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I have a question: in the Crisis Pay section, there is

Psych Bonus (Fill Calm)......... 05 Scrip

Soc Settlement (Fill Face) ..... 05 Scrip

Med Settlement (Fill Vigor) ... 10 Scrip

and I don't understand what that's supposed to mean. Logically, i'd say it looks like prices to get those services. But it's in the middle of the chart telling us what we get paid, so I don't understand.

Do you get your vitals refilled AND are paid a bonus for it?

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It's pay spacers receive for surviving a crisis. The bonuses for Psych, Soc, and Med are paid if a Spacer ends a crisis with a totally filled Calm, Face, or Vigor track, respectively.

So, for example, if a spacer totally fills their Vigor and gets physically incapacitated they get paid out 10 bonus scrip.

This is end of adventure stuff. The final payout. If you're running a scenario that lasts multiple sessions, it only pays out at the very end.

If you're running a follow up scenario with the same characters, they would completely clear their vitals and spend the scrip as they want. But, GHOST ORBIT is really intended for one shots. Crisis Pay is mainly there as a sort of score keeping mechanism.


Aaaaah I get it now! Thank you!