telling me I'm not special??? ;-; I'm very cool. I'm going to become a Journeyman in a combat class someday, just you wait! Lol)

Join me, my Noodle, let us [elope] to (or "flee to", since elope tends to have a marriage connotation, but I feel like that also fits with Nooks' joke suggestion, interlope means like, intrude. I named my character Noodle for some reason, ignore that...)

Nooks['] tail starts to wag as [he] [repositions] himself

and inside a blackhat guild there is more to do [than] hunting monsters

spies to be caught, and [egos] to be stroked.

I think [it's] fairies again, and I really need a extra pair of hands.' He asks, giving quite a different reply [than] you were expecting.

that [none] who lived only before the Replication would have likened to a printer.

[It's] worse [than] normal this month,

But I like to be a rampaging sex demon on my own [terms],

And besides,[ I] have work to do, and forms fill,

Lets give them one hell [of] a whooping this time,

Then, you throw [off] your suit, and go completely nude.

From the printer's [bowels] erupts a roaring hiss, follow by a [bolt] of lighting.

[Nooks] grunts, as a squirt of sticky precum pulses from the tip.

 More [than] happy to oblige,

'You don't do this often, [do] you, cutie?' (or "'You [do] this often, don't you, cutie?')

With his dick firmly [plugging] up your hole

but his [excited] puppy eyes melt your heart into submission

Suddenly, your peaceful break is interrupted by a [loud] voice.

Feeling [too] important to do your jobs, ey?

perhaps due to the fact they ran into none of[ your] ugly mugs

so it might be in our best interest to all show up with a massive hangover.' Nooks [suggests]

After you sit down[ ]next to her (or "After you [take a] seat next to her")

brought into existence by the dragons, to [serve] their every whim.

more successful species [than] their own creators, and became far more numerous [than] there were dragons in need of service.

common sight in most of the world, even where [there] are no dragons

a small number of kobolds [are] born (pretty sure... all this editing is making all words and grammar look fake @___@, but I'm so close to caught up!)

and an endless array of incompatible nuts and [bolts],

Then she stands up, and makes [a] bow so deep

making her big tail slam excitedly into a nearby [shelf],

her large fluffy abdomen makes you [instinctively] want to hug it.

from the silkmoth, the Bombix [mori]. (feels pendantic, but I taught biology for a bit and for my students' sakes can't not mention it, lol, in Latin/taxonomic names, the genus gets capitalized, but the species does not)

but their wing muscles are [too] weak to for upward flight.

Common size, four arms, sizable white or gray wings, (... the picture of Dayji only has two arms, right?)

into a force able to go [head to head] with Greater Amsterdam's ruling powers. (I think it's "head to head" or "toe to toe", right?)

Fishladle appears to be walking a [bit] stiffly,

I will have that [stiffness] out of your shoulders

Fishladle [continues] to sit still, her whole body seeming to grow shamefully warm.

You feel her [bowels] contract once more,

You drink cheap [wine] and cheaper spirits. Fishladle keeps dutifully [topping] off 

(XD I fucking love [Trash-no-sweep])


Humans, [Elves], Orcs, (I know both are right, but usually I think most works pick one and stick with it and you use Elves rather than Elfs most of the time, so if you wanted to be internally consistent then the Codex directory should be edited)

Before you stands a display, containing a replica of the Hougeton, the [grimoire]

(lol, currently with the end of the prologue dumping you out on the street after claiming the Hougeton, but not progressing anything in Dayji's, you can go back in and sit down to feast again and wind up with multiple Hougetons)

Here's the first batch. I really do like your writing style and humor :) I put [] around my proposed word/punctuation changes (except in the sentence that included [Trash-no-sweep], there I used <>), hopefully that's helpful, lmk if it isn't

I mean, the last time you caused any kind [of] serious accident was a decade ago

They [are] curious oddities, relics of a past that can never be returned to.

A girl, stark naked, hangs suspended between the fuse box'[s] wiring

(I am also just confused by what this means, I don't understand how big a Drainfly is. From this sentence, it sounds like she's *in* the fusebox, among the wires, but everything else makes it sound like Drainflies are the size of smallish humans... but some how still live in walls? I guess there is a wide range of sizes among humans, so how small is small? Like, there *are* 3 ft tall adult people, who might be able to squeeze in wall spaces, but not in a fuse box)

You feel the heat in your [veins] spike

Classes represent a person[']s skill in a field of arcane or martial study.

[Starter], Journeyman, Advanced, and[,] in rare cases[,] others.

