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Love this story so much, Blane and Arion are my babies and nobody can tell me otherwise. I'm excited about the poly option for them! Just seeing MC in a poly with those two is going to be interesting, I can just imagine those two fighting over MC's attention.

OMG, I'M SO EXCITED! I've waited a year, since I finished Season 2, for this!

Most of the games like this, here on, are created with Twine.

Ahhh, my heart, it hurts! I was so wanting to go down the path of Aeran as my main romance, guess I'll go down the Veyer or Melchior path or one of the characters we don't know yet if they interest me more than those two. But I'm still sad about Aeran.

Wait, what?! But Aeran has a romance bar in his profile. Where did you read this? If this is true, this hurts me on so many levels, but also makes me not feel slightly guilty that I spent time with Veyer.

I've gone through all of the areas of Babili, for a handful of days in-game and still haven't met Winston. I need to know, is he a random encounter in a certain place in Babili or is it truely random?

This game is just beautiful and amazing! Since I've started playing I always check back to see if a new update has come out. Also, it's so cool that the development day anniversary of Sileo is the same day as my birthday! Great work and ready to see more of Tai's route and excited for Lucas's route and Dom and Axel's route!

When this post appeared saying you love to see fan games, inspiration immediately struck! I have some ideas that I can hopefully make into a Twine game (even though I'm a complete novice when it comes to it).

Oof did this story, so far, hit the feels hard. Just everything feeling very close to how things had felt in the past (for me). The feelings, the thoughts, the being there but not really, you nailed it on the head. And that cliffhanger, ahh! Bravo, I can't wait for more and see how we, as the PC, are going to get out of this mess.

Great story so far! Just some suggestions, with the pronouns, make sure they aren't capitalized in the middle of the sentence. Also, make sure you are using the right pronoun, for example, instead of "him apple" it should be "his apple". But again it's a great story so far, looking forward to more!

Just a little thing. You might want to change the background color or text color in light mode since it's really hard to read.

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I know what you mean about some characters just aren't as appealing as some of the others in some VNs. But since I'm a completionist I find I end up going back to the less appealing characters, playing their routes, and end up loving them anyway. For example, in Extracurricular Activities by Dyne Wulf, I loved Spencer and Darius at first glance (still love them), but when I went back to play Harold, Dozer, and Chester's routes, I fell in love with all of them, especially Harold. Also haven't I seen you in The Delta Academy's comment section before?

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As of now, Pierre and Roderick's routes haven't been written yet, so you're not missing anything.  But, if it's and correlation, Roderick or Pierre will be the next update as we already have the start of Gran, Dave, and Norman's routes. 😊


The saves are working a-okay now!


Don't know if this has been brought to attention yet, but with the latest public release, whenever I try saving anywhere in Chapter 2, the game errors out.

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It's kinda interesting how we are all supposed to be adults here (since the game is 18+) and people are fighting like children. All I have to say is keep up the good work Kael because your VN (and any VN for that matter) doesn't need to be up to snuff with a literal published book. As long as it's readable (and not so grammatically incorrect to the point it takes away from the story), I'll play it and most of the time I enjoy it. Far Beyond the World is one of my most favorite VNs, so I look forward to the next update!

For everyone who doesn't know, I think the next update is taking a while to come out because GigaSaddle has been working on the backgrounds for the next update of the game Minotaur Hotel by Minoh Workshop & Nanoff as well as their own. I don't know if that is the reason it's taking a while, but that is my best assumption. (And Giga can correct my assumption this if I am wrong.)

Don't worry, your savefiles are kept when you delete the old update and open the new one.

Thank you for the friend-zone path with Ned! I like him as a character, but don't want to date him. After going through all the available content and replaying what is already out multiple times, I was getting tired of Ned being a brat just because I flirted with someone who wasn't him.

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How many times do you have to refuse Rune to unlock the alternate version of his Mana Research idea at noon? Unless the alternate version is the human dong version, then I just have an error with my To-Do list.

This story is amazing! I love how well it flows so far and how fleshed out this world is. Also, Jymsar is best boy, he may be a little rough around the edges, but I have a feeling he's going to come around to magic eventually. Excited for the next update to see if the gang gets a dagger or has to go to Tinderhall (I think that's how you spell it, sorry if it's not) to get one.