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As of now, Pierre and Roderick's routes haven't been written yet, so you're not missing anything.  But, if it's and correlation, Roderick or Pierre will be the next update as we already have the start of Gran, Dave, and Norman's routes. 😊


I see, thanks !

I already caught up with Dave and Norman's routes, they're so sweet ♥

I'll just have to finish Gran's route and I'll be okay for now ! (this is the first game I've played where every character/route seems as interesting as the others (slight preference for Norman of course), generally when I play a VN, there's always a character that doesn't seem really interesting (either physically or romantically), but here the 5 characters are almost equally loveable)

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I know what you mean about some characters just aren't as appealing as some of the others in some VNs. But since I'm a completionist I find I end up going back to the less appealing characters, playing their routes, and end up loving them anyway. For example, in Extracurricular Activities by Dyne Wulf, I loved Spencer and Darius at first glance (still love them), but when I went back to play Harold, Dozer, and Chester's routes, I fell in love with all of them, especially Harold. Also haven't I seen you in The Delta Academy's comment section before?

Same actually, I'm a bit of a completionist too so I always do all the routes when it's possible

(it happened to me with Morenatsu for example, Shin doesn't look really interesting when you're in the middle of someone else's route, but when you're doing Shin's route you realize he's a really sweet character, I guess it just takes time and some chat to appreciate a character !)

Thanks for reminding me to finish Extracurricular Activities btw, I still haven't done any routes besides Harold's because it would still feel like cheating on him lel, guess I grew too fond of him (still gonna do the other routes tho)

And yeah I finished the Delta Academy a few days ago and posted a comment there, so it was probably me !