When you hang with friends, [they] are your friends from work.

who[,] after following your [insistent] gaze[,] has started sticking out her chest,

and know all 'inspect' has t[au]ght you

You [throw] yourself at the Drainfly in an attempt to grab her. 

Her dexterous [limbs] probe your body,

 Against the wall of your utility closet lies [Trash-no-sweep] the barely <functioning> broom

the bolts holding the [brush] in place instantly come apart

being snapped in half, [accompanied] by a barrage of vindictive chittering.

You can see a thin trail of feminine excitement start to drizzle from between her [plump] legs.

Before you know it, your hands wander up her elegant legs, coming to rest on the sides her [plump] waist.

 greedily grasping herself[ ]two handfuls of your chest. (delete the 'a' there)

The air grows even thicker with musk, your bodies [grow] hotter,

but still a far cry [from] the extravagant mix of life you would find at the market square.

However, business is nothing if not [stubborn] and stuck in its ways

In basic [terms], it was found that by super-sizing the chips

 a sin so great that reality itself cannot [bear] the sight of it.

 Elven males [started] largely forgoing relationships with their female counterparts

Instead, [Elven] males now spend their days

their inability to get [laid] on a secret conspiracy

[Born] from the fruits of the great [tree]. (?)

[if only] for the fact she is barely wearing anything else. (you have "weren't it" which I'm guessing was supposed to be "if it weren't", but I think "if only" fits slightly better?)

causing the city blocks to [grow]

are fights between guilds for territory, often over a [district]

However, most districts have far [too few] monsters

This makes Whitehat guilds[ ]highly [dependent] on the size of their territory, or the presence of Grayhat and [Blackhat] guilds

Their dungeons [are] well loved targets of Whitehat

Dungeons are labyrinthine constructions [built] around a dungeon core, often [run] by a Blackhat guild[ and] used

alright, maybe I'll do another playthrough on my computer this weekend for copy pasta ease

A nice start to be sure :3 I'm excited to see how this continues on! If you want help proofreading stuff, I'd be down to help sometimes, though I guess that'd spoil some things... Seems rude to keep a list of typos and then to just dump them all on you as reports though

There's definitely other things getting cut off my screen sometimes  like the market sell button, and some stuff on the title screen

I just downloaded it from the Google Play store, it looks good! I'm wondering if anyone else has had a issue where if the dialogue text is kind of long it gets cut off? And if so is there a solution or is it just a screen resolution issue or something? Or is there a scroll bar that I'm just not seeing?  

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Nope, my guess ain't right. I had the broken light panel and resolved it with "Do you know who I am?!", Thus not affecting any whore, and got 2 of those stamina cost errors. 🤷🏻

edit: also getting "ERROR: unexpected training value skill_group" in the text saying a whore has finished at the academy for at least gangbang slut. 

And I'm pretty sure that when a morphoid gives a guy muscular body it says he "loses trait: muscular body" and then has the [Excellent] button

Another non-urgent fyi:  getting some seemingly random number of these error after events (actually, I haven't been keeping track, but I wonder if it's the max stamina number of the affected whore -1? Maybe It's trying to subtract all the stamina for each stamina the whore had, but since the first loop drained all there's none left to drain? S/t like that?). 

Nothing seems to actually go wrong, just the notices exist and are all red and scary, lol. Lmk if these bug reports here are annoying. Though at some point I might consider myself done with this game and stop finding them

Whoops, lol, I was kind of wondering. Cool peek into your process 😆

Wompwomp. I accidentally hit the new "DEBUG: Choose event" button when trying to open my brothel and there's no way I could see to exit out of it. Just clicking "done" without putting anything in the boxes pops up an error and I'm not sure what to put in them otherwise. Worse, the game autosaved with the event debug open, so no amount of exiting and loading could save me.

So having a way to exit out of the event debug screen either 

  • by an exit button, 
  • by setting it to accept empty fields as a non-event/exit, 
  • or adding instructive text for a safe event to put in to get out of there

would be cool. A probably trickier preventative solution would be to allow users to toggle display of all the debug options off

I play on my phone (which does warn isn't recommended). Before the most recent update, I liked to have the whore panel on the right, but now it cuts off if I have it there or on the left (the brothel in the screenshot has 15 workers). Still works fine on my phone with the panel on the bottom of the screen, so it's still playable. Just an FYI if you can figure out what made that particular thing break. 

