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This was incredibly fun. I'd pay for a full game.

I remember playing this forever ago and loving the characters. Took forever to find it but I'm glad I did. The whole idea is fantastic.

My god. This is the sickest shit in the goddamned world.

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Pretty fun. Lots of promise. Looking forward to updates.

EDIT: Also is there any point in upgrading characters right now? I know it affects their appearance but other than that? Should I just be using my gold to unlock further characters?

I love it. I've been dying for something in the vein of Jak & Daxter for a while. While it doesn't seem like publishers think those things will sell anymore I'm glad someone does. I'm looking forward to future updates.

Wow. This was fantastic. I felt like an idiot with the chest on the lower right but I finally got it. Really fantastic, though. Definitely going to recommend this to some friends.

I really like it. The only character that I have mixed feelings about is Ᏹ (U+13F1). It's 100% discernable from the rest and there is no mistaking it but it looks like the loop doesn't close on the lower right. Other than that I really like the font. :)

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I kind of stumbled upon this on Twitter and I'm glad I did.

I'm really more of a hobbyist (if that - I'm more of a aspiring hobbyist) developer but I think it's really important to propogate me people's language. I'm still learning but there being a pixel font that already supports it would be a boon. I'd love to make fan-translations while I learn my language.

I don't have any plans to make any money off of anything but if I'm ever able to translate anything I'll definitely donate. I'm curious when and where will I be able to download the font. I deeply appreciate you supporting Unicode in the way you are.

It's great to see more indigenous representation in media. ᎦᎵᎮᎵᎦ!

I'm trying to install 'En Garde!' but when I click install the installation bar and 'Started now' appear for a second or two and then vanish. And I have to click 'install' again. I have enough room. In fact I can install other games but not 'En Garde!'

Is there something wrong on my end?