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So the Controls selection in the menu doesn't work. Anyone have a fix? I hate playing RPGs like this with my keyboard.

Pretty fun. I beat the demo. Is Pluxa impossible to catch or does it just have a very low catch rate? And will the Phantoms evolve or anything?

I'll be looking forward to it!

And I'm not crazy, right? Demo1 was inspired by an FM, right? I can't remember which one it was, though.

I've played TDM off-and-on for a few years (recently started replaying - got in a 'thiefy mood'). As soon as I started the campaign (Nightmare, of course) I thought to myself 'I KNOW I've been here before.' Both the apartment and at least the beginning of the cave look extremely familiar. I still can't figure out what FM it is. Would you mind reminding me? It's killing me.

I LOVE the walk speed system. Was there another game that did something like that specifically? I can't quite recall. And I really prefer the way you did the light gem. You color-coded it. It's so much better than different gradients of yellow (like in TDM) without one that's black to show what it looks like when you can't be seen. 

Will there be any melee weapons? Blackjack (I know you can choke like in Dishonored but just curious)? Sword? And I found through a comment that you could cancel a bow draw with the space bar. It think it works fine like that but I think it should be stated in the Input menu.

And I think leaning could be improved. It looks more like you're shifting your weight instead of actually leaning. And I'm not sure if this was meant but when you lean into the light from a dark corner the light gem doesn't change. Wasn't sure if you were going for more of a Dishonored thing there.

And I think that you should remain crouched even if you drop from a ledge. This also happens when you load a save.

I also think you should be able to retrieve items that you can store (other arrows, loot, etc) while climbing a rope.

Have you considered implementing going prone to hide in smaller spaces? Or peering through keyholes?

Lastly, I found some ledges to a bit finicky here and there.

I'm really looking forward to more of this. I think it's great!

Dropping in to say hell yes. Loved Tôtem. Looking forward to Carnavâl.

I think the sign in the west of Kernel Dump should say "West: Binary Forest."

You can clip through the dock on Memory Lake just where the post in the sand on the right and walk on the background.

And at a point I was being transported back to Kernel Dump randomly. At one point in the middle of a fight when I still had two Tama left.

Still a great demo. Looking forward to the finished product.

I realize it's a boss but it's far too much of a difficulty spike. You should add enemies in between so that the player is more prepared.

Downloaded version didn't work but the web version is kinda fun. I just wish it weren't so slippery. It's difficult to jump on a space that's 1x1 when I just slip off. Even when it's a normal non-blue block.

DOOM runs on everything.

I'm all for requiring precision but I think the spike models need to represent their hitboxes better than they do. They could be tweaked a bit.

Other than that, though, really good. You'll die ten times at one part and on the eleventh you can just breeze through it. It has a really good sense of progress.

I wasn't able to unlock it. Each segment could bend up or down (never straighten to its original orientation) and the angles were never right. Do you have a link to a video of the lockpicking minigame in Sherlock? Were there separate difficulties with different rules and limitations?

Couldn't get this one to work. It's been a while since I've played Testament of Sherlock Holmes so I looked up a video and it looks like you can turn each segment a full 360 degrees in that game.

Maybe I'm an idiot. The first 3 kinda ran together pretty well but can someone explain what the overarching narrative was? I couldn't quite catch it.


Exactly what the title says. It's just a white screen.

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I love this. Do you have plans to do more of this in the future?

I "beat" Cow (though I'm not sure how?) and finally beat the others.

Also were you at least partially inspired Close Encounters of the Third Kind? Creaker definitely gives off those vibes.

This was great! I hope to see more levels one day in a full game. I'd buy it.

This was incredibly fun. I'd pay for a full game.

I remember playing this forever ago and loving the characters. Took forever to find it but I'm glad I did. The whole idea is fantastic.

My god. This is the sickest shit in the goddamned world.

I love it. I've been dying for something in the vein of Jak & Daxter for a while. While it doesn't seem like publishers think those things will sell anymore I'm glad someone does. I'm looking forward to future updates.

Wow. This was fantastic. I felt like an idiot with the chest on the lower right but I finally got it. Really fantastic, though. Definitely going to recommend this to some friends.

I really like it. The only character that I have mixed feelings about is Ᏹ (U+13F1). It's 100% discernable from the rest and there is no mistaking it but it looks like the loop doesn't close on the lower right. Other than that I really like the font. :)

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I kind of stumbled upon this on Twitter and I'm glad I did.

I'm really more of a hobbyist (if that - I'm more of a aspiring hobbyist) developer but I think it's really important to propogate me people's language. I'm still learning but there being a pixel font that already supports it would be a boon. I'd love to make fan-translations while I learn my language.

I don't have any plans to make any money off of anything but if I'm ever able to translate anything I'll definitely donate. I'm curious when and where will I be able to download the font. I deeply appreciate you supporting Unicode in the way you are.

It's great to see more indigenous representation in media. ᎦᎵᎮᎵᎦ!

I'm trying to install 'En Garde!' but when I click install the installation bar and 'Started now' appear for a second or two and then vanish. And I have to click 'install' again. I have enough room. In fact I can install other games but not 'En Garde!'

Is there something wrong on my end?