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you have to have high friendship or high romance with him. i think over 60?

Not all companion characters are LI but there are characters that are not part of the main gang yet can be romanced. There also will be characters with whom you can just flirt with or have one night stands with, without them being really LIs.  So yeah, just because you can sleep with someone, they might not be romancable. 

The author has a list of romancable characters on their tumblr page and Aeran is not on it. The reason is spoiler, apparently :)

After the fight with Aeran, you can choose to talk to Veyer, Mel or Phaedra. But i believe you can only do that if you are not drunk and you can only meet Veyer specifically if you have impressed them during the meeting with Lethalis. Hope this helps! 

I love Aeran's character so much he makes me  so conflicted and unsure how to treat him. That argument at the end of the episode is top tier angst, i love it so much. Also, i was so ready to let my MC spend the night with Veyer but i replayer with a totally different character and found out he was against letting wayfarers in the city and now i am absolutely holding a grudge.