Thanks for the update! Lol, though now idk what to spend my 11k monies on now that everything is cheap... Guess I should just declare that save won and start a new one, that way I can see the new events too! I bet the lower starting stats balances the lower upgrade prices nicely if you start a game with this update. :)

I'm not too worried about these, since, as you say, this is a quick jam game, but you've commented that you might work more on it, so here's some bugs I met

So apparently, if you talk to Bonny for the first time from her right side, the game freezes after she says "Ahh!" I guess bc she's trying to shove you back a square, but there is a wall there if you're on the right! I couldn't do anything and had to restart the game.

Now, I hearded the cow and got the flowers from the rancher and went to give them to Bonny, but it says I can't talk to here bc I don't have the flowers. In my inventory I have a rabbit, a necklace, and flowers. I can't remember if I caught one or two rabbits, but I also caught the fox just to see what happens... so idk if I did things out of order and the game doesn't like that? When I go back down to the rancher, the cow is out of the pen, but the pen is closed. The rancher says something like He'll lmk if he has any more work for me. 

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Yeah! Finally figured out that I should only send morphoids to people lacking more traits than they have, get those odds in our favor!

Great game! Interesting, engaging, arousing, and hardly problematic at all 🤣 a rare treat among free porn games in general, but particularly among brothel management games!

Whoops, commented this under the wrong comment 😑 ah well

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Another spoiler, this time bug report

In the conclusion of the extra-dimensional visitor event, having chosen a whore to instruct them, looks like there was a skipped parenthesis on a name call? 

"Crystal is left looking astonished and revitalized, although the alien's gift could not improve 

Error: <<=>>: bad evaluation: missing ) after argument list

 already perfect stamina."

Editing this to add whatever other feedback instead of making a 4th post today, lol.

Feature suggestion: confirmation for deleting saves. 😢 I just lost like, 40 game days of interesting play due to not taking the time to properly read the button I clicked (right hand button just seemed like it should be load 🤦🏻) I should've been saving more often anyway, double fail on my part.

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😂 immediately after asking this, I got a potion and gave it a chance and got a different result. 7th (or something) time's a charm, I guess!

Update: I've now gotten positive results from morphoids too, still feel like it's more often negative though 😢

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Spoilerish questions (other players don't read if you want event results to stay mysterious):

 but do morphoids ever cause good changes or weird potions ever not make your whore sick? I keep giving them a chance (well, I've mostly given up on the potions now) but so far all negative. 

Lol. Nice. Though I was hoping the milk would be a threesome

The shortness was great too because it made replaying it to try different things very manageable! Some games take a whole day or more to play through and so trying to test out different things requires too much commitment for me, haha.

But it was still long enough to feel like a nice story, like you said ujac, the dialogues were relatively believable. It wasn't like "pizza man shows up and is banging the housewife 10 seconds later" 😂! Plus swashbucklery! Daring rescue!

I use they/them pronouns myself, so I really appreciate it 💗

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I'm trapped in the barn too.  @Shadowpurv how are you changing the aspect ratio?

Edit: ok, maybe the problem was only with going into the barn on day one? Other days I've gone in it has an x to leave. But I still save every time before I go in there

Lovely! 💖 I always appreciate pronoun and body customization! I also appreciate both that your scenes were all consensual and that you noted in your blurb here that they are. 

I did notice one pronoun/verb disagreement, I had Lumi as a they, and when we were leaving the party:

"Bear left a little," Lumi says. They doesn't even seem to be looking, but seems very certain nonetheless." 

Honestly pretty impressive that that was the only instance I caught, but then there may have been others I missed due to glorious distraction :3

What a cool format! Kinda bummed I don't see a way to just buy the full game as a one off, but I guess you're more after the steady stream of patreon?

Fair enough. And I should know that. I do have friends in some soft the big companies.

Aww <3  Well, the furry ears are definitely cute.

The offer to help is super sweet, thanks. It's really interesting entering this indie game space, where comments actually reach real humans who can then genuinely respond is just kinda... Mind-blowing. Lol. So thanks for being a friendly... entity early on.

In looking for a list of endings, found your post mortem for this. It was an informative read! I am currently trying to teach myself to make a game, so it was nice insight into the process!

I think figuring out what choices branch into what is an interesting part of the game, so I don't think adding explanations for choices would necessarily be good.

I'm enjoying it, but wishing there was some sort of overarching log of plants end stats (like a high score list) or achievement list that kept track of which endings you got. I keep going for lycanthropy, but have yet to see it have any affect, even if I add so many moons, lol.