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I agree with the camera being insane.  It's so annoying to look at more than anything.  Difficulty of control is a pest I'd attribute to intention.  You want the game to be a little challenging.  Super buggy, but not so much in a game breaking way, gives it a bit of character on it's own.  Really like the idea, I didn't finish the game, purely because the way it's laid out drove me a little nuts.  But enjoyed the package as a whole, there's some nice work in there.  This is the second game in the video.

Really cool, I love any game that allows you to build.  Whether that be weapons, art, music.  I love how most of your games revolve around creativity, awesome work Flamebait.  Of course as a prototype it needs more to fully work, especially some tweaking with the arena fighting, but it's a great idea and I'd love to see it further developed.  

I really didn't think I'd enjoy this at first, but after the first track I made started coming together, I got kinda hooked.  With the limited instruments and notes, there is only so much you can do right now.  But with a selection of new instruments, letting you expand upon the genre of music, and many more critics to appease, this could be a good add on to Passpartout.  Obviously it's harder to just pick up and understand for just anyone, but I know nothing of music and enjoyed it none the less.  Always good to see George again too.  Really hope this gets developed a bit further, great idea Flamebait!


Really enjoyed it, especially the hand drawn cutscenes.  I like that it's easy to just jump in and know what you're doing, but with plenty of challenge throughout.  I didn't get very far in the game, but I can see it has a lot  of character in it, and I really enjoyed it, great job, and thank you for contacting me :)

This is the second game in the video

Loved it, it's pretty short, but has a good experience throughout.  Love the music and especially the atmosphere.  Really good work, that I could see being developed into a bigger game, but as it is, it is a fulfilling short experience.  Great job!

This is the third game in the video

This is interesting, that bird freaked me out at first.  But unfortunately there are some bugs preventing me from actually finishing the game.  It cuts to the end screen randomly at one part.  But it's cool, definitely different from what I've seen from you in the past.  This is the third game in the video.  

I really enjoyed this, good card game mechanics with a cool little story to go along with it.  It's a little restricted at the moment, but I'd love to just play the card game separate, dueling an npc opponent, or even friends, with a full deck of all the different cards.  But either way it's a fun little game as is, nice work.  This is the first game in the video.  


I remember playing your game, When Nightmares Come True, I've enjoyed your games, including this one.  It could use some more variety on levels, or different colors, a little more to give a reason to play it more than once.  But the music is spot on, and it left me feeling much better after a slew of aggravating games.  So 10/10.  I played it with a bunch of others, this is the 4th game.

A nice experience, the fox is cute, the landscape is beautiful, it all flows nicely.  Some of the puzzles felt like they were a bit too based on luck, but for the most part they were clever and unique.  I had fun, great game, and would love to see further expansion from you.

Wow, this is an interesting game, tons of choice of weaponry, lots of funny dialogue, and it's even challenging.  So much so that I didn't manage to finish it just yet haha.  That Buttlicker man, geez.  Although I was playing with keyboard, with which I suck.  Anyway, this is a fantastic game, nice work!  It's the 4th game in this group of Christmas games.


Didn't expect that at all lol, this was fun, and good work.  This could be made into a much bigger game and I would totally play it.  I hope your girlfriend liked it!  Nice job, this is the 3rd in a group of Christmas based games.

Cute little game, nice house, very short.  Since there's not much to it, there's not much to say, but it was a fun short little experience.  This is the first in a group of 4 Christmas games.

I enjoyed this game, a good collectible finder, and always good to spread joy and cheer.  I did this as part of a group of games, this is game #3.  Didn't quite finish it I don't think, but I went as far as I could find lol, really nice work.

Love it, great dialogue, really funny, beautiful scenery, just a little bit of a challenge.  Great game, I look forward to seeing more

I really liked this experience, and there are so many vastly different endings, fantastic work.  I went through 2 endings, and was fascinated throughout.  Loved it!

The game looks nice and runs pretty well, though I found this more funny than scary. But I enjoyed it none the less. This game was good for the short time it was made in. Nice job.

The fog horn helped create a more horror filled environment, but I found this game to be more funny than scary and enjoyed every minute. The game looks nice and runs pretty well and is good for the short time the game was made in. Nice job.

Still really love the Twilight Zone feeling from this series of games.  Both games have been really good, cool little stories, and I look forward to seeing the next one.  Really great work

Really fun and cute game.  The dialogue is great, and the different path choices are great as well.  The platforming is tight and simple.  With enough difficulty to keep it interesting.  Overall really good work.  Thanks for contacting me about your game!

Really cool concept, I was far more convinced it was real than I thought I would be.  Looks just like old VHS tapes, I love that.  Expanded with some more moving parts, and some more length, and this would be a fantastic game.  One of the few horror games I think a jump scare or two would benefit from.  The atmosphere is just that good.  Really nice, hope you can make something bigger out of it in the future.

This game is really good, the demo is lengthy, took me about an hour.  The atmosphere is really nice, combined with the character design makes it pretty tense at moments.  There aren't any jumpscares thankfully, and the horror method used works quite well.  All around really good game, and I'm very interested in seeing more.

My video of the experience:

Great game!  Very well put together, nice visuals, fun gameplay.  And it's very intriguing.  The ending of the demo especially.  I very much enjoyed this, and I can see there is a great idea here, and a story that I'd love to see the rest of.  But of course I should of known that after playing The Grandfather Machine, great job dev!


Very pretty game, it's more calm and relaxing than I anticipated.  A pleasant stroll through a foreign world chasing floating fish.  A nice concept, would like to learn more about the world, but as it stands it's a good experience to just get away from the world.  Nice work.

