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A retro-inspired 2D Action-RPG set in the distant future · By Radical Fish Games

Please post the 0.9.7 Update!

A topic by fyfyone created Oct 14, 2017 Views: 247 Replies: 2
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I have read on your site that there should have been an update yesterday a few days ago. You have yesterday posted that this update is out, but it seems you haven't uploaded the update to yet. I have been waiting all day yesterday, please post it soon!

Thank you.


Greetings! We've updated the files now. This always takes some time as we need to check the files once again. Especially since the first day after an update usually comes along with fixing broken things.

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I tried telling you during the stream, but could you please post the 1.0.0 update on here, too? #releasetheballs