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We're still not sure why this happens. We're looking into it.

Oh god, sorry. Unpinned the thread now :D

- Michael from Deck13

Yeah sorry for the wait. It is kinda complicated with the systems in place but I think the way I have updated the files now should work for everyone.

- Michael from Deck13.

We've discussed this and we're 100% in.

Custom Engine written in HTML5 / Impact js

That sounds rather weird as Itch takes care of the key distribution and we did not run out of stock. It might make sense to contact the itch support here if the Button for the Key Generating does still not appear.

In fact, the Steam version is also DRM free.


Greetings! We've updated the files now. This always takes some time as we need to check the files once again. Especially since the first day after an update usually comes along with fixing broken things.

Still Early Access. But soon to be fully out. Early 2018. Hopefully. Maybe. Well, that's the plan. We like plans.

By the way: You could also check out the demo to see if everything works fine. Just saying ;)

About two weeks ago, we released CrossCode version 0.9 and, once again, hold a small contest for everyone to beat the new boss enemy within a week and send us a video of it. And today we announce the winner! Also, a small note on recent hotfix releases

Boss Contest Result

This time we got a total of 46 submissions which is more than we ever had before!

The boss of the Grand Krys'kajo was somewhat special in that it was the first time you had to fight two enemies at the same time. It's also special in that you can decide which of the two bosses to defeat first. While most player went with the obvious approach of getting rid of the whale first, there are some submissions that managed to defeat the ape before the whale!

A List of all submissions:

Gustavo Vidal
alex jasper
Adam Takitani
Quang Tran Minh
Frederik Ludvigsen
Seily Hygdrasil
Generic Games
Lerex Liondream
Viktor Yuschuk
Murilo Lemes

As before, we've drawn a random number during our last Gamedev Stream to decide the winner.

And the lucky person is... WervynAnixil


We'll make sure to contact you about your guest role, which can be anywhere in CrossWorlds!

Recent Hotfixes

We already released a couple of hotfixes for version 0.9.0. Today we released another one (version 0.9.0-4) introducing a couple more fixes and improvements including the following:
  • All the broken tutorials should work correctly again
  • The Bluerays in Grand Krys'kajo should not fall out of bounds anymore... hopefully
  • No more crashes when using Shock Combat Arts on certain targets
  • Physics won't do strange things anymore around stairs for players with more than 60 fps
  • Disabled "GPU Blacklisting" which might improve performance for some players
  • Balanced Wowturbines to make the fight more doable
  • Several menu fixes and improvements
... And with that hotfix we hope to have fixed most of the critical bugs.

Now it's finally time to continue the story! The next release is scheduled for April-May. We'll make sure to keep you updated!

Fullscreen? Of course! You can even define the pixel size.

(oh and yeah, if you cannot see the files on yet, we're currently uploading them)


It's done! Just in time. Today we release CrossCode Version 0.9 as promised in February! This updates comes with another new dungeon, a very big circuit update, a new party member, lots of quests and many, many more features, improvements, and additions!

Grand Krys'kajo – The final temple of the Jungle

first-interior-doneWith the Grand Krys'kajo we release the final temple of Gaia's Garden. Being the follow up dungeon after the So'najiz and Zir'vitar Temple it will combine puzzle mechanics from both dungeons and finish things off with an epic boss fight! Boss fight… are you thinking contest? That's right! Read more about it further below.

Level 2 Combat Arts

new-hit-numbersThe circuit made a pretty big leap with this update: all passive skill, as well as level 1 and level 2 Combat Arts have been fully implemented. That means the circuit is pretty much complete with the exception of level 3 combat arts. Since so many things changed, you'll get the option to reset your skill tree when you load your old save.

Also: we added a new Practice Arena in the Info Building of Rookie Harbor! You can practice all the Combat Arts to your heart's content without being limited by SP costs.

C'Tron – Now ready to join your Party

ctron-party-2C'Tron is now finally ready to join party! When you reach the current end of the story, C'Tron will send you a message, allowing you to invite him to your party via the Social Menu. This will also work with old save states. Note: C'Tron is currently only there for you to enjoy the gameplay with a 3rd party member – scenes and plenty of chit-chat will be added later.

But that's not all! Party Members are now much more capable in general, as they will start using elements and combat arts during battle – and are less likely to fall into water… a bit. You also now have more options for your party's behavior via the new and shiny strategy menu!

Lots of new Quests

new-questsThis update has Quests. Many Quests. 8 of them. You'll find them in Bergen Village, Maroon Valley, Ba'kii Kum, and Basin Keep. They come with many new boss fights, mini games, and other cool challenges! So make sure to keep an eye out for those flashing exclamation marks!

New Help Menu

help-menuRemember when you used to look at a trading offer, trying to figure out what a certain modifier does? Help Menu to the rescue! With a simple button press you now can see on screen explanations for all kind of menu content, including stats, modifiers, and many other things. The new help menu is available in most menu views, including Trading, Shopping, Equipment, Inventory, and many more.

Other Stuff

This update packs a lot of smaller cool features that are also worth mentioning

  • A improve display when Swapping Circuit Branches. You can actually see the skills you will exchange.
  • A new SP bar that allows you to quickly see your current SP without moving your eyes away from the player
  • Total Damage Number for each enemy to better estimate the amount of damage you deal – pretty much inspired by what PixelFerrets did in Secret of Grindea
  • An improved stun system that solves a few frustrating counter-attack moments (looking at you, Apollo) and allows the player to escape a long chain of combos
  • Changed order of menu buttons! The Quest Menu is now much easier to reach.
  • New Buff stacking behavior: your number of concurrent buff now starts with 1 and can be extended with the appetite skill. Also: you can start a new buff at any time while buffs with overlapping stat improvement will cancel each other out.
  • No more unlimited combat art charging. Sorry, but this was never intended to be a feature!

