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Just a heads-up that there's no mention in the early text about how there's always an effect die (you have to find that particular mention much later in the document).

It's probably because you all know Cortex well that there was this oversight. But as someone who've never played Cortex before, I kept wondering how was I supposed to add two dice and use the last one as the effect if I didn't have a third relevant traits beyond the first two.


I'm a million years late but I agree, a sidebar about capitalism would have been welcome. Sure, they're the bad guys in the game, but that's one layer too removed considering the other bad guys have an IRL sidebar about them.

Other than that, hot damn do I LOVE this setting.

Bonjour !

j'ai l'impression que grâce au fait que le système repose sur "succès total" partiel" ou "échec", je pourrais totalement utiliser le jeu en revenant à un classique 6-, 7-9 et 10+ avec 2d6 ; non ? (mes joueuses et moi sommes particulièrement allergiques aux d20 et encore plus au roll-under, on entraîne nos dés à faire haut du coup ça risque de les perturber).

J'ai très envie d'utiliser Noblesse Oblige pour du 7ème Mer...

Faire pour les VN ce que Parsely Games (Chateau Aventure) fait pour les aventures textuelles ?

Franchement, pourquoi pas ! 

The more traits you have, the more you have to  wager instead of your precious vitals ; specifically on the red die in addition to what you already risked. 

Since the red die is the only way to improve a roll (in the absence of traditional pbta  attribute scores), I'd argue that the mechanical use of equipment, augments and training  is actually very tangible.

Aaaaah I get it now! Thank you!

I have a question: in the Crisis Pay section, there is

Psych Bonus (Fill Calm)......... 05 Scrip

Soc Settlement (Fill Face) ..... 05 Scrip

Med Settlement (Fill Vigor) ... 10 Scrip

and I don't understand what that's supposed to mean. Logically, i'd say it looks like prices to get those services. But it's in the middle of the chart telling us what we get paid, so I don't understand.

Do you get your vitals refilled AND are paid a bonus for it?

Thanks for the speedy answer!

OK! That's almost what I had deduced but it clarifies everything a lot. So, all skills start at d4 and get upgraded (or not) from that; there are no "unrated" skills without a die rating. Unrated is d4.

And to be clear I only talked about the pyramid to use an easy to get  Fate term; it looked appropriate given the example GMC having 1x d10, 2x d8 and 3x d4! There's no confusion about it in your text, it was just my choice of word!

I love what you did with the dice, it's instantly more thrilling to me (fudge dice hate our entire table) and I WANT to try it. My only regret is that I don't understand how to create characters. How does the skill pyramid starts and how high does it go? Should I use the numbers you give for important npcs?

 Other than that it's a game I'd like to propose to my players for sure.

Replacing the fudge dice (which hate me) with varying sizes of dice but keeping the overall Fate Core mechanics really appeal to me, as well as the departure from races in favour of "affinities".

I bought this game last year, it's cool to see it in the bundle so that people can enjoy it! I'm livid that I didn't get notified there was a kickstarter earlier this year, however 😥

I just know about it when I checking in on a whim because of said bundle.

Excellent game anyway ! 

I... thought I already tried that as soon as I realised the problem. 

And I did, with the wrong kind of separator. Didn't think to double-check on the website directly. DUH.

Hey there!

I'm a tabletop gamer and i'm over the moon with the massive equality bundle... many videogames i wanted, many RPG books I wanted as well. But... I can't sort them apart in the app! Is it because the "physical game" category on the website is so recent that it hasn't been added to the app yet?

Because, well, with the bundle, it's getting inconvenient :D

Thanks !