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Thanks. It was nice to play something like Wario Land now that Nintendo doesn't make them anymore.

PD: I really don't know what the hooded man is saying, but I WILL KNOW...


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It reminds me a lot of Wario Land 2, but more metroidvania. I would love to see the complete game.

PD: The hooded man really has solid arguments.

Simple in every way.

Simple in every way.

I just search for weirdcore in itch io

Wow, I saw the thumbnail and I thought it was 3D. Then I saw that it was pixel art and I was amazed!

It's like "the little prince" in the style of a beautiful round world in which the days pass so quickly...

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It's like the blue shell from new super mario bros DS.

That's why I love it.

And very professional and polished.


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I like your comment!        :D

Yes, there really isn't much variety of levels or music, I wanted to make a fun little game, but I think it would have been good for something more content like your game.

Did someone even notice the flickering wall?

Nice idea    :)

Two classic time mechanics combined with good difficulty management, create a classic and refreshing game.

I didn't expect such literal handling of time.      :0

I think this will be the most original game I have played this month.

At first, you can use wall jump on the left wall and fall off an endless cliff.

great mechanics u got there

i love it  :p

i love it :D

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This game is the best I have played this week, the system reminds me of Downwell, but the character movements are the best. The game misses that a bit, but  it's funny only move the character.

Welp, thanks :)

Thanks, but I doubt it. Still, we have both struggled.

Wow, great work

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I have to say that everything related to collisions is not very good, but I see that you put a lot of effort with the pixel art (except the holes) and it's great considering that you have done it in just a week.

PD: I also posted it 5 minutes before it was over and I have had bugs in my game as well.

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I don't understand why, but it reminds me of the fake games that appeared in the simpsons

PD: After all, a great beat em up to spend the time :)

PPD:How did you do the pixel art?

YOU CAN'T make a pay game with only four levels in a jam

Hi, I'm just here to remind you to DO NOT rate the game and DO NOT give it more than 3 stars.

Reverse psychology manifesting.


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Hay más de los que crees

Algunos solo fingen ser estadounidenses

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Tu juego me ha gustado, porque le da un interesante giro al tetris (literal).


PPD: A mí no me copieypegues el mismo comentario como a los de abajo ; )

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and down in fishing  minigame

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Tim Burton's the nightmare before the jam

in menu press <-

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press <-

Its... interesting?

I didn't create any level, but I builded a house :D

I didn't get so far, but it was fine to see Claire again and its fine the fly controls. This is the best adaptation of A Short Hike I've never seen.

ahhh that reminds me of my first console, it was pirate.