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An AI seedship must find a home for the last survivors of the human race 路 By John Ayliff

High scores

A topic by David Gonzo created Jul 02, 2019 Views: 2,945 Replies: 10
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So to kick things off here, what's your highest score yet?

Mine is 11765 on the planet Bounty...Post Singularly Post Scarcity Utopia.

My best score is 14782, on Terra Atlantos. It is a Cosmically Enlightened Post Singularity society, including the Integrated Societies bonus. I made a Reddit post about it, and I also have the actual mission report.


Damn it, I thought I had the highest score but I guess I'll settle for 2nd place. Although I should get some bonus points since it was the first planet of that run. Lol.

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hella impressive Ultrareconking!


My best so far:

1 Tue Oct 12 2021 Dearth Industrial Cosmic Enlightenment 11230

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My highest ever was 14k-something also. This was on an old phone, can't prove it, sorry. But I like interesting results much better than high scores...
My favorite was a Cosmic Enlightenment Neolithic on a beautiful moon.

I like the beautiful planets/moons 馃挅

my first score ever!

my best score: 0

My best though the Google Playstore app is 12169