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Oh, thanks for notifying me. That part of the interface is just for visual enhancement and I expected users to change it / delete it in their project anyway.

You can edit the dialogue file in a text editor. Just open it up, search and replace (in VS Code it's Ctrl+R) the name everywhere it appears and save the file.

Fixed in 3.0.9. See


I hope that will help!

That is how it's supposed to work, otherwise the text box would go downwards and get cut off by the bottom edge of the screen.

What you could do though, is add a scroll container as the parent of the Text node, like this:

* Make sure to increase the Y of Min Size, otherwise you won't see any text.

Other than that, you might want to play around with TextBackground>Grow Direction>Vertical property as well as its screen anchors to get the desired behavior.

Try downloading it from the product main page.

Check out this post:

There is a template JSON in DialogueSystem 2\test_dialogues\template that you can use to create your own files manually. I also just added a documentation file to the downloads. Tell me if I should explain something more there.

It works with any engines / frameworks that support JSON file format (most of them do). See this as an example (for Unity):

Unfortunately, I'm not able to reproduce this bug. Might be a problem with your screen resolution (check this post). Also make sure you're in zoomed in mode (button in the top right).

You check it as if you're writing it in your game code, f.e. in Godot it would be round==1.

Hi, I'd ask you to re-send your email if you still are having problems. I was on a long break recently and might not find your message.

Hope this fix helps!

Choices.tscn has Min Size (rect_min_size) property set to Y=83. If you set it to 0 and save you'll be able to resize the box however you want (just remember to set it to a value higher than 0, otherwise you won't see the choice buttons). 

And as for the bubbles, the size of the bubble depends on the font size. 

Hope that helps!

Yup, I got it fixed, sorry for the trouble.

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It is by design. Built in features like this one caused some trouble for people, and not everyone had much use for it, so I decided to make the system easier to use and add minimal built-in features so that anyone who needs a certain feature can easily extend the system without much code-reworking.

Basically, what you need to do is add a new node, with a function connected to a 'started new message' signal. In that function you will get the Dialogue.current_speaker_node and then its face texture value (you need to define it in the speaker script first, of course). And then just set the texture to the BoxMessage/TextBackground/_hbox/Face node.

Thanks for bug report, it's fixed in v1.02 (up now). The only file you need to copy is the

When I published the first version, I didn't expect it to be very popular,  so I didn't spend a lot of time on it. But to my surprise a lot of people bought it, so I wanted make a new version this time, a well written, easy to use framework that Godot users deserve to get.

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I'll keep updating this list of links to resources that are relevant to the dialogue system. I hope to soon add some of my own tutorials as well.




^These addons were not tested with DS2 so, use them at your own risk.

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How to install:

  1. Move the addons folder from the .zip into your project's main folder.
  2. Go into Project > Projects Settings > Plugins and enable it (change DialogueSystem2's status to Active).
  3. Go into Project > Input Map and add an input called dialogue_next. You will use this input to skip through the dialogue.

You're ready to go. 

This will add a new file into your Autoloads. That one file (Dialogue.tscn) is your gateway to all the nodes used in the framework. 

Dialogue.tscn also contains some basic settings:

Language - change the language the dialogues will use. It is pointing to a value in the "text" dictionary, inside a dialogue file.

Perspective - (used for Bubble Messages) switch between 2D and 3D. Change it depending on what kind of scenes you're using (Node2D vs Spatial). In the demo, it is done automatically in a _ready() function in the level's root node. Keep in mind that the 3D perspective needs a Camera node somewhere in the scene tree (it uses it to calculate the position of the bubble).

Selected Type - which type of messages you want to use. If set to Auto, the system will check for a is_box value in each dialogue node.

Dialogue Next Input - name of the action defined in Project Settings > Input Map that goes to the next dialogue node (but you can also use Space and Enter).

Main files structure:

  • Dialogue.tscn
    • BubbleMessage.tscn
      • Text.tscn
      • Choices.tscn
    • BoxMessage.tscn
      • Text.tscn
      • Choices.tscn

This simple diagram shows how nodes communicate with each other. The tasks are separated into different nodes like this. I will explain this and other topics in more details soon.

This week, I hope.

Don't worry, a new version is coming out soon. Redesigned, simpler, easier to use. It will be free for those who already got this version.

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I'm working on a new version. When I originally created this one I made a mistake of thinking that everyone getting this would be fluent in gdscript which obviously is not the case. It will less confusing and more beginner friendly. I might release it as a different product but you and everyone else who bought this one will receive the new version for free.

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I added a new section to the site, you can now download example dialogue files created entirely in DD.

If you're using windows, I recommend using 'json formatter pro' from the windows app store (it's free) for opening them.

please send me an email explaining the issue more

Hi, sorry for not answering to your original post. Please send me an email to radmattsoftware @ with more info and we'll try to sort it out.

Don't forget to add it to your wishlist ;)

Sorry for a late reply, just sent you an email :P

Please send me an email with more info about the bug. I'll work with you on fixing it there. (radmattsoftware at

The new update is now up. It should work now.

Fixed in 3.0.4.

The problem with Delete button is now fixed :)

It's fixed now!

I'm so sorry for that, I'll fix it as soon as I get home.

I added a lot of new features since the initial release, and a lot of people said that they found the software extremely useful, so I'd say it's worth the price :P

Yeah, sure, but only if you release it for free :)

Weird, it looks fine on my end. Please make sure you are using the newest version of the software. If you're still having problems, send me an email so we could work it out together.

Just send me an email at