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I recently dropped DULL BLADES, a bundle of three incomplete Forged in the Dark games I've worked on.

It includes:

  • The Jackpot, a cyberpunk/cli-fi playset inspired by William Gibson's The Peripheral. (Complete: five playbooks with unique mechanics).
  • Schola Arx Mysteria, a game about teenage sorcerers at a boarding school on the eve of a cataclysmic war. Inspired mainly by The Magicians, Little Witch Academia, and Howl's Moving Castle. (Complete: a pretty rad freeform magic system).
  • the Elysian, a pamphlet game about criminal operators navigating a mysterious underworld centered on the eponymous Elysian Hotel. Inspired by the John Wick films. (Complete: the Operator's Manual, a condensed player-facing rules pamphlet with integrated character playbook).

This is the real, actual world's greatest role-playing game, not just the okayest.

A fun, light weight game that cuts to the heart of what makes a certain transforming-robots-and-also-pop-divas anime compelling!

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GHOST ORBIT, a game about things breaking in space.

  • only one move
  • no playbooks
  • no + or - modifiers
  • everything is HP/harm

GHOST ORBIT is my entry for YourMoveJam. It has one move which is basically "act under risk of loss." The move is designed to focus attention on what's at risk of breaking whether it's a character's relationships, composure, equipment, or body.

The game itself is about disaster and horror in space. It handles anything from Ghosts of Mars to Apollo 13.

A delightful reframing of modern technological anxiety as a Grimm Brothers fairly tale. I love that that subject of the story is shared and the players primarily take on the roles of the archetypal supporting cast.

I've been playing AIRLOCK almost weekly since its first days of playtesting. The procedures for collaborative worldbuilding are great. The crew relationship mechanics are fantastic, especially for folk who otherwise have a hard time getting in character. And the mission-downtime structure produces wonderful contrast between frenetic action and quiet drama that I've struggled to accomplish with my own designs.

We threw an APC through a helicopter during the playtest. What other games will let you do that?

Cryptomancer is basically reverse-Shadowrun. Instead of a modern world thrown into chaos by the emergence of magic, it's a magical fantasy world undermined by the invention of an internet. It's really fantastic fun!

I'm not an authority on OSR-ness, but my submission to YourMoveJam is inspired by my experience with OSR (and adjacent) stuff: Ghost Orbit.

It's a game about things breaking in space. It uses the basic chassis of PbtA: 2D6 summed to get gradated results. But instead of anything modifying the roll, everything is HP. It makes for a game that's always very clear about what's at risk.

It's on sale for $1 for the remainder of YourMoveJam.

Does anyone know if the ratings for Game Jam entries will carry over to the game after the jam?

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I really appreciate it!

Thanks Michael!

I basically started by going "I want to add this gambling/stunt mechanic and some kind of hero point economy; what genre fits that?" and landing on John Carter.

Thanks for the feedback!

What do you think makes the game less recognizable as a Tunnel Goons hack?