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Yeah, the whole not moving thing is still a design choice that we're on the fence about. I think the game would feel better if you were able to use 3-4 weapons per round, that way you have a variety of movement options, but we might eventually just go with straight up proper arrow key movement.

Sword is pretty tough to get to: You've gotta make a crucible, add charcoal to it to get a forge, use the forge with some iron to make steel, use steel + forge to make a sword.

Unfortunately Kraft&Slash has been on the back-burner for us cause I've been swamped with school and Artificer, and I'm pretty much the only dev. With the bugs and missing features, it'd still take a pretty big amount of work to shape up this game. Once my other dev (Mark) comes back in January from his work term in LA, we might get back to work on this game.

Hope you stick with us, and have a nice day!

- Dpodz

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Oh shoot, I think that one might actually be impossible... I forgot to re-add electricity to the starting elements in the last update so you can make wire. We have an update coming in a couple days, so I'll fix it up and it'll be good then. Sorry about that! 

- dpodz

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Yeah, that one's really difficult. Here's the answer for anyone who's stuck!


water + stone = sand

sand + water = clay

fire + stone = iron

iron + wood = axe

axe + wood = stick

stick + iron = hammer

hammer + stone = gravel

gravel + clay = crucible

wood + fire = charcoal

charcoal + crucible = forge

forge + iron = steel

steel + forge = sword 

^and that's the final product


We're planning on changing the puzzle in coming story updates!


Hey there! Glad you're enjoying the game, your support truly means a lot. 

For next version, I'm planning to add the Compendium lookup feature so you can look up recipes for items you've already discovered. Also I want to add saving between updates on the browser version, if you're playing in browser. Hopefully that'll make getting to those items easier :) 

- Dpodz

Hi Iamiadomina,

We're still supporting this game! We took a one month hiatus to focus on some life stuff, but we're back to working on the game. We've also brought on an additional writer, so we should have lots of new story content coming out (the current story is being significantly changed). 

Seeing previous recipes is an intended feature, it's slightly lower on the priority list right now but it'll definitely be in the full game.

Thanks for your interest!

- Dpodz

As the artist, I also had a bit of trouble >> with this one. Chef wants a sort of [spoiler]. Some will fit his idea of "al dente" better and earn you more stars.


Hey again Sara, fire spear should be working! We haven't finished making a lot of the items work yet though, so some items like thunder spear aren't usable for now.

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Hey! You can actually use elements as weapons as well. There are definitely tons of quality of life fixes that need to be implemented though, so thanks for your feedback :)

Hey all! We've decided to remove the Kraft & Slash from the GMTK Jam since we felt it didn't fit the creative spirit of the jam or its theme. A good portion of the game design was from our main game, Artificer, and that didn't seem fair to all the entries that were built from the ground up.

We're glad we participated and, to all you GMTK devs, keep making awesome games!

Great level design, cute graphics, nice music and sfx! This one is really good. Great job!

absolutely hilarious. Seeing how the character moved while driving was great, you could make a ton of awesome mechanics through that idea, like if the wheel is on fire and you can only tap to change directions every few seconds. Great story too!

Great game! Looks like you're aiming to put it on mobile, it'd be a sweet little flow state game if you get some more nice music tracks, more level chunks, and maybe a few more mechanics to add some progression. Well done!

Great work! Very fun game, very funny and satisfying SFX

Really sweet game! Unfortunately ctrl + w is the hotkey to close a tab in Chrome... so I ended up accidentally quitting a couple times.

Hello! I think you have to select "This file is playable in browser" on the (presumably) webGL zip file to let people play in browser. Looking forward to trying it!

Hi lazyskull! Your feedback is all appreciated. This is the very first version of the game, and we only had 20 hours to get this one out the door so there's lots of missing content. Our intention is that everything can be used as a weapon, you'll be able to take 3 or 4 weapons into each fight, and you'll be able to control volume (of course).

You can follow us on twitter, but we don't currently have a discord. 

Hi John! There are definitely a few bugs in this version, we only had about 20 hours to make the game. Also we didn't finish as much content as we wanted to, since my other programmer and I were finishing the core game until about 2 hours before the deadline of the GMTK game jam. Our intention is that every item is a weapon, so we'll be making more types of weapons and more interesting effects in the future :)


The glow and VFX you have going on are great! I love how the colors and sound design work together, very virusy. Reminds me a bit of Nier Automata's hacking minigame, actually.  I think slowly increasing the speed or having varying enemy behaviors could help break the monotony that happens when the player gets the hang of the game.

Really solid and concise execution.  The art has a lot of character, though the pixel font is just a little hard to read on pixel art. I'd love to see what other items might be added if you continue working on this game!

I really like the concept and the music, though it's a bit hard to figure out the instructions.  Would it be possible to add it to the description box?

Loved how easy it was to pick up and the physics! It's very QWOP feeling. It might help to add more momentum but otherwise pretty fun!

Thank you!! Cute plants are my jive. We'll also be updating and ironing bugs out when we're not dead from crunch : )

I'm sorry to hear that! For the inventory arrows you can try dragging up and down wherever the menu's empty (that may be hard to do on mobile). Alternatively, if you're on PC, you can use the mouse scroll wheel.

We'll be looking into getting recordings and screenshots ASAP to help anyone else with bugs!

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Oh no :( I'll try to see what happened.

- Daniel

Looks incredible! Definitely looking forward to playing this one :)

Hi again, Daniel here. Just wanted to update you on what we're thinking for cross-platform saving - unfortunately it's a whole can of worms to get into cross-platform saving (and signing into an account through facebook/google/etc), so that's something I'm going to have to push off 'til later. At the moment I'd like to focus on the core game with the time I have. On the plus side, I worked with saving cross-platform on the last project I did, so I know that once I get to it it's basically a solid 5-10 hours of work to get everything up and running! You can expect it around 1-2 months from now, and hopefully we've also moved to the app stores then as well :)

Hey Sara! That's a good idea. I'll look into it soon, getting browser saving in some capacity is in the works for this week. 

Are you losing progress between updates on mobile? That's definitely a problem if that's happening. 

Hi again! That definitely means something about the last level is broken. We'll get that fixed asap :)

Hi again Sara, I'm heading up to my family cottage for Canada Day right now and I'm having some issues building the game for Android from my laptop. I'll keep working on it later today and hopefully I can figure out the issue soon. Sorry to keep you waiting! 

Hey Sara, I'm so sorry! It looks like there's only one combination that lets you make clay (and therefore clay pots, and then flowers), and you need water for it... and there's no water for that level 3a. I'm gonna fix this and put out an update right away. So sorry we didn't playtest enough to catch this.

We'll work on making some more intuitive combinations to get to flowers in different ways, and we'll definitely be adding more hints early on to make the learning curve a lot smoother.

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Hey kakedynasty, I'm not sure if this is an oversight on our part but you might be able to use air to help your plants grow (we're actually probably gonna take this combination out in the next cause it's a little unintuitive, but we'll be adding in many more alternatives). Other than that, think of how you might break down those base elements into soil to grow your plants in :) 

If you downloaded the app before last night, you can download the latest version and update, and it'll keep all your progress!

Hey avis! Really happy you enjoyed our game so much, it means a lot to have your support. Unfortunately I put on a few too many hats (so to speak) during the jam and didn't have time to finish all the music and sfx I wanted in the game. Once a lot of the coding tasks are more fully realized, me and AsYouWere are gonna work on filling out the sound design side of the game. 

Definitely gonna check out your game and give it a rating, it's at the top of my to play list for this jam right now :)