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a very clever puzzle game!I like how much rule variation you bring in each level.the phone keypad one was very clever!

Thank you!

figuring out the  second level was fun but the third level was when my wrist started to hurt.I see potential in the idea but it really is taxing physically.Cool idea, maybe consider toning down the button press requirement.

great execution of a simple idea!

I have very little experience with idle/clicker games so take this with a grain of salt:

Great job :)

overall i really got into it,the sound effects and sheep theme were really fun! I was enjoying myself a whole lot just clicking the count button until the 'teach sheep math' item and all i had to do was just wait till i unlocked quantum physics.I think adding some more goals here would have reduced the wait time and kept me engaged.

Oh I only made the sound effects in bfxr ,the music loop was a free creative commons song i found on opengameart.

Adding momentum to the ship is actually a very good idea,cant believe i haven't thought of that!Thank you for the useful feedback :)

The prototype has potential as a nice little narrative adventure game .I'll look forward to  your finished version :)

Hey!the points are just +1 for every second and +50 for every astronaut the fuel requirement is to limit movement and create some challenge and yeah i get what you mean the theme  could have influenced the play experience a lot more than just the controls.Oh well,there is always next time :)  thanks for playing!

i  like the walk cycle, it  felt really juicy!i dont think i completely understand the mechanic(im assuming each person needs one specifc item?).Still , its great you put something out instead of abandoning it :)

a very satisfying core game  loop! i loved it !

fun puzzle platformer,really like the music and sprites!I think some feedback on when the character ages would be helpful.

i really like the ballerina theme and mechanic.I think it would have been a better design choice to not let the player progress when they fail as it becomes too easy and it gives the player no incentive to score as much as they can.


Thanks for playing and  the constructive criticism! Level 2 was supposed to come up after you kill all the ants  but for some reason that event did not trigger. Looks like i didn't test it enough(at all).

Thank you for playing!Glad you liked it!

good game! simple idea but great execution.for some reason the meter just stops filling up at the end.

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you created an interesting atmosphere with 2 colours and basic sprites.Great job!was slightly confused in room 2 and 3 because the exits were not clear but thats probably  just me.

using the mechanic was fun and  the levels do a good job of teaching the player without needing a tutorial.good job!

Thank you for your feedback!

I wanted to keep the game screen completely clean so didn't include an ammo counter but yeah in hindsight that would have been a better design decision.