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Game is missing the following, A QUIT button to quit the program.

A recommendation, Map the ground pound button to a Trigger button, as there's an issue with getting ground pound to work while in mid air after hitting the 'Attack' button twice. Either I'm not getting enough Air for the attack animation to finish before ground pounding or the timing is off to whatever the moveset object is programmed to where that the attack animation can't be interrupted to perform that ground pound.

A request, can ya render the Hud into 3D object's like what was done with Conker's Bad Fur Day? May give the game a little more whimsy.

WORLD OF HORROR community · Created a new topic Mod Guide?

Is there a guide for us to add our own horror's to this? I saw an option to add mods so I'm curious.

Older builds, there use to be other deities to fight and other mysteries to solve.

Has anyone found a way to disable the controller support so I can use a keyboard + Mouse?