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Currently there doesn't seem to be any reward after clearing the level, which is kinda disappointing. Large bell (I think that's his name?) did cum after 100%ing the level, but the UI is still covering him so :/ 

I can understand that the patreon supporters will get exclusive contents. But locking the entire gallery while not giving any method of seeing the scenes is just cruel. I think we should at least get to see all his animations after clearing the level. Honestly with how hot the art is, focusing on the game is hard enough lol. 

Still, this game looks really nice! The artwork/animation is on point and you can never go wrong with a classic rhythm game. Excited for future updates

To answer your questions, I'm not running under the itchio client  (I don't think that works with dmg?). the 64-bit version also encounters the same problem. I'm not sure what "code signed" means, but if it's something to do with Apple's app verification, it can be bypassed on the user's end.

Can't run the game. The notification"Pervy cannot be opened because of a problem" pops up.  I'm using an Intel Mac with OS 10.15.7 

Hopefully a Mac version will be made soon. This game looks neat!

Although it goes against Asterion's wishes, I want to see him in an outfit the reveals everything (maybe in the ruthless path?). Things like shear loincloth, crotchless pants, etc. Another idea is  wearing only jewelries and accessories (e.g. necklace, armlets, nipple ring, cock ring, and chains). Of course, there's always going al la natural. 

Glad to hear that a mac port isn't scrapped from the board.  I found this game after switching to mac. It seems very hot and fun, so I've been keeping an eye on it for about a year now. 

Will there ever be a mac version?

How do one play RPG MV games on mac (Catalina)? After opening "Game", the system says "This application can't be opened". Unlike unity games, using the command chmod on the file in the MacOS folder doesn't work. 

Logan romance is like the most aggravating slow burn ever..... especially when hot cg from corrupted logan path keep getting released 

Have anyone tried entering the VIP room in 0.4? It doesn't seem to work...