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Thank you for playing!

Here is a walkthrough, in case you're missing any:

If you've unlocked all 13 and seen all CGs, that's pretty much the full content of the game. It's possible to get the [spoiler] different starting scene after you unlocked enough endings, but 13/13 isn't a requirement.

Thank you for taking a look at our page

Hello Sarah1281, thank you for playing!

You are totally correct there - look forward to seeing what you think as things pan out, as you find out more and more about her and the main character!

Thank you!! Us too :D

Really enjoyed this one! The art style goes really well with the creepiness, and the timeline and decomposition glossary at the end was very educational...

Loved the story and the animations! Very creepy.

Best game ever

Amazing game... thanks for making it. Loved learning about what happens.

Really enjoyed this! Thank you for all the care put into making all the little details and for making the story atmosphere really believable!

Thank you for the kind words!

Thank you for sharing!

Thank you for playing!

Lovely demo, enjoying the atmosphere and the worldbuilding :)

Thank you for sharing!

Thank you!!

Good read :) 

Great read! Really enjoy all of Team ANPIM's works, I know it'll be lighthearted (and a bit cheesy) but it's just as expected and the style I've come to enjoy and bring a smile to the reader's face!

This is a great polished experience, really enjoyed getting to know more about the characters, the mystery of the island and the lighthouse, and finding the different endings! The point and click parts were really fun and cool to see in a VN!

Hi, I've purchased this pack, but there is only a .psd file for download, but most of the other sprite sets have also the rendered transparent sprites in a .zip, which isn't in this one. 

According to the included instructions below, it seems like this one should also have the rendered transparent sprites?

Extract the archived zip into your project. (You may need 7zip for easy extracting)
There are several rendered transparent sprite.
You can edit the sprite for more variation of expressions by .psd file.

Nice relaxing story to read!

Also is the brief phone ringtone a Revue Starlight reference?

A Summer with the Shiba Inu is out now! 

Set in Canine-da and Tai-paw, there are 10+ endings, so make your choices carefully!

You follow Syd the Shiba Inu as her past enemies challenge her to "ARInas", a virtual reality fight where dogs earn higher ranking, which determines who is a good dog...

Thank you Ruise for the support! It's live now on Steam and on itch!

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Hi everyone! Visual;Conference 2018 is happening on January 13, and I wanted to share the news here as there are quite a lot of VN fans and devs on This is the second year of the conference, and they have fully recorded all of last year's speakers which you can find on their website:

This year's speakers include Christine Love (Analogue: A Hate Story, etc.), Tom "PYTOM" Rothamel (Ren'Py Lead Developer), Agilis (Project Manager, Sekai Project), to name a few. The full list is on the website, and they are looking for more too! Information below, copied from  Aginyan's original post on Lemma Soft forums:

(By the way I am not an organizer, that would be Randy "Agilis" Au, but do check out their original post below)

Hi! Some of you may remember that in January 2017, the first Visual;Conference for VN developers happened -- some ~90 participants got together and we shared talks, experiences, and met a ton of VN developers from around the world. Everyone was so excited about how the event turned out, I've decided to run another one this coming January!

For those that missed the event, Youtube videos of the event are available on this playlist:

I've opened the submission form for speakers:

If you have a story you want to share about any aspect of the VN development process, I'd love to hear from you. No matter how big or small the topic, whether it's programming, business, art, music, localization, tech demos, whatever. The deadline for talk submissions is Dec 1, so you still have some time to think up ideas and submit them (multiple talk submissions are OK, the best one will be chosen, max 1 speaker slot per person).

I'm working on getting a couple of awesome guest speakers this year, but what really makes the event awesome are the wonderful talks submitted by you guys. So please send in your ideas and join us next year!