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Marked by complete magical immunity, Wayfarers wander the world, fighting magic. Where will your fate lead you? · By Idrelle Games

Official Episode 2 Discussion [SPOILERS]

A topic by Idrelle Games created 95 days ago Views: 1,575 Replies: 26
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Discussion thread for Episode 2. Spoilers for ALL routes are fair game, so read at your own risk!


I'm really curious to learn what Aeran and Varyn saw at the spire. Could it be connected to why Aeran is not included in the main romance? TuT


Aeran angst was not something I knew I needed in my life. It hurts. It hurts so good. ToT


I love Aeran's character so much he makes me  so conflicted and unsure how to treat him. That argument at the end of the episode is top tier angst, i love it so much. Also, i was so ready to let my MC spend the night with Veyer but i replayer with a totally different character and found out he was against letting wayfarers in the city and now i am absolutely holding a grudge.


May I ask where and when exactly you can find Vayer?

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you can find them when you're walking around after the fight with aeran, they're one of the people you can choose to talk to and they're on the eastern gallery if i'm not mistaken

thank you <3


After the fight with Aeran, you can choose to talk to Veyer, Mel or Phaedra. But i believe you can only do that if you are not drunk and you can only meet Veyer specifically if you have impressed them during the meeting with Lethalis. Hope this helps! 


ah thank you sm! I met only Phaedra and Mel only in my previous gameplay.


watch my mc stay in velantis solely bc of melchior!!! im obsessed with him


I'm devastated to find out that Aeran's not a LI :sob: I only read that recently even though MC and him are SouL MaTEs

Wait, what?! But Aeran has a romance bar in his profile. Where did you read this? If this is true, this hurts me on so many levels, but also makes me not feel slightly guilty that I spent time with Veyer.


The author has a list of romancable characters on their tumblr page and Aeran is not on it. The reason is spoiler, apparently :)


Ahhh, my heart, it hurts! I was so wanting to go down the path of Aeran as my main romance, guess I'll go down the Veyer or Melchior path or one of the characters we don't know yet if they interest me more than those two. But I'm still sad about Aeran.


I'm so confused! my MC slept with him at the end of the last episode and now he's not a LI?  'cry' 

Not all companion characters are LI but there are characters that are not part of the main gang yet can be romanced. There also will be characters with whom you can just flirt with or have one night stands with, without them being really LIs.  So yeah, just because you can sleep with someone, they might not be romancable. 


aeran is such a well rounded character and the angst was something I didn't know id enjoy 


Can't get over yeeeet! I need moooOOooReee

actually heartbroken that aeran isn't a love interest. :sob: im a sucker for childhood friends turned lovers.. melchior please heal my shattered soul!!


this game is so bad for my heart. I swear Aeran is going to end up killing me with angs

ahhhhhasjskfbjsjfs arean angst that i wasnt ready for. almost kissed someone else:( dont worry i would never cheat on arean.

So is there a reconciliation path for Aeran near the end of this? If so, how do you get it? I literally have tried everything and Aeran always tells me to leave.

you have to have high friendship or high romance with him. i think over 60?


You have to have either:

  • Romance reconciliation: +60 approval and +60 romance.
  • Friendship reconciliation: +60 approval and 0 romance. 

If you have +60 approval and a few romance points, you will not be able to trigger either reconciliation scene. You also cannot have told Aeran about the letters (if you found and read them) and you cannot have killed Rhodarth in Episode 1.

Am I doing the romance options wrong? I only get like 15 romance points total by the end of episode 2 with Aeran.


Try failing your skill checks and getting knocked out during the boss fight. ;)


Would be nice to have "Hates forced pacts and tries to break every one of them" in Principles and Beliefs. Or "Never breaks a promise even if it is coerced" :)

By the way, Phaedra is my love at first sight. Don't know why, she is probably only an episodic character and MC has no future with her, but still.  At least I flirted with her :)