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Seems like I can't download the game, it keeps getting blocked at 130/138MB no matter how many times I try (and I already tried a dozen of times)

Same opinion here, I feel you. This last update was a huge disappointment, to say the least. The whole scene in the barn turned my stomach upside down, especially because of how Will is treated and how his character is portrayed. I felt betrayed. 

I was given an answer to my rambling below, but once again I was met with a disappointment. I know now that TSR will not have good endings, nor will end in a good way overall.

Such a great game turned out to be corrupted with random, unsollicited and disturbing sex scenes. Some were good, some other were terrible. The one in the latest update might be the worst one, as Will is also my favourite character.

Thankfully, there's still hope since we can choose another route (that has yet to be implanted), but yeah, same as you, it left a really bad taste in my mouth.

I kinda hope this decision leads to a bad direction/bad ending tbh, while refusing to have the scene leads to the good ending, or at least a neutral one

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That's obviously my personal opinion but I didn't like at all how the latest William's update turned out to be. I definitively DID not want to see him like this.

The whole scene with Kane was messed up. The way he used and humiliated William was borderline revolting. 

Plus, the whole scene really doesn't fit William's character at all. He's a closeted gay man who only had sex with another man (Sam) once, and now there he is in the middle of a foursome, getting...abused by a random stranger. Ngl, I felt like NTR'ed during the whole scene, and I hated it.

I know there a thing called character development, and it'd be nice to see William opening up and accepting himself. But I see him as a dedicated and faithful man, so the only option here on the table is Sam and noone else. That's why I felt uneasy during the whole scene. The whole way William's character was treated felt completely out of line. 

Even with his inner desire of emancipation, he's still a man of honour who has principles. If he has lustful desires (which he does), just let him fulfill them with the man he loves, aka Sam. 

Thankfully, the game gives you the option to refuse the whole scene, but that leads to a "To be continued..." screen for now. I know now that I'll defitively choose this choice of route over the other (will still finish them both as a completionist). But if William's bad route (that's what I call the route with the Kane scene) adds even more of this kind of content, I think I'll just drop it, because I defitively don't want to see my favourite character sullied even more than he already has been.

Heck, I think I like the game way less now because of that scene. It used to be one of my favourite, but now I'm getting mixed feelings towards it.

So yeah, tl;dr : great update completely ruined by a disturbing scene.

Seems like I can't buy supplies as well, the 'Confirm buy' button doesn't work

I think I'll just create a new save and name the MC Peach at this point, how the hell does he keep getting kidnapped all the time

That's good to know, thanks for the answer ! :)

Ça a l'air creepy en tout cas, dommage que ça ne sorte pas pour Halloween vu qu'on est en plein spooktober owo

Didn't even know this was an option lol, thanks for letting me know

Dave's corruption is actually at 4, while Ray's love is at 9

I guess you get more spicy scene the more corruption you have ? I did notice some choices lead to a gain in corruption but always thought it was a bad thing so I tend to avoid these

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I finished the public update and the latest Ray's route but didn't stumble upon the CG showcased up there on this page

Did I miss something ?

I'm not really sure how to feel about this prequel, mostly because I really like Devon's character in Dawn Chorus. I already knew he had some kind of special connection with Rune, but I wasn't expecting THAT kind of connection. I wonder how it'll impact Devon's route in Dawn Chorus (especially because I tend to rely heavily on romantic endings, that's why I hoped for a happy romantic ending between Arvo and Devon in DC. But now I don't know if that'll happen or not and if it does, how much drama with Rune it will create because of he and Devon's pasts)

But I'm still glad I played this game, it gave Rune and especially Devon's characters much more depth, which is always welcome !

You weren't kidding when you said it was a spoopy chapter, felt like I was playing Alien Isolation for a moment with the whole radar thingy ;_;

I'm eager to see what the MC stumbled upon owo

I''ve just finished the latest build and I must say I wasn't expecting things to go that way (well, I was kinda hoping to of course)

The story's really bittersweet (in a good way) because of how Mikey views himself and how closeted he is. I can't say I can relate because I was lucky enough to grow up in a really gay friendly environment and live in a country where it's well accepted (never questioned myself about that either, I just am who I am) so Mikey's story hurts a little I must admit, in all honesty I just want him to get out of the closet asaf and get together with Cory (and I sure hope I will get to see that in the future builds of the game !)

It saddens me to see there are still plenty of people who don't/can't accept their sexuality because of external pressure of the way the others might judge them, and I think this game portrays this suffering really well

Keep up with the good work, I'm looking forward to the next update ! 

(also Rachel and Olivia are best girls, even though I anticipate the moment Rachel's gonna learn the truth about Mikey and gonna get hurt in the process, but "unfortunately" you can't decide who you fall in love with or not)

Une véritable belle découverte ce VN !

Déjà parce qu'il est en français (ce qui est extrêmement rare pour ne pas dire quasiment unique dans le genre des FVN), et ensuite bien évidemment pour sa qualité d'écriture, tant au niveau de l'histoire, du worldbuilding et des personnages !

L'attitude du MC tranche franchement avec ce qu'on a l'habitude de voir et c'est un vrai vent de fraîcheur, toute cette assurance et ce côté assuré ! 

J'aime beaucoup la façon dont sont construites les différentes routes, en espérant une happy end pour chacune d'entre elle (en particulier Maelbjorn qui est mon favori, mais ça c'est mon faible pour les ours qui parle eheh)

J'ai maintenant hâte de voir ce que la prochaine mise à jour nous réserve ! Un grand bravo au créateur en tout cas :)

(ps : must protect Akhet)

The need to boop that snoot is strong.

