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Wait, what?! But Aeran has a romance bar in his profile. Where did you read this? If this is true, this hurts me on so many levels, but also makes me not feel slightly guilty that I spent time with Veyer.


The author has a list of romancable characters on their tumblr page and Aeran is not on it. The reason is spoiler, apparently :)


Ahhh, my heart, it hurts! I was so wanting to go down the path of Aeran as my main romance, guess I'll go down the Veyer or Melchior path or one of the characters we don't know yet if they interest me more than those two. But I'm still sad about Aeran.


I'm so confused! my MC slept with him at the end of the last episode and now he's not a LI?  'cry' 

Not all companion characters are LI but there are characters that are not part of the main gang yet can be romanced. There also will be characters with whom you can just flirt with or have one night stands with, without them being really LIs.  So yeah, just because you can sleep with someone, they might not be romancable.