I enjoyed it.  The cinematic sequences were well done, and graphics were very nice and creepy.  The sounds were lacking some, the lack of any music worked well in some of the situations, especially the sunflower room, but it felt like it needed a little more in some others.  Story wise it felt unfinished.  Like this could be the start of a longer game, and I would like to see that.  The style of traversing different challenges in different rooms was good.  Although I really don't like the riddle part, it was hard to understand a lot of the voice acting at times, and without the riddle sitting on the screen for you to read over, it felt overly difficult, and took away from a lot of tension that could've been building up at that point.  But overall it was enjoyable, I enjoyed your previous game The House too! 


This game has a nice house design, nice changing environment, fairly predictable in terms of when the jump scares will happen, but they are pretty good nonetheless.  The game is missing a lot without the voice acting.  Reading the story in the current manner is too distracting from the actual game.  I like a lot of the atmosphere, a lot of the mood.  The way the radio tells part of the story for instance is a nice touch.  Didn't find anything on the tv, perhaps I missed it.  All in all it was fun, not particularly scary for me personally, but I enjoyed playing it. 

This is a fun detective game, with a nice twist on the character you play as, although their identities aren't much more than paper backing. If this game had more replayability, outcomes changing, murderers changing, weapons and locations to find them changed, it could be something really nice to kill time and train your brain with. The house is simple but nice to look at, it could use a little more sound effects or background music, all in all, it is enjoyable as a detective game. Good work.

As this was made in 7 days by such a young developer, in that sense it is a very good game.  The graphics are nice and I really enjoyed the creepy voice, reminded me of the game The Darkness.  Otherwise there is a lot of not knowing what to do.  A lot of spastically clicking and hoping to land on the next objective.  This leaves for a lot of spare time to stop caring about the fact that it is a horror game.  And generally can make it frustrating and unimmersive.  I didn't find anything in this game particularly scary, just a dark tone, all in all it's a little boring to actually play, although it can make for entertaining let's plays.  If you invest more time in a project, I could see them being very good, you have talent.  

Nice work, could use a tutorial, but it's fun, a little addictive, and I think helped teach me better how to build in fortnite.  I think consistent play of this would greatly improved your skills in building.  Good work 

CRAZY NON STOP, EXHILARATING,OVER THE TOP EXCITEMENT!  Really that was very good, the voice acting is fantastic, the tone and theme all flowed very nice, and at any point it could flip into something new.  Really enjoyed this, great work


Only success I've had is downloading the original demo, that works, but all of the new demos and the patch I cannot extract, or seem to do anything with them.  So I guess I'll have to just make due with the original demo.  

I can't unpack the files after download, this is with the patch as well, I just repeatedly get errors, any ideas? 

Very cool game, learning all the necessary information through multiple lives was very good.  I really like the dialogue, and how much character they all have.  I assume I got the most basic ending, but I enjoyed the experience very much, nice work!

PS - Could use more music, there's a lot of totally quiet moments.

Much appreciated, I have over 300 videos, YouTube is slow to no growth.  I appreciate the thumbnail thoughts as well, most thumbs I have don't tend to have my face as much as I used to, unless the particular art style doesn't suit my own tastes for a thumbnail. Only goal is to keep them minimalist, eye catching, and as relevant as I see fit that day.  Thanks! 

Fun little arcadey game.  Would be nice if there was a score, so you have more reason to replay.  Compete with friends, etc.   The graphics are nice, music is good, theme is funny, albeit sad if you want to keep your love of cats intact.  And terrific use of Mark. Great work!

This is a very fun arcade like game, very addictive.  The little tools, combined with the simple stealth mechanics, it reminds me of old playstation games, and even a bit like Fable with the graphical settings.  The legendary loot is a bit obscure to find though, not sure if there is an end game goal, but just as a little game to jump in every so often it works very well.  Great job!

Physics based games are always fun, and the theme for this is great.  Like many have said, idk if I won the game or if I never found a solution at the end, but it was fun nonetheless.  A game like this could be made much larger with multiple date options with different tasks suited to them.  That would be really good progression.  Great work!

This is an addictive little game, there's an urge to find all the keys, but even with replay it's still a pretty short game. The keys are a little hard to see, I got down to one and searched the whole house a few times before being caught and never caught a glimpse of it, even with it being highlighted. So there's a lot of trial and error with learning key locations, or just blind luck. The butler isn't too hard to avoid once you understand him, being faster than the player makes it tricky, but the truth or lie mechanic gives you a little wiggle room to use. A pretty good game, I think it works fine as it is. Maybe as a learning resource for a bigger game. 

I love escape rooms, and this captures the feeling of one well.  It's incredibly buggy, the key can be grabbed through the safe in the first puzzle, the doll grows the more you click it.  My biggest critques, are that the doll puzzle either made no sense or didn't work well enough to solve with any sense, and there was a door that was never opened.  I would love to see an escape room game, filled with multiple different scenarios, the puzzles are fun.  

An enjoyable short experience, only one puzzle threw me for a loop, just because of where it happened to be I needed to click.  It's an interesting concept, reminds me of a few Librarian based TV shows and movies, I've always found those to be satisfying.  A nice short piece with great art and music.  I look forward to seeing your next game. 


Not bad, the art is really good, the walking is really slow, considering having to walk across the map multiple times to progress.  The flashlight seemed all but pointless.  I didn't actually realize this was a horror game, so that was an interesting surprise, horror and detective combined is an interesting concept.  Most of the "jump scares" were fairly predictable, nice touch with the cockroach though.  I'm intrigued enough to want to see where you go with this, the thing that I have to complain about some is the lack of puzzles, as this was more or less 2D walking simulator, I'm hopeful that there are some puzzles to have to figure out as you release more.  Nice work though overall.