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I think I responded to the email that was attached to your paypal receipt. Let me know if you got it!

Okay, send me an email at and I'll get a code to you.

Thank you so much, that's so kind of you! You should've received a code in your receipt that has the redemption code for your tip. If you didn't, let me know and I'll send it manually.

Oh no, your save progress got wiped? Some people have been having trouble with that recently, ill try to do some troubleshooting this weekend.

It took about 4 months of hard work, spread out through about a year and a half. And we're going to be updating soonish, so we're still putting time in!

Oh is it not? That's a mistake then, we'll fix it up

Can't you drag and drop the items off of the crafting board? It's probably not something worth adding a button for though, the fewer buttons the better.

I'm considering adding a downloadable version for the next update. Still undecided at the moment, but I give it an 80% chance of happening!

And hey, I spent like 2 minutes making that sound 2 years ago, I can't possibly fix it now...

(Just kidding, I've been meaning to find another sound for air. Thanks for bringing it up.)

Item Creator! Come hang out tomorrow and chat while I continue working on it :D

Let me know how it goes, I'm curious!

Heyo, I haven't used any in-browser game engines before, but you should check out Construct!

My co-worker used it to create our company's most recent game, so it seems like it has a full feature set. Good luck!

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Hey there. Are you still having this problem? The game can take up to a minute to load in depending on your internet, and once it's loaded it might take a bit longer to start. Let me know if you need help getting the game working!

But animals are always nude anyways... lol. I'd remove it if an app store called us out on it, but I think it's tame enough to be okay.

Hey! Actually we'll probably avoid adding anything with guns to avoid raising the ratings :P

The plasma sword is a good idea though! Noted.

Yeah no worries! To get to a sword, you need to first find a forge which is crucible + coal. Crucible is clay + stone. Then sword is forge + steel. Good luck!

I have a feeling something is up with itch. Every once in a while someone seems to have a bug for a day or so before it goes away. Hard to know though, my code could be shoddy.

Heyo, you can make a tempered sword by quenching a fire sword in water! 

By the way, are you still having save issues?

Man, seems like you're finding bugs in all my games :( which browser are you playing on? I haven't heard of these issues til now.

Hey, sorry about that. Which level is this on?

oh no! Is that happening to you? That definitely should not be happening.

Oh, and you can also get an unlock code by signing up for our newsletter.

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Hey, just happened to check itch right when you posted haha.

1) There are 7 levels currently, including tutorial

2) You can get unlock codes by donating through the "Tip jar" in the top right corner of the main menu.

Yeah sorry about that, the current hint system breaks down once all items are "discovered" (but not all recipes are). Vines are stick + plant or wire + plant. 

Hey, thanks for taking the time to write about the game. It's very helpful to get a bunch of feedback.

Lemme respond to your feedback as best I can :) 


Whenever I use that item list, the audio goes totally wack.

If I click off the game, and scroll down here, the audio keeps repeating itself, like how Team Fortress 2 used to crash for me. Also clicking off the game just stops the audio when it didn't use to, and I personally like the soundtrack of the game."

- The audio issues are unfortunately due to my using FMOD. Since browser games run single threaded, audio stutters can happen if too much is going on at once. And yeah, the music not working/stuttering when you leave the web page is another unfortunate side effect of using fmod, so sorry about that. Unfortunately I can't really do anything about it. 

"The level titles feel a bit intrusive. Maybe instead of covering the entire screen for a while then disappearing, it could appear on the bottom left for a while and then go away." 

- Fully agree with you on this one. I'll make a note to change that for the next update. 

" I don't like the shopping cart animation for getting items, and also it sorta snaps out of existence once it's done. Plus if you get a lot of items it takes ages to finish. Maybe it could fade out too." 

- I guess I could make it go faster if you have more items? I think it adds a lot of clarity for newer players, and I don't really want to take it out. 

" I HEAVILY disagree with the ability to get buffs in the store by using stars."

- Why's that? I think it's nice to have some roguelite progression run-after-run. 

"Wasn't there a game over music? Now it's just silent." 

