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Great atmosphere!

Cellar games are the best ;)

the graphics are impressive, congrats for this result!

I love magical girls, congrats for this entry ;) 

I just found the attack a little hard to use, I am a magical girl so I expect to be powerful!!! :p

Thanks for playing :)

Nous avons choisi de faire un saut plus lourd pour représenter la maladresse de l'enfant, mais nous aurions probablement dû aussi améliorer les animations du saut de cette manière

Thanks for the feedback! We chose not to show any user interface for the tape so as not to break the player's immersion.  Instead, we added visual and audio feedback to warn the player when the tape is about to end.

I like card games and swipe :)

I love the graphics, you choosed a good color palette!  Also you made a good polish in this game.

The game mechanics good but not clear at start, maybe adding some easiest tutorial level could help. (the first 2 level explain well the two block, but the first lvl with counter blocks was not easy)

Energy limitation cause me to reset level a lot of time because of wrong input or bad jump. But maybe could you add the limit as an optional challenge?

You added specifics sound like car accident and ambulance, also we see a burning car, it's self explanatory from my point of view, also at the end we hear hospital bip, so we understand we are in coma. But if you are not sure player can understand, you can still let the main character talk, but maybe more evasive?

Wow that was a really good experience! the game mecanics and level design is well done! I just don't think that the energy counter is a good idea, it's only frustrating from my point of view. Also I think that the background of each level is enough to understand the plot of the game and the numerous texts added to explain it are not really useful, I think that almost no text would have had more impact!

Beside that you made a really great job!!!

Thanks a lot! I am glad you liked the end :)

Great entry! I am a bit frustrated to not find how to use the ladder in the second level. Also adding a reset key to start over the same level will avoid when bugs occur to restart all over the game :)

I am touched by your words, thanks!

Thank your so much!

Thanks a lot!

We didn't have time to explain it but in fact the cellar size is regular and it's the child mind that deform it with hole and platforms :)

Thanks for playing! I am glad you enjoy playing our games :)

Nice RPG :) I be able to wake up! maybe it miss some more complex combo in the available actions to make a lot of damage!

Thanks from the artists!

Congratulations to your son, he made a nice little game that he can be proud of!

Wow thanks for that!

Thanks for playing! Press A is for gamepad, but it's maybe unclear, we wrote something like "Press space (A) to jump".

Thanks! I am glad you like this little adventure :)

Thanks :)

I enjoyed this mini game, I read that you didn't have a lot of time during the week so congrats, you delivered a well made game! The only pitfall is I am often stuck on the side of platforms when I jump close to them.

Thanks! I'd love to work on a longer experience, we will see if the team is motivated after few fix on this version :)

Thanks a lot!

Good game :) I didn't understand that shadow was the range of attack at first but after that it was cool! I like the graphics too ;)

Thanks for the kind words :)

Very solid concept :) some level are a bit frustrating but I enjoy play it anyways!

Thanks for playing :)

The graphics and sound ambiance are really good. I didn't understand where I should find the right color for the last puzzle but It was pleasant to find the right path anyway :)


I like the graphics! But sadly I also don't have apples in the first mini-game :(

It's a good thing you made a save :) so I redid the last level to see the end. I was kinda expecting it for the mother, it reminds me of Hitchcock's psychosis. But I didn't expect the knife :p Well done for this nice/bad ending ! 

I would have made the levels shorter. A lot of people couldn't appreciate the ending I think.

She's sad...

The contrast between reality and the daydreams are really strong, I like this idea even if it's sad. The art is really cool too.

Congrats for this game!

Thanks for playing and your kind words!

Great job! the cleaning system work well and I find pleasure cleaning the offices, I hope someday I could fin this pleasure when I clean my appartment :(

I have been stuck in the 3rd level when I looked on the basement some boxes that were at the corner of the hall, the boxes were at high level and I was stuck between them and the ceiling :(

I wanted to see the end, maybe the theme is more explained by the end of the story?

Thank you for you feedback! 

Of course we don't have to reinvent the wheel. but we tried to make it's usage as unique as possible. Yes we will see if we find good ideas to enrich the story in the future :)