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Windows/Mac/Linux downloads are available for $2! The game is also available for free on iOS and Android.

What's that? Later?

We're gonna do a maintenance update this weekend. Sorry you couldn't play!

This is an issue with build compression on Unity for webgl! We're going to release a build in the next few days that should fix the simple issues like these. Sorry about that!

Okay, thanks for letting me know. I'll look into it, hopefully we can easily fix these issues so everyone can play :D

The game doesn't work on phone browsers if you're using your phone. If not, could you tell me what device you're using?

Why's that?

Really felt the heart in this. Great use of the theme relating it to gaslighting and not knowing how "real" what's being said to you is. Well done.

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A lot of promise with this. Love what you have so far!

Really fits the jam theme, love the idea of being a bird master control room guy. I don't know about y'all but I'm convinced that birds aren't real.

Very comfy and fun game. Great idea to consolidate a bunch of different fishing minigames into an idle game. There's definitely something here! 

Thanks for the heads up, shame we couldn't get that fixed in time :<

Haha, really glad to hear you liked it! The process of scanning 3D models is called photogrammetry, our artist Kotocca had a lot of fun making the cardboard dioramas and scanning them in!

Eyyyyy!! Thanks for playing and happy to hear that : D
Haha the aesthetic and transition were 80% a time crunch thing but with juuust enough effort to look intentional

Thank you!! And yep, that’s totally a bug we missed. Thanks for letting us know! We might fix that in a post jam version

Thank you! Yeah, totally missed it until after the deadline passed :' ( Gonna have to fix that later. The blue full screen button should also make the button visible


Nice! I like how simple but hard it is and the minimal but thought out UX

Like the original take on the theme and very concise game design! Wonder what a counterfeit painting game in the same vein would look like : p

Not bad

Thank you! That's great that you're enjoying the custom items. The people on our Discord come up with the most awesome stuff :D

Glad updating your system worked! 

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I made it meself!

- Dan

Can anyone else confirm if this works? 

Could I get some more info?

- What device are you using (laptop, Chromebook, etc) 

- What browser are you using

- Is your browser updated to the most recent version?

Android is free, you can download on Google play! 

Haha, the original game jam theme was "Out of Control" so time pressure was an element we wanted to have! I'd definitely add an unlimited time option if we work on it some more.

Thanks so much for playing! Loved your video :D

Hey Thuleanx, just curious if you ever found a solution to that FMOD_JS_MixFunction error. Some players of my game have had the same crash (in our WebGL build). Thanks in advance <3

We had to cut the tutorial and a revamp of the minigame objective UI because of time unfortunately, but that's definitely a frustration we've heard from other users. That's a good idea, having the objects more explicitly related to chaos!

Thanks! We totally see what you mean about the sphere minigame feeling disconnected. Reconciling that mechanic with the narrative was probably the biggest obstacle in the project.

Very cute game! Really liked the special effects and destructible assets.

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Hi there, please post any Custom Items as a link through Pastebin or share it in our Discord! I'll be deleting this message in 24 hours to avoid walls of symbols in our comments section.

Okay, sorry for the delays! Linux version is available now. Let me know if you have any troubles.

Hey there, just FYI the Linux build had some problems that I'm debugging. I'll have the build up ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you so much for your support <3

Okay sorry about that! I forgot to upload the Mac and Linux builds. I'll get that uploaded in a few hours after I get back from work. Sorry for the troubles.

Oh really, is that so? Let me check that out for you later today. Sorry about that! 

Dear Hisc0re,

Thank you for your report. I will look into this and find out what's going on. One possibility I see is that the projectile coming out is colliding with the melee weapon on spawn, so you might have to increase the "initial spawn distance" on the weapon effect.

Kind regards,

Pure Jam Games

Good idea! We'll consider adding that as an option.

There might be a bug with this export, I have a few fixes coming that should fix this problem! Sorry for the troubles.