- I don't think there ever was, but I'll add something there. 

"The funk with throwing items like Clay Pot is still present. Also the Bow's aim is off, the center projectile it fires is not" 

- Ehhh yeah they're a little whack but honestly it's a fair bit of work to fix that, and I'm kinda short on time. I'll consider it. As for bow, thanks for the tip, I'll fix that. 


"I really love the new title screen music. Such a jam." 

- Thank you! I'm super happy with how it turned out too. 

"Map preview is VERY VERY GOOD. I love it!" 

- Been meaning to do this one for a while, glad it works for ya. 

"Hints are nice, they feel like they could help." 

- Definitely some work still to make them better, but they're a start. 

"I REALLY REALLY LIKE the cosmetics." 

- Thanks! We'll slowly add more. 

"New sound effects too, like throwing Thunderspear, or using Motor. That's really cool!" 

- Thanks! Sound effects took a lot of work, but they really bring life to the game right? 

"Is it just me, or is there some sort of change to the art? I'm not sure, but if it is there I like it." 

- We cleaned up a lot of stuff, so it's probably subtly better. 

"Test Zone is a great addition." 

- Could  probably also use some adjustments, but yeah I think it helps :) 

Anyways thanks for the feedback! The next update won't be coming for a while tbh (probably like 2 months), but when it does you'll see a lot of these changes in the game :) 

- Dan

Thanks for enjoying the game! I can't really give an ETA on the next update right now in all honesty. We're aiming to have one in a month or so probably, but it could be a bit longer than that depending what our scope is.

Hey, sorry about that! There are some overlapped recipes, I'm trying to fix them as they come up. You should be able to do crucible with stone + clay though

Ah, actually on second look, it seems like there was an issue with Itch's servers yesterday that cause this bug. Sorry about that! If it persists, let me know and I'll contact Itch staff.

Huh... Which browser are you using? I'll look into this, thanks for bringing it to my attention.

If nothing else, I haven't received any other issues about playing the game in Chrome. It's possible that older browsers like Internet Explorer, are unsupported by the current Unity version :( I'm planning to make a Windows build for the game which should hopefully circumvent these issues.

Yep, that fix will be coming in the next update for sure :)

Sorry, I don't think I can help with that chrome issue :( I'll look into making a windows/mac build for the next update, hopefully that'll make the play experience nicer for desktop users. The game is targeted at Android/iOS though, so the play experience is definitely optimized for those platforms :)

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Heya, actually all these recipes aren't bugged. The recipes use a "trait" system, where every item in the game has traits. For example, Water is water, but it has the trait "plant food" since it can be used to make plants grow. Similarly, ice has the "water" element trait. Since there isn't an ice flower, water lily can be made with flower + ice since it would use the flower and the [water] trait from ice. The same thing happens with Wire + Spear to make thunder spear ([electricity] comes from wire). 

As for the item getting stuck issue, I'm making it so the items will slowly magnetize to you when you're nearby in the next update. Sorry for the trouble with that. 

And lastly, the hint system is definitely a bit lacking. I'll try to make it function better in the next update. 

Sorry for the misunderstandings! 

Hi, sorry about the trouble! A recipe for whetstone that should work is sand + iron. 

Thank you!! That's so nice of you to say :)

Hey, thank you for the kind words! 

Actually we've been thinking about localization for a bit now and we're definitely interested. Come on over to our discord or shoot me an email at and we can talk more about it :) 

Okay, I found the bug and fixed it. As long as you do at least one craft before "saving and exiting", you shouldn't have a problem. I'm away from my main computer atm so I'll put the fix out this weekend.

Ah, thanks for the find. I'll look into it.

alright, I should've fixed the bug now. Lemme know if the issue persists :)

Okay, I think I fixed the issue! Let me know if you still have the problem :)

Heyo, just fixed the issue. Sorry about that! 

Awesome, thanks for posting this. I think I know what the issue is - I'm assuming you didn't play Artificer before the recent update (or you had new save data)? I think I messed up save data for new players.

I'll fix this asap and get the fix out by tomorrow if possible.