Contest: Beat the Boss of the Grand Krys'kajo!

This is possibly our final boss contest before the full release!

Show us how you beat the boss of the Grand Krys'kajo!

Just create a public video (Youtube, Twitch, doesn't matter) and send us a link to
You can add your live reaction or leave it out, whatever you prefer!

Among all people who send us a video, we'll draw the following prize:
You get your personal NPC guest role somewhere in CrossWorlds – you decide the location! You can be an Avatar, a regular citizen or maybe something else? We'll work together to figure out the details!
Deadline: Sunday, March 5, 23:59 PDT

Phews! That's all.
Have fun with the new release and make sure to beat up that new boss for good!

And now comes the time of Bug hunting.

Hey there!

Someone contacted us and informed us that we flagged the 64 bit version wrong and that it was not downloadable trough the client. Uhm. Well, our mistake. We fixed it :) Should work now. In other news we're working hard on preparing a new update for mid / end of February.

CrossCode community · Created a new topic CrossCode FAQ
  • Will there be Multiplayer?
CrossCode is a single player game with a strong narrative and as such it will not have a multiplayer. We would love to make something like that possible but we are just 2 programmers and creating a good online experience takes a lot of time. As for possible DLC content, we can't say anything as we work hard to finish the main game first!

  • How long will the game be?

This highly depends on how you play the game. If you want you can just progress the story and don't sweat the exploration part or questing at all, you might get about 8-10 hours of gameplay. However, if you do quest and explore the world and try to find every secret, 30-40 hours are what you could get.

Overall we always like to say: If you doing a mix of both, you'll get around 15-20 hours worth of game. But it could be more. There are people who played over 70 hours now. And some who manage to finish the game within 2 hours (after training several 100 of hours).

  • What's the current state of the game?
Currently about 60-80% of the game is done content wise. Story is about 30-40% so far. There are 3 large areas to explore as well as 3 towns and 3 dungeons. (including the "tutorial dungeon") There are also tons of quests and items to gather.
From the 5 Skill-Trees you can already unlock skills on 3 of them including special Combat Arts. You can also team up with another player called Emilie and bash enemies and explore together.

Our present milestone is the creation of the last "big" area, including 3 smaller dungeons and a town.

  • I found a typo! Where can I tell you about it?
First, thanks for finding it! Without the help of the community we wouldn't be able to fix these errors so fast.
If you find a typo, spelling or grammar error or have a wording suggestion you can press F7 at any time. Here you can quickly enter a name and you email (Not mandatory) and then get a list of all the latest lines of dialogs and texts in the game. You can edit them, add a comment and send it our way right from the game!
So… TL;DR press F7 to send us you typo reports!

If the text with the error isn't visible in the list, you can send us a report to or write in the forum.

  • Will <insert language> be supported in the game?

Maybe! We get this question a lot and so many people are trying to help us translate the game into a different language. Thanks so much everyone!
As long as the game is in the development, a lot of the texts change over time or get outright replaced. So we don't want to translate the game right away. BUT! We do intend to translate the game into different languages after we reached gold!

Currently planned are: English, German and French. More will follow for sure!

  • Give me the game already! A.K.A When's the release?
Our current release target is June / September 2017. We pushed the release back more than once already (thanks for understanding btw <3) and we work hard to not get into this position again. If everything comes crashing done and we have to postpone again we'll make sure to inform everyone. But: Quality first. And if quality needs more time, we might delay it again.

  • Will I be able to transfer my save file into new versions?
Hopefully yes! We have a system in place that marks every save file with the version that it had when you created it. Now if a new version of the game comes out, we always try to make it possible for players to use the old saves. You might get a message telling you that we needed to reset your Skill-Trees (you still have your points, of course!) or an info that you file is outdated and an option to teleport you to a point in the game that we think should fix problems.
However, due to code changes, item placements and so on, old saves can lead to bugs and/or balancing problems. The color of version number in the save is red in that case and you get an additional info text.
In case your old save file won't work, we provide Save Presets that allows you to jump to specific points in the game with matching level and equipment.

  • Will I have to replay the game at release?
Good question! One we can't quite answer yet. As mentioned above we hope to avoid it. However, for the final release we'd recommend to replay the game from the beginning - not only because of bugs and balancing issues, but also because we might make small adaptations in the overall storyline, including the intro.

  • Does this game have controller support?
Yes! However, due to the technology we're using (HTML5) we are only able to correctly support X-Input devices like the Xbox-Controller for now. In the future we might be able to support more controllers.

  • Do you guys have a forum, wiki, stream or any social media?
Yes we have all of those! Here's a list of links for you:

  • What is <X>, where can I get <X>? X = 3, next question
In the steamforums (or here) or on our official forum are a great place to ask people where you can get a certain item.
Another good way is to check out the wiki linked above.
If you ever feel helpless in the menu, use the help button on the top bar to get a quick and easy to digest overview over the menu.

  • What's the game engine?
Our engine is a custom built HTML5 engine. It's origins are the impact.js ( engine by Dominic Szablewski. We rewrote about 90% of the code and created our own editor system too.

  • Can I play as another character or class?
Although CrossCode plays in a fictional MMO, it's a story-driven game where you'll follow the story of Lea and as such you won't be able to play another character or change classes.
But over the course of your journey you will be joined by various AI-controlled CrossWorld-players who will be from every character class there is!

  • What's up with the bonus codes and where can I get them?
Bonus codes are small goodies, quests or other stuff that we throw out at events for people that pass by. Those codes are the same for all installments so if you ask the community nicely, you probably get them! But we won't spoil them, that would be too easy, right?