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In looking for a list of endings, found your post mortem for this. It was an informative read! I am currently trying to teach myself to make a game, so it was nice insight into the process!

I think figuring out what choices branch into what is an interesting part of the game, so I don't think adding explanations for choices would necessarily be good.


Thank you for the fantastic words! And we're glad that you came across the post-mortem too. In retrospect, we were sure that Lycanthropy had some result associated with it, but it seems like it ended up not having anything assigned. Guess we just wanted an excuse to give it furry-ears. 😅

We've thought about potentially remaking this game a few times (even made two prototypes at different points) and adding in several of the things you've mentioned or which we considered during the post-mortem of the game. For example, for the endings, we considered having little alien-spaceships that would appear on the menu signifying each ending you had unlocked to make it a more interactive "ending checklist". And rather than explaining the choices, we though about making it more clear which values were changed as a result of picking what actions or as a result of an event (which would also include Science and Nature as new variables).

Unfortunately, schedules, other projects and a few other life related matters got in the way and despite even making some assets, we never truly dived much into them. We still hope we can visit this project again sometime to really give it some extra-life, but at this time we're a bit hand-tied with our new big project.

And we're glad to see more folks getting into game development too! The Petty Puny Planet post-mortem is actually just one of the few Development Insights we made back when we were getting into jamming (we posted stuff very frequently then) and since it was only our 3rd short-game, there's a lot of things we had to iron out from there and we improved on in the following games. Even then, if you ever want some advice or anything else regrading gamedev, feel free to reach us out! Here's the best luck to your journey! 🐳


Aww <3  Well, the furry ears are definitely cute.

The offer to help is super sweet, thanks. It's really interesting entering this indie game space, where comments actually reach real humans who can then genuinely respond is just kinda... Mind-blowing. Lol. So thanks for being a friendly... entity early on.


There's also a ton of cool folks and real humans on the high-end side, especially if you use something like Twitter, and they're actually pretty open to inquiries and talking with them as well! Most of the times though, yes, because of the amounts of people and processes involved, company-profiles and the like tend to be a lot colder since they represent way more voices. 

With indie folks, you mostly always have a single person in charge of all of the PR, or even the studio heads (our case) making it much more homogeneous in terms of where we stand, our views and the like, so it ends up feeling more human as a result. But in the end, no matter where you look, we're still all humans working on stuff. 😊


Fair enough. And I should know that. I do have friends in some soft the big companies.