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An enjoyable short experience, only one puzzle threw me for a loop, just because of where it happened to be I needed to click.  It's an interesting concept, reminds me of a few Librarian based TV shows and movies, I've always found those to be satisfying.  A nice short piece with great art and music.  I look forward to seeing your next game. 


Not bad, the art is really good, the walking is really slow, considering having to walk across the map multiple times to progress.  The flashlight seemed all but pointless.  I didn't actually realize this was a horror game, so that was an interesting surprise, horror and detective combined is an interesting concept.  Most of the "jump scares" were fairly predictable, nice touch with the cockroach though.  I'm intrigued enough to want to see where you go with this, the thing that I have to complain about some is the lack of puzzles, as this was more or less 2D walking simulator, I'm hopeful that there are some puzzles to have to figure out as you release more.  Nice work though overall.  

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Haha, I would be the one to do it first, smh.  Anyway, I greatly look forward to seeing and recording the next stage of characters, 4 down, and I can see the next stage is going to be a tough one!

Love it!  I've wanted more quiz show based games, and finally one that doesn't revolve around a GSN gameshow.  It's fun, the art is fantastic, the style of fighting the challenger is really cool, and each character having their unique personalities based around the categories is great!  Can't wait to play more, great work!

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This is fun, even the current version, it would be nice to have a save system and I'd just enjoy that, but the new version you're working on looks fantastic. I love the quirky dialogue and ridiculous powers. I was dumb and died at the witch. Game froze as warned.

I really like the idea of a first person escape room, and the future environments you have laid out on this page have me really intrigued.  I like that it feels like there is a deeper and possibly more sinister story backing it.  I too had the audio problem, fiddling with the audio slider seemed to fix the issue for me.  I very much look forward to seeing more of this game, great job and great ideas.  

I really like it,  I have a soft spot for visual novels.  Quirky and fun characters, unexpected dialogue.  I don't know what ending I got, I know it's not the best ending, but I loved it.  I love your humor, and the artwork and music are very nice.  Terrific job, would love to see more variety in a longer game.

(would cheat)

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I enjoyed this.  The description of the game threw me for a loop when I started to actually get the concept of what this really is, I might suggest rewording the synopsis a bit.  I enjoyed the characters dialogue, the only thing I didn't care for, is the conversations were a bit long winded.  It droned on a bit too long for me a couple of times.  I agree the foundation for who these characters are, and what drives them, is foreign to us in this demo, but it just makes me more curious as to what's going to happen.  Something I think is needed to keep myself interested in a mystery style game.  I felt the conversations were a bit whimsical for the nature of the situation, but maybe that's just me.  The voice acting was terrific though.  Although the characters seemed overly harsh toward one another, I kind of like the charm it gives them, you never know what's going to come out of their mouth, which makes it feel more fun to me.  The cabin itself is gorgeous, not much in it, but what would you expect in a place you don't actually live.  The interaction of objects can be annoying though, having to line up to the exact right spot to progress, I almost restarted the game, thinking my keyboard or the game itself wasn't working properly until I realized the icon needed to light up, a new mechanic I hadn't seen in other games.  Overall  the music was great, visuals were great, the main character has a very strange name.  Love it, can't wait to see more


Definitely a challenging game.  Rage inducing.  But it feels so good when you reach the next checkpoint.  Reminded me a bit of Trap Adventure 2.  Nice work, I like it.

This is very well made considering the restrictions, the lighting has a really cool look to it, and nice pacing.  The use of sound is particularly well done.  I had fun with this one, very nice work.

Lot's of fun, with  good bit of replay value.  I really like that you added customization to this, that's always a really nice touch.  The missions didn't work very well for me, some bugs, so essentially I was just doing a version of the endless mode.  I challenge anyone to beat that high score haha.  I'd love to check this out again when it's got some updates and bug fixes.  Nice work!

Very nice, it's fun, it's cute, it's got charm.  There's even a bit of a challenge, and I can onl imagine it would get harder with future levels.  There quite a few mechanics, the wall jump can be a bit annoying to control, but they all seem to ork fairly well.  Can't wait to see what a boss battle may bring.  My little bear friend is gonna bring the pain!  Nice work dev, and thanks for letting me know about it :)


This is a very nice idea, I like the childlike perspective, and most of the mechanics are pretty cool.  It's got a lot of bugs though, and I reached a point I had no idea how to progress any further.  Don't touch the lego wall of death, the lamp sometimes will hide away where you can't see it at all, or it will be on the upper left side, in which it won't function right.  But I like it, it's cute and creepy, just needs some work.