Wooo, an update for my favourite FVN character ! Couldn't be happier to see more William

Really liked the Devon update, he's my favourite character in the game

I really hope we'll have a happy ending for him and the MC. The whole teacher/student relationship is complicated of course, but I'd hate to see their dynamics fall apart because of that 

(so yeah, I'm really hoping Arvo is gonna end up with Devon at the end)

Him being scared and soft despite being so buff makes him even more adorable imo

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Being muscular doesn't mean you're indestructible and have no fears (or even feeling insecure)

He's not a scaredy cat either tho, he's just afraid of supernatural stuff like many people are

Muscles won't protect you from ghosts (don't say that to Patrice btw)

Damn he looks good

I was praising how Blake's upgrade looked nice, but this one is impressive as well

100/10 would pat and hug

Can't wait to see the others !

(Murdoch route)

"And please somebody cast the first stone if I'm lying about any of this"

*gets hit by a stone*

I'm sorry but that has to be the most hilarious cliffhanger I've seen in a FVN, I really didn't expect to laugh that hard in TSR

As both a MH and FVN fan, this game met my expectations ! 

The whole story is pretty wholesome so far and I love all the characters (too bad I couldn't hang out with Joseph on day 4)

I look forward to the next update :)

Worked for me, you have my thanks !

Ngl I liked the old sprites but damn the new one looks good (props to you for teasing us with Blake, he's my favourite character in the game !)

The focus on the apron makes me want to play the update real bad now

Y'know, just for scientific purposes.

Despite him being a bit unstable, I really like Ken, I just want to hug him

(ngl I was waiting for his route, I might have a thing for black panthers (not THOSE guys), looking at you Devon, Eldon and Elliot)

Yay, enfin la suite !

Hâte de voir ce que ça va donner, les débuts étaient prometteurs

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Man, this game really is something

It's one of the rare cases when the drama doesn't feel forced or exaggerated

Having nice characters also helps a lot.

I mean, there is the bestest boy Aaron and I really love Cyrus, he's so well-written and it's enjoyable to see how his reactions feel natural and make sense

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Aaaand thank you, I know where I missed something

Seems like I...completely left out a character since I have no freakin idea who Ste is nor what the Country Road story is

edit : okay nevermind, done a bit of digging and it seems like I have to visit the succubus again, yay

A guide like this is definitively going to be helpful, thanks a lot

Seems like I didn't get the "Last day at the worksite" part yet, when/how does that happen ?
For the Bareshade expansion quest, I chose the Fair -> Watchmen -> Houses order,

I see, I definitively have Top Logan since I discouraged him to confront the bandits
I chose Logan during the werewolf event so I'm good on that point (and it looks like I've found my answer in the other comment below !)

Dear lord, sometimes I really feel like I'm dumb while playing this game

I struggle so much to unlock some events that I end up doing the same (probably useless) things over and over again

I've pratically done everything I could by now and have maxed out my favourite characters (Bernard, Caleb, Roushk, Korg) but somehow I still can't get that second heart with Logan. 

I've done every event, I'm at day 159, Logan is currently at 71L 1H but I really don't know how to trigger this event.

Also, I've read multiple times that there is a Bottom Logan and a Top Logan. And...I never noticed that ? How do I know which Logan is mine ? When does his position is decided ? It's the last thing I have to do before I'm completely caught up, but I have to admit I'm hecking lost

Is there a way to know what is a persistent file and what isn't ?
I had a previous save 4 days before meeting the Nameless, right before choosing to trust the witch or not, but apparently it didn't work and I was still given the same option

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Okay so a quick question that might lead to a controversial answer from me : is there really no way to change my choice while facing Nameless ?

I picked the "finding the teacher" option but would honestly have preferred to keep everyone safe (I'm still lucky I hadn't chose anything else). Will it have a serious impact on some characters ?

I grew fond of all the characters I've encountered so far, so I would really hate it if something bad would happen to anyone.

If the game forces me in a deadlock like this, I'll simply drop it.

Wait, where can you get some of these gifts ?

I think I never came across the flower arrangement anywhere ?

I'm sure I'm missing something here but how do you get Everett to like you ? I can only met him at the outpost for now and can't speak with him unless it's about the war

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Okay so I think I have more or less caught up with the game, or at least most of the events up to date, but I still have a lot of things to do, and byso several questions (since it's actually pretty hard to find how to gain likes and love from the characters) :

- I must haven't paid much attention, so can anyone tell me how to get a traveler's set ? Is it something you can buy or craft ?

- Is there anything to do after being accepted by the orcs ? (other events are described as "work in progress" but there's no such thing with the orc war event)

- Is there a way to know which characters are romanceable and how to get likes/love for them ? There are so many options and I admit I'm kinda lost (something like a guide would be really helpful)

- where do I learn this goddamn restrain potion recipe ? I can't progress in the curse of lust event because of that

- is there a way to romance Hayden or am I just gonna keep flirting with him ? I managed to get to 71 likes with him and no heart

FYI, I'm currently at day 108 and I think I've explored everything I could and did most of the events, there's just the 3rd part of the bareshade's expansion left to do

I chose to romance Bernard, I currently have 4 hearts and 100 likes with him (and 2 hearts + 82 likes with Caleb)

He's the only "route" I've done so far, so I'm pretty interested to know what are the others available (especially Korg and Logan, already got 1 heart for each of them and 75 and 42 likes)

Okay so I'm catching up with the update but unfortunately my most recent saves are nowhere to be found so I had to redo all the routes again

But somehow I can't get that scene with Ray (and I can't seem to remember how I got it in the first place)
Could anyone tell me what choices I have to make in order to get that scene again ? I read a comment down below and followed its instructions but it got me nothing

Finally an update about my favourite character !

Devon is easily in my top 5 FVN characters ever, I really love how his character is written

Too bad the update is kinda short but at least we had some progression in our relationship with him (at this point I just want to hug him so bad)