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I completely understand, after echoes is released I think I will probably just stay clear of any of the future projects they release afterwards. Even if I have liked their past work, the way they handle communication as well as other things is ridiculous.

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Disappointing news - MDE is going to be further pushed back for release in 2018 (with no estimate on the date). They are still going to release deluxe version of MDSOA this month but MDE is going to pushed back. While I know things happen during development of games, but honestly I think a lot of the reason that MDE has been delayed once again like this is because of them using some of their time and resources to work on the TTEOTS game which they should have just picked up later. If they had just stuck to MDSOA deluxe and MDE I think they might have been able to had these games out this year. Honestly they seem to promise a lot then under deliver because they take on more than they can handle at a time. By the way they have said they will be looking into 'staggered' refunds for those who back MDE and no longer want to wait for the game or the rewards.  Those who pre-paid and want a refund should go here https://goo.gl/forms/hDqDgin3QQMyHpSL2 (they did only send this to the backers but since you guys paid already too you should be able to get refunds in my opinion). I don't think I will ask for one since I've waited all this time and while I am disappointed at how they have handled things, I do believe they will eventually release MDE. MDSOA was also released late but they did release it eventually and I reallly still want to play MDE. 

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Yeah to be honest they should have been giving regular updates here (you put up money before they had even released the product or even a demo so you have just as much right to be informed about the progress of the game) but to be honest the updates to the backers themselves were sparse and infrequent, instead they were mostly posting on their social media accounts about a completely different game that they were working on. I've played MDSOA and enjoyed it so I believe Echoes will be good too (I'm looking forward to playing as Aurelia, the MC from MDSOA was cool but Aurelia is A+) but they really have to work on communicating with those who chose to support their projects financially in much better fashion, especially if a problem arises while working on that said project. At least it is still going to be released I guess.

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They have just sent out an update to backers on the status of Echoes and MDSOA deluxe. They plan to release them both in December (so it seems Echoes did get pushed back again a bit), but they will probably be out on Itchio first as Steam has a two-week delay on game titles.

Never mind they have released an update on the game to backers today.

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If there are any Kickstarter backers for this game around I'd be super grateful if you could please write a message on the Kickstsarter page for Echoes asking the developers to give us an update on the game's progress? I would do it but I am a Paypal backer and thus unable to make comments on the page. It's already the 20th of November and they haven't confirmed whether the game is still going to be released this month or the general progress and I am getting concerned to be honest. The reason I'm asking for this is because they don't seem to be looking at this itchio page at all lately but they seem to at least look at the Kickstarter page and respond to some comments there....

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So it's been pushed back again for December? Maybe it's due to Steam's approval process so it has a later date (wishful thinking perhaps) than when they would release on itchio? Still what you mentioned about the shrinking content worries me too, since on Kickstarter the developers expressed that they wanted to move on from the Mystic Destinies series after Echoes and MDSOA deluxe, I really hope they are not cutting down content to get Echoes as a means to reach that goal. I know that they as a company have the right to make decisions what they do, but I have to wonder, why would a team as small as it is be trying to take on the development of multiple projects at the same time, I don't understand why they've chosen now to start trying to work on TTEOTS when it makes more sense (to me at least) to put all of their limited resources into finishing MDSOA rewards and Echoes? They could always pick up TTEOTS later? I really hope that they give the mini routes at least one CG but now that I think about it, when I played MDSOA I don't remember it being particularly CG heavy, a lot of the time the sprites themselves had their appearances changed for different situations (the backgrounds were also very detailed) and it was still enjoyable so perhaps it will be the same for this game....

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As a Paypal backer I can tell you that they had to push back the release of Echoes to November 2017 due to some circumstances. But honestly I'm worried at the fact that there hasn't been another update for Echoes to confirm that it is still on target to be released this month. It's already the 20th, I just want to know the progress, if there is a problem that may set it back again they should let us know, or if it still going to be released this month then confirm it....

Sorry I don't know if this is the right place for this, but I have a question about the MC for this game, will the MC appear in the game with a sprite or in the CGs or will it be a completely faceless MC who will never be seen in the game?