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i've been looking at this discussion since it first started and been really hesitating to jump in by fear of disrupting it :D

this is all very interesting stuff! I always love to see talk on and around the definition of game, compared to the definition of toy. A friend once told me that he did not consider real life flippers to be games, but toys, and we had a similar discussion.

Is a punching ball a game? probably not, but in some pubs you can find arcade machines that consist in just a punching ball *with a scoreboard* that register who hits the hardest. is adding a score enough to make it a game? well... in that case it seems so.

Garry's mod could be considered a toy, indeed, it has no objectives - but what about minecraft? The gameplay between beta 1.8 and 1.9 did not radically change, and yet one of them contains an end goal - the other one doesn't. Is MC beta 1.8 a toy and MC beta 1.9 a game, despite being both of them being almost 100% identical ? You could say the point of MC is to make a beautiful house but... that's interpretation, the game does not reward you for anything but mining, crafting and killing. If the main goal of the game is born out of player will (e.g. "make a nice house"), is it less legitimate than if it was in the game with a house ranking system and such?

Aerocraft is a game I made while bored in economics class, to try and teach myself blender (making the plane and animating the flaps properly, etc). I stopped working on it when I was bored with it, and wanted to put it on itch or somewhere. I saw there was an option to price it and I thought - "I worked on this for about four hours... if I had to be paid for these four hours, admitting I sell a single copy, the price of this game should be at least 40 bucks." I looked at my friend @tahitip4ncake who was sitting next to me and asked him how much he thought this game should be worth. He said 2$. I put it up for 2$.

It's very interesting to me that this game spawned a discussion on the nature of games; and not so much on the reason why a game so empty would be up for two whole dollars and no less. In general I will always advocate both for a much higher price for games in general (priced to the effort needed to make them, not to their actual content) and for software piracy at large. This position is sometimes hard to defend because games are most often approached from a buyer's perspective, not from the maker's perspective - and so I expected a moderate amount of backlash from whoever would buy and play it. i'm glad to see players are instead filled with wonder and questioning rather than anger and disgust :P

have a nice day, and by all means keep discussing ♥  i hope you can find other games that spark your interest as much as this small "toy" 🙇‍♀️

the update is out ! 

You can now enable a `useHighPerformanceMode` in the settings file (`Preferences.yml`) in My Documents/My Games/TrackMasters :) 

This will disable some graphical features and use a different shader for outlines which will increase performance on your machine!

Yes it's a bug in track validation, i'm looking into solving it for the next update, among others! It's because the radar antenna / tall building interrupts all navigation as it is very tall, but it doesn't check if the interrupted navigation happens above or under the very tall object

The track might not be valid :)  Make sure the 🏁 is green in the track editor, on your right. If it's red, it means the track could not be validated by the game - it's likely missing a piece somewhere, or it has an obstacle obstructing the circuit!

this was an issue with the Itch games launcher due to the name having an uppercase name (.ZIP instead of .zip).  The name has been corrected for now, so install should be possible if you try it again :)  

Thanks for the report ♥

thanks for the appreciation, it means a bunch  to me 😊

maybe I will add an option for users who want to run the game in high performance, without any effect, as this problem has been brought up in the past!  with the regain of interest the game has had in the past few days i'm considering adding a few trackpieces in an update ♥

Unfortunately not, the game was built without it and despite my best efforts I couldn't add it in an update. It would require rethinking the way the whole game is coded :v


I wish to submit my paid game LouveSystems' TrackMasters to this bundle :)

It's a LAN / Online racing game with track editing.

Feel free to contact me over on your Discord if you need anything else <3

Good luck !

tysm !!  if you liked it please share it around with your friends and you can play together :>

Thanks a lot ♥  

It's best played with other people indeed, so if there's no one around when you come back feel free to share the link with a friend or two so you can fly along 🦅

Little chance, for I do not have a mac OS myself and I'm in no capacity to create a mac build :(

On Linux otherwise, I have reports of TrackMasters working seamlessly under Electron.

There might be a way to run it under mac, but I could not know, sorry :<

Have a good day!



I would like to participate with the following game - AEROCRAFT

Sorry for coming in late - you don't have to include it if it's too late!

Good luck with this and have a nice day! ❤

Is there any way to get a printed version?

Lego loco! awesome!

will there be an update allowing me to send my trains over the internet to another random city ?

It's probably because of the name of the EXE, sadly I can't do much (your antivirus probably thinks I'm trying to replace your windows explorer with a virus). I would suggest you to add an exception.

Thanks, that's nice of you, I've seen it already. 
Keep up with the good work :)