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high quality art and sound, hats off. If the pause after she lands would be a tad shorter I would enjoy the controls more, otherwise it feels to heavy.  Combat feels good and balanced, I like the combos and the airtime.

I skipped most of the intro, way to long for my attention span.

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I like the concept, reminded me of lost vikings.

I liked the human animation, i.e looking up; the spider legs, sometimes she holds up one leg, love these details. 

Sometimes there's french text all of sudden. 

I played until the cave level and think that's the last one.

When Chloe the spider holds the spring and drops it, it just falls straight down, I think it would be better if it would fall a little to the side, which would be helpful in the level with the books in the background.  

I kept thinking how something gruesome is lurking around the corner, but there was no such surprise, then I was thinking if the dev is a child himself, just some thoughts I had while playing it :)

Cute graphics and funny dialogue, keep it up!

thanks for your feedback, that's the main problem I hear people have and I will be implementing tool tips and explanations of some sort in the comming version. 

thanks a lot for the feedback, that's next on my list to get some explanations in

so, not sure if that is intended, but my godot folder which stores gamedata for every godot game I play, blew up to almost 7 gig for this game. Can you try the linux version and check the godot folder? I haven't tried the new version you uploaded

The folder is in: 


I felt my brain shutting down playing zen bullfrog and I loved it

it's weirdly addicting. I noticed the levels are generated and some jumps feel like they're impossible. Very high difficulty. 

I clipped trough every wall and out of the screen using the shuriken, is that suppose to be this way? Graphics are very nice and sfx too

I dig the music. The LSD induced art style is fine in general, but the levels look too empty. 

couldn't get the nerd version started

The pigs will give me nightmares, those fucking eyes. The music has a good loop. I like the artstyle, reminded me of magic carpet on dos. Keep it up

controls are hard af to learn, I wanted to rage quit until I realized that I can use both legs at the same time, doh...once I got it I always won against the AI. Really fun mechanic. 

it's really cool, it feels like a lot of effort has been put into this. I get the feeling of the spaceship being huge. I like the small details like the small window/opening on the right in the beginning of the game which I can shoot trough for no reason. I like the story aspect, though I felt like it's a little much text in the intro. I like that you get money from killing monsters, it gives an incentive to kill them. The laser and overall effects are cool and not too much in my face which is something I really appreciate. The sound is top notch.

One weird thing, when I get the double jump and die from the miniboss, I just keep the double jump, there's no penalty for not defeating him?

cool, would love to see more games like it

Thanks a lot for playing.

lol I just changed the book last minute and it shows now all the time, sorry about that.

I will add the explanations next when I get to it. 

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first time player. 

I changed the language to german, it just quit the game, would be better if it would restart instead of me running the game again.

the first text in german that appeared is wrong, it says: "so konnte ich", in english that would mean "so I could" (?), not sure how you translated this . The english  "to move", should be in german "zum bewegen".

Controls are hard in the beginning but climbing the learning curve and finishing the tutorial is satisfactory, learning how the combination of forward to turn, wheelis and inspecting is nicely done even more so while gaining speed, I got fun out of it.

I like the bear and it's goofy grin, I overall like the cartoony graphics 

I got stuck in the ground once.

Overall, I liked it

Thank you so much for testing !!!!

started the game, headphones flew trough the room, so yes, it is pretty hellish. Is this meant to be multiplayer deathmatch ?
I like the art

nice looks, snappy controls

if the camera followed more smoothly would make it much better imo

I love the style and music, I got some lewd words even haha. Will it come out for mobile too? I think it would fit well

Hey thanks for trying,

you hold the left mouse button while you move your mouse into a direction.
Even though this runs in a web-browser, it doesn't support mobile browsers, if you happen to try it on mobile.