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Indeed,  finally someone who gets my obscure references! :D 

Might appreciate the title of my other game, Tortichki~

Glad to hear, hehe~

Hi, thanks for the interest! This is an odd issue, maybe it's your antivirus or Windows Defender deleting the game by accident? I've heard of this happening, try temporary disabling and downloading again. (And don't forget to turn it back on again after!)

(Google translate)

Salut, merci pour l'intérêt! C'est un problème étrange, c'est peut-être votre antivirus ou Windows Defender qui supprime le jeu par accident? J'ai entendu parler de cela, essayez de désactiver temporairement et de télécharger à nouveau. (Et n'oubliez pas de le rallumer après!)

Hello! Apologies about the late reply. Have you managed to figure out what was wrong? Did an error or anything pop up? Let me know and I'll try to help! 

Super excited for this!! 

Really like the art and narrative, it's a nice idea, would like to see more levels and progression if you decide to keep working on it!

I really like the idea and concept of this. Despite not being very good at it, couldn't get past the 2nd level, though I almost got it a few times and when I did, it felt pretty sleek. I hope you continue working on the idea because I think it has potential! 

I thought this would be simple but the fact the camera rotates too adds a bit of a challenge, was actually fun trying it out.  I got stuck on a level though, the goal went up in the air and I wasn't sure how to get to it :/

//very late-

Aww, I'm so sorry! The point system the game uses is a bit silly, I admit, the other endings are a bit hard to get. You have to act very naive and cutesy that's the only hint I can give! 

Thank you so much for playing though! 

//super late, but...

Thank you so much, I'm really glad to hear!!! 

I hope you enjoyed! 

This was such a wonderful and beautiful game, I was curious about it but became especially interested when I stumbled upon a stream of one of the voice actors and Katy talking about it. It was absolutely lovely to hear about the process and thoughts behind creating the game, I wish I could've stayed until the end. 
The game was such a unique and sweet experience, I think the voice acting and music really brought it to life but the writing itself was beautiful. It was a lot of fun to hear insight on the envelopes' designs during the stream, there's a lot I think I would've never picked up on but that gave me a lot of appreciation for all the little details in the art.

Overall it's a wonderful game, thank you for making it and sharing with us~

Oh my gosh, what did I just play LOL

The art is adorable, it's funny, it's memes, it's great. 

I survived the demo, yay!

And that was an AMAZING demo, I'm so happy I got to play such a generous amount of the game, it definitely got me interested and I even went back to make different choices to see what happens. I totally failed the first time but when I went back, I understood the skills a bit better and knew what to focus on. 

The characters were intriguing, each in their own way and I like the mysteries that were going around, right from the start and especially how the kingdom was created and all, hm-hm, I'd like to learn more. The art was great, I especially liked the CGs, the one for casting magic - sooo pretty! The fights were nicely handled too and I also liked the difference the skills made to various scenes. I'd have to keep the game on a wishlist for when I clear my backlog a bit because seeing all those locked endings and also possible deaths- I'd be curious to unlock all~ 

Hey, it's much later than I expected, but the full game is finally released if you wanted to check it out! 

It took awhile but the game is finally released! Thank you for taking interest! 

The demo is looking amazing already, love the art, the variations in the sprites and those BACKGROUNDS?? Whoah! The animations in the UI and all made it feel really professional too, it's looking super great. The story starts with a bang too, I'm already intrigued and invested,  looking forward to the full game!

What a lovely little game! It was truly wholesome and I'd loved to play more, the hinted backstory had me intrigued too. The art was lovely, the charas and UI, the big scrolling screen, the colour pallete, the cute bunnies, the visuals were top notch! The mechanics were also very unique~

I loved the puzzle elements even though I did get stuck on the clock one but the comments here helped. Also someone already mentioned it but I got the bug where if you start again and skip, the bunnies didn't spawn. And saving just before cooking didn't let me put in ingredients. Restarting the game fixed that though~

Either way, it was a very sweet game and I look forward to more from your team! 

Thank you!! ////

Yes, I updated with a bit of info and some screenshots today~

Eiii, good luck finishing yours! >v<

Demo might have to wait until the weekend but in the meantime, I added some screenshots~


Thank you for reaching out, I have now swapped the broken test build with a working one, please download again and let me know if it works! I hope you enjoy the game! <333

Yay, I'm so glad!!! 

Pleasure is mine, thank you so much for being patient and helping out with this, glad you managed to enjoy the game in the end! 

To express my gratitude for your help, I can doodle something for you~ ^^ 

Hello! Thank you so much for reporting back. I tried investigating this error and I asked around but it seems like something in the engine has changed that has broken the game QAQ

BUT I managed to make a build from an older version of the engine, I have no way of testing it myself so I made another test build, reeeally hoping this one works, because if not, the we might have to accept it's broken on mac ;v;

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Thank you so much for reaching out. I'm well aware of this annoying lil bug that I never released a fix for but I had no idea it was breaking the whole mac build! (Only crashes on a certain path on Win) I don't have a mac to test this myself but I've uploaded a mac only build which I really hope works. I also really hope that there isn't anything else strange in the build, the files are 4 years old and over time I've used them to test random things, hope there's no traces of that left! 

Let me know how it goes and if it doesn't work again, I'll try something different. 

Thanks!! I do like adding twists to things and I'm always happy when other people enjoy those as well!

Thank you so much for playing, your comments are inspiring! Good job on getting all the endings with ease too~

As for the person the person in the banner at the top, his name is Reihar, he doesn't appear in the game but I guess the simplest way to describe him is that he's sort of the villain in Zayo's story? They have a very complicated relationship.  This is the full pic btw, there's some hints in the description and comments, if you're curious to find out more:

Let me know if you want to know more and i can point you in a direction or I'm happy to answer any questions!


Thank you so much for playing my game, really glad you enjoy it so much! I'd be happy if more people could play and enjoy it as well and a translation would certainly help with that. Feel free to make the translation and I'll feature it on this page with credits! Let me know if you need me to provide anything to assist you

Depends on your definition of 'happy'!

Such is the nature of this game~

This is very cute, really nice pixel style! >v<

Sadly, I couldn't make any successful potions xD

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Aww, this was really cute! I felt bad for Treat ;v; But I'm glad she managed to make a friend! I look forward to more games with these adorable charas!

My only "issue" with this was that I had to turn my brightness down quite a bit to play it xD''

This was a fun little game! All the people living at this town were quite amusing in appearance and requests. After beating the game the first time, I decided to try again and lose on purpose. I think that was more challenging! Hard to resist not petting the cute cats...I was very rich in the end though.

I really like the style of the game and the idea behind it. It's fun to play~ I get stuck after the first boss, never have enough health left to carry on-haha. Need to work on that timing and block more!

Wait for the yellow bar to fill first and then press J to charge and execute the attack! If you're pressing J all the time, that's when it's super slow. The game is quite challenging but I hope this helps!

Yes, that fixed it, thank you!! >v<

This game is adorable!! I really like the idea behind it~ And the art is so nice!!! Lovely animations. Although I couldn't enjoy it to the fullest because it was blurry for some reason?? I tried changing resolutions and played on the highest settings but nothing changed. :'< Any idea how to fix it?

Aaa, this was so adorable!!! >//////< All the characters are so precious!!

I can't seem to figure out the last ending, but oh well, I'm sure I'll stumble upon it if I play it enough times!