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So how do you make it look like that in Unity when it's complete?

Does it end up being geometry?

that’s a lot of lamp :)

what is the dark sorcery I see before me?

look seriously, any game that has swinging in it is an instant win in the history of video games :)

love it. You can wield a sword, be struck by 15 archers and you can fish :) looks awesome.  I especially like the sword fighting.  My only crit is loosen the camera on the swings so the camera doesn’t turn as much as the player

Feel free to journal your adventures here to show your progress. Can’t wait to see what you will create.

Just post any questions here about the details of the jam or anything else you want to ask that is generalised.  If you have something more specific make a new topic!

@Jupiter oh crap - sorry will fix

What a great game. Saving the spider with space was a bit weird, as it ran off and I had a small spider again? But I did keep more score. Nice work. You should put this on mobile.

I can only move and look. Can't interact with anything. Using Chrome and Windows

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Here's some screen shots of how far I got. Probably won't be able to finish in time, but happy with the features so far

  • Near orthographic camera
  • Hidden object rendering for player
  • Dungeon design
  • GUI to handle story telling, triggers from points on map and dialogue
  • Stairs

To add:

Enemy encounters

  • Quest
  • Loot pickup
  • Inventory
  • Object interaction.

@Mauro - I managed to get your roar in and the music. I didn't have time to do the footsteps or even implement the doors. Thanks so much for your help :D Got to the Entries page and try it out!

Awesome thanks.

@Mauro Hey - I need a monster roar/growl and swish for when the monster slashes at the player please.

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I see there is 1 day left. How does the timing of the submission process go? In LudlumDare once the timer is up you have to submit within the hour and about 1 day to fix bugs without adding features. Is it the same for this?

Andy H.

PC and Mac version have bug fixed - download again for version where scare button works.

The bugs been fixed - I'll update the previous post when I've uploaded the changes.

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Sorry - was stuck on the AI for days. Here's a web build for everyone to try... it's dead easy to lose - so it's just for testing at the moment.

WEBGL: (Scare not working - not sure why)

WebGL version

MAC: (scare bug - press Esc to quit) EDIT: Scare bug fixed

Mac version (zip compressed)

PC: (scare bug - press Esc to quit) EDIT: Scare bug fixed

PC Version

You play by using the arrow keys to move around the rooms.

Press the Scare button to scare the kids (bugged only on WebGL at the moment) - it times out for a while - and makes a dud sound until enabled again.

If they all escape with treasure you lose.

If any are scared out without treasure you win.

Press the Materialise button to try the FPS mode (mouse and keys) - not fully implemented yet - and press Hide to jump back to top down mode - in the mode you are the ghost - but you can't do anything right now - later you will be able to scream and throw things around to scare them - or get enough scare points and you can become solid and slash them - this is the next step.

@Mauro - will add you sounds in the next build but your music has been added :D

Hey this sounds great and much like an homage to the original. But how do I download it?

Just saw this now. Will have a go with it tonight. I want to give you a version with all the features in it as soon as I can so you can prepare the sounds.

Awww they look so cute and cuddly :D Love the lighting and DOF

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Here's a shot of the first scare. It's a promotional shot - you don't normally look at it the game this way, but the spider hides in the corner, and you press the scare button to turn the light on. If the NPC sees it, they pause, shriek and lose a life point. If they have seen it before they make a comment like "I've seen that - that's not scary".

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@Mauro I'll get you a playable demo hopefully by Saturday night my time. Where are you? I'm in West Australia so I think we are ahead of everyone in time. Will it help it I put a mute in there? I'm not sold on the sounds I'm putting in there - they are placeholder for you to do something better :D

Looking nice so far. Great lighting!

Here's an update on my game. In this video the npc enters the monsters home looking for treasure. The AI selects the closest next room to search. Once it's been there it doesn't consider it worth entering again and looks for the next closest unvisited room. When it finds the treasure it steals it and heads out. The skulls above it's head are scare points. You need to scare it to avoid losing your treasure. More to come. Youtube -> WIP NPC Actions 1

Okay I'll think about it as I go.

Hey Mauro - thanks for the offer. Go for it :D I'll try send a playable sequence in the next couple of days.

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So here's my idea. I like the cute characters in Monster House and Grabbed by the Ghoulies. Also the music from the Nightmare section of Pinball Dreams is another inspiration.

As the monster you own the house ( think Dungeon Keeper ). At first a lone kid enters looking for the treasure. Using pathfinding the kid will move through the house to collect the treasure then escape. If any loot is taken the level is lost. You have a range of ways to stop this from happening. Scaring, traps, blocks (to delay - lock the door), divert (open a door and offer something better than the treasure to lure them) and attacks. You are corporeal (ghost) for most of the time and move things around, but you can manifest in physical form to do physical attacks only when you have sapped enough fear from the kid. Rinse and repeat for each new level, but the difficultly is introduced by adding more kids at the same time, more treasure to lose (any 1 loss of treasure is a fail) and any kids who survived a previous level gets a +1 against fear next time, making them harder to scare.

I started this so people can post their works in progress on the Spooky Jam2