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Tried it;

Better Menu Options, Practice is a bit more colorful though I think I was also talking about levels like Junker where they used the same Platformer box though I won't argue.

Practice included a new power-up, a sword, spiffy though we can't use the vines.

• While I see you didn't take the colored vine change into account, I was able to see the Hub better and understand a little about how the game works with the vine a little, not exactly as I stated but fair enough.

•Have better control in physics, also helpful

Just polish it, maybe add some multiplayer if it takes off well and your good to go.

Controls are a bit rough on 2 portions. Swinging and the physics where you swing too.

-The time with the vine attaching feel too short or rather, I don't know how the rules with the vine you produce work exactly before it snaps or when it will. I recommend having the vine change color while the player is swinging to indicate it's health or how long it will stay before it Snaps. Such as 'Green' for a healthy vine and 'Red' when it's about to snap

-Don't know how close I need to be to an object before I can grapple and swing from it, Have the aiming dot change shape or color to indicate if you are close enough to grapple onto something.

-Levels are a touch dull with the physic's platforms from Practice; recommend a wood texture or at least give them a solid color with some outlines, though this is more of a personal bit from me.

-Swinging feels like I'm trying to fight against the whole game and I can't drift in the air. If that's what's part of the game design, fine, but it might be ideal to add odd spots out of the ordinary for the player to put two and two together in order to swing from one spot to the next to finish a level or give the player SOME lee-way where the swing goes as I've had to wrestle with it SOME.

-Bullet power-ups? Like a temporary-short-range-shotgun?

Any classes how to use it?

I mean, I know basic is pretty simple as the name BASIC implies. Blitz Basic uses a different dialect like the language of Spanish is between Mexico and Spain. (And yes, that's a thing; they both speak Spanish, but use a different dialect.)

But I do need to ask 2-3 big questions.
1. Has ANY game recently been published using Blitz basic with a proper Polish and sold for any amount of $5 (USD) and above?

~Note: By Proper Polish, I mean bug's worked out, game operates correctly with a lack of bugs. ETC.

2. Is anyone building a game with it right now? Mind you, I know folks mostly get this to fool around with code or to teach their kids how to program games or simple programs, I get it.

3. Yeah, back to the beginning comment, any classes how to use it today? Like a general education to use and push it to the absolute limit. How to render something you made in Blender and throw it in there or how to make a 3D model in it? if the 3D Modeling tool's in Blitz suck, is there an alternative?

I'm asking out of pure curiosity. Mind you, I would like to know everyone's thought's about it.

Well, what are your strength's?

Do you know any C? C++? Blitz Basic? The library you've provided is pretty neat, but how about something a bit more abstract? Any game's that don't use an engine or can turn a framework on it's head and add or change something to an engine or framework that shouldn't be possible with the options given?

I kinda ask this, not to be a pain in the @$$, but to see if you stand out better and maybe help you stand out to the community.

If you need an example of turning a framework on it's head; take 'The Way,' it's an RPG Maker 2000 game published ages ago by Crestfallen Studios. One of the feature's that framework/engine didn't have we're proper camera control's or scaling and that didn't get added for ease of use until RPG Maker XP. The Way had this feature included with script to include this feature and made the engine their own in some respect's.... Though this is just one rough example. You have anything that explores this in your example's?

Game is missing the following, A QUIT button to quit the program.

A recommendation, Map the ground pound button to a Trigger button, as there's an issue with getting ground pound to work while in mid air after hitting the 'Attack' button twice. Either I'm not getting enough Air for the attack animation to finish before ground pounding or the timing is off to whatever the moveset object is programmed to where that the attack animation can't be interrupted to perform that ground pound.

A request, can ya render the Hud into 3D object's like what was done with Conker's Bad Fur Day? May give the game a little more whimsy.

WORLD OF HORROR community · Created a new topic Mod Guide?

Is there a guide for us to add our own horror's to this? I saw an option to add mods so I'm curious.

Older builds, there use to be other deities to fight and other mysteries to solve.

Has anyone found a way to disable the controller support so I can use a keyboard + Mouse?