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For 2) You can use custom items in multiweapons and weapon affects :)

But yeah, we're not actively working on the game right now. Thanks for your encouragement though!!

I actually think you can do most if not all of the things I did with weapons with the item maker :) I can give you some idea of how I'd do it:

3. I actually used a slash-type weapon with a duration for the railgun. You can adjust the arc length + "duration" to achieve this affect. Then you use weapon effects to spawn projectiles out the end.

4. You can make a magic wand-type effect by using a multiweapon, and using multiple different items that each have their own weapon effects. Set the order to "randomized", and it'll cause a different effect each time.

On it!

I need to update some stuff and re-upload the google play version. Sorry about that! Thanks for the heads up.

Ooh very nice. I think you're missing Broad Sword! It's sword, with a lot more steel

Woah, careful where you point that thing

You can through codes :) would be nice if I could set up something within the game but I didn't want to deal with moderation

Oh please tell me this is the solution 🙏

maybe YOU should add a gun!

We're working on a new update at the moment and I'm hoping the new build with new versions of Unity, FMOD (our sound engine), and a few other things will resolve some errors people are having.

For what it's worth, you can download this game on your phone for Android or iOS!

Fastest I've seen I think is 0:58. That's super fast though!

Hi there, we love the enthusiasm but we can't have any one person posting so much. If you're 13+ and would like to join our Discord, you're welcome to join and chat there :) 

We are not looking for anyone to join our team, but it looks like you have some cool work. Keep it up! 

My nieces watched you play and they thought you were so hilarious and silly! Thanks for playing our game, I think we'll need to add some more responses and scenarios :)

Usually means you need to update your browser or try a different one. Webgl has some pretty weak compatibility.

We're working on some stuff!

Haha like a tower defense version?

In terms of strength, I think there are a lot of great options. My favourites just all around are Cactus, Motor, and Terrarium.

Wow, Kraft must be looking rugged after such an adventure. 

The game is free to download on the iOS and Android app stores, but ye I mean it's basically our only source of revenue to offer the downloadable versions for $2.


Sorry, Safari is one of the worst browsers for support of WebGL games like Kraft n Slash :( Your best bet is to use google chrome, or play on your phone, or you can access the desktop (Mac, PC, Linux) versions for $2 USD. 

Sorry again!

Thank you :) glad you like it

Windows/Mac/Linux downloads are available for $2! The game is also available for free on iOS and Android.

What's that? Later?

We're gonna do a maintenance update this weekend. Sorry you couldn't play!

This is an issue with build compression on Unity for webgl! We're going to release a build in the next few days that should fix the simple issues like these. Sorry about that!

Okay, thanks for letting me know. I'll look into it, hopefully we can easily fix these issues so everyone can play :D

The game doesn't work on phone browsers if you're using your phone. If not, could you tell me what device you're using?

Why's that?

Really felt the heart in this. Great use of the theme relating it to gaslighting and not knowing how "real" what's being said to you is. Well done.

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A lot of promise with this. Love what you have so far!

Really fits the jam theme, love the idea of being a bird master control room guy. I don't know about y'all but I'm convinced that birds aren't real.

Very comfy and fun game. Great idea to consolidate a bunch of different fishing minigames into an idle game. There's definitely something here! 

Thanks for the heads up, shame we couldn't get that fixed in time :<

Haha, really glad to hear you liked it! The process of scanning 3D models is called photogrammetry, our artist Kotocca had a lot of fun making the cardboard dioramas and scanning them in!

Eyyyyy!! Thanks for playing and happy to hear that : D
Haha the aesthetic and transition were 80% a time crunch thing but with juuust enough effort to look intentional

Thank you!! And yep, that’s totally a bug we missed. Thanks for letting us know! We might fix that in a post jam version

Thank you! Yeah, totally missed it until after the deadline passed :' ( Gonna have to fix that later. The blue full screen button should also make the button visible


Nice! I like how simple but hard it is and the minimal but thought out UX