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Dungeon Map please?

A topic by QueenOfValour created Jun 04, 2021 Views: 39
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I'm enjoying the game so far, but there is one issue that has been really starting to fustrate me about the dungeons. I'm confused as to why there is no map for the dungeons? A simple map of the dungeon which uses fog of war mechanics (only showing the areas/tiles the player has visited - just the walls/doors/areas) would make the dungeons heaps and bounds more enjoyable. It's rather fustrating to end up going around in circles because you can't really tell all that well if you have been through this corridor or this room before until you actually go there and see the crates/barrels you broke. It wastes too much of the torch resource, and your inventory is limited so you can't carry tons of them if you want to be able to loot the dungeon, and even then having higher torch resources still wouldn't stop you from gettting lost. This issue also makes it harder to actually find whatever boss is in there that you need to kill for a quest.