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I'm very excited about the release and would like to thank everyone involved with the project so, so much! It is such a joy to experience some It Lives again.

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> Updating Unity version and Rewired version, allowing for […] some rare game breaking bugs

You enabled new bugs? Great! ^-^

Bullets that are exploding are still able to kill you, I think. That feels unfair.

It took me 239 attempts for the final level

Yes, please do so, I have been waiting since the release livestream.

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I tried telling you during the stream, but could you please post the 1.0.0 update on here, too? #releasetheballs

Thanks a lot! I thought I had to take this piece of code and inject it somewhere else... I also totally missed that the boolean thingy was set to "False".

It's annoying, please turn it off or, even better, add GNU/Linux support.


Where am I supposed to insert the crack Simon gave me?


I'm on Manjaro Linux and I don't exactly know which hardware is important in this case, but I wanted to let you know I can't reproduce this issue.

Hm, I tried the Windows version in WINE and the sound worked flawlessly. I'm not too sure it's PuleAudio's fault...

I also don't appear to be able to get the first mission?

I'm on the Linux version of the game, and so far it looks very professionally done! I have an issue with the sound though, it has some random noise. I captured it on video just for you:

If you have a good idea on what the jam's suggested theme could be, feel free to shoot me a direct message or, if you want to discuss your idea in public, just reply to this threat :)

I was wondering what kinds of content is allowed? Specifically, I was wondering whether I was allowed to submit a print&play physical game?

Just Monika


I have been playing the game in skip mode over and over, but I could not find one?

I like how you  built a game based on one of my favorite comics! :) Thank you. Once another update will be released, should I just re-extract into the same dir? Will my save files be overwritten?

I also wanted to tell everyone that this worked in WINE for me, just so you know.

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Hey, I heard this game is now closed alpha, but I have already installed it. Now my itch client says it "Could not check for updates: you must buy this game to download". When launching, the game displays "Game client is out of date. Please update." in the corner (version 16 07 03) and does not stop trying to connect to server. I found the game interesting and would like to play my current version!

By the way, when your Kickstarter is funded and your game is complete, please also sell the final version on itch, not just on steampowered!

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Thank you! Me and my brothers were happy to see this update and installed the Android version right away!

Would you maybe consider uploading the Android version to for more visibility?

I played the game on Linux and it was pretty fun! I would appreciate a high score and a volume control feature.

I played this game with my little brother and he found the items you could find very funny. The night's sky is very well done!

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I have read on your site that there should have been an update yesterday a few days ago. You have yesterday posted that this update is out, but it seems you haven't uploaded the update to yet. I have been waiting all day yesterday, please post it soon!

Thank you.

A beatiful game-- could you please mark the Linux files as Linux and not as Android to avoid confusion?

Argh! I previously entered 12123 because I thought the symbols would visualize a pattern. Thank you :)

Thank you for the game! I have played it, but I could not figure out the five-digit passcode. Now I have entered empty passcodes until my Sanity reaches -5. I thought I would get an ending...

I'm on Linux, using the itch app. When I hit launch, nothing happens.

I tested linux, I am able to see the world and move the camera with WASD, but the mouse does not work. Pointer moves, but it won't do anything, even in pause/ESC menu.