The idea is very good, but the execution could use some fine tuning.  I'll start with what I like first, each environment feels very unique, and each has its own purpose, making for a very interesting mechanic for a puzzle game.  The graphics, the look, to the game is fairly nice too.  But the environment gets in the way of itself, certain mechanics don't like to work properly, making it generally frustrating just to do simple actions.  The puzzles themselves seem to be very simple, but the solution is hidden in some obscure corner of the room, I wouldn't continue playing this, as solving the puzzles don't feel like I figured out a puzzle, it just feels like I stumbled upon the solution, which isn't rewarding.  Nice work on the build, I just think it needs some adjusting, as of now I don't like it.  

The best thing about this, is that it is a relatable experience.  Pretty well made, decent atmosphere.  The sound worked really well, the whole experience of fear from the unknown as you make your way home when no one seems to be around works well.  It could use more close horror, things to really make you feel more paranoid.  Having some kind of risk would add a ton to this as well, some kind of true loss from your phone dying, from straying too far, or taking too long.  All in all it's a good little walk, that has potential to become something great, but isn't quite there yet, nonetheless it was enjoyable.    

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I love it! It fills that void that I've had waiting for the next Portal game. The graphics are very nice, and of course the style is directly from Portal, which I really like seeing. I'm hoping there is more humor in the full game from male GLaDOS, yes that is what I'm going to call him until he has a name. I'm looking forward to the challenge of the full release, this teaser stuff was pretty simple, but I like how the mechanics work. Great job, love it!

Loved it!  The graphics are beautiful, the design does everything to bring you in and give you this experience.  The virtual guide is fantastic, and a really cool idea as well.  The mechanics are phenomenal, I loved every second of it.  And just when I thought the mechanics alone could carry the whole game, you continued to blow my mind til the end.  An unexpectedly amazing experience.  GREAT JOB!

Part 2, if anyone's interested 

Detective games tend to be hit or miss for me, but this game is terrific.  I am actually engaged in all of these characters lives, each with their own distinct personality.  I LOVE THE WALKING ANIMATION.  Just had to put that out there, the graphics are beautiful and cozy.  I can't wait to see where this all goes, thee are so many possibilities, and I still have so many questions.  Great job, and I can't wait!  Part 2 video of the demo is posting next week.

The game is absolutely gorgeous, and runs incredibly smooth and precise.  But it's so hard haha.  I think I made it about halfway through the levels, and I really like, and also don't like, that there is a new aspect to learn to dodge in each new area.  If I took advantage of the ability to slow down, I think I could do better, but no guarantees.  Amazing job on this Sirnic!


Incredibly happy to hear that, thank you so much.  And of course.  Thank you!

Part 2, the end of the demo

First of all, this is a cute and fun little game.  The graphics are nice, and the music is very festive.  It would be nice if it didn't go completely silent while you were waiting to see your score after finishing a level.  I didn't fully grasp the controls for the tinsel, I could never get it to go the way I wanted it to, it was always to tight to the ceiling.  This game would probably be a nightmare for someone with ocd, as you can't do exactly what the pictures entail, everything comes out of your cannon in random colors and sizes, which could be frustrating to someone who wanted to do it perfectly, or just to get 5 "candy canes" or stars on a level.  All in all it is a good effort, and a great little Christmas game, but without tightening the controls and mechanics more it is easy to get tired of playing after just a short time.  

First of all, obviously the visuals are incredibly bright and "trippy".  So a lot of people may immediately be turned off, but I myself find it very refreshing.  I've seen few games with as much character as this.  I love it.  The thought and creativity that went into the many mechanics and puns are all very well appreciated.  I had a lot of fun playing this, and look forward to the full release.  I can't wait to see what else there is to this game.  This video is my part 1, but I have finished the demo.  Not to spoil anything, the many mechanics are fantastic, all corny and funny in their own way.  And the end leaves me curious as to what else there could be, how deep of a story that is planned.  The fact that it is a large open world environment is also very nice.  Terrific game, I love it, great work.

This reminds me a bit of Dead Space and a bit of Doom at the same time.  But, it is leaning more toward action horror than survival horror.  The characters movement speed is very fast, the only problem with that is the environment is all pretty similar, making it very hard to see where you are going, and even harder to tell where you've been.  The game did fail for me, somehow the resource button got stuck, maybe, and I couldn't see anything to progress.  Other than that the sound effects need work, and I think music would add a great deal to the experience.  But, this is a good start, and I really like the flamethrower.  The character design of the aliens are great.  I especially like the larger alien.  And the puzzle mechanic with the glyphs works.  All in all a good effort, with some polish it could turn into something fantastic. 


Magnificent, nostalgia at it's best.  I'd forgotten so much, but this game managed to bring it all back.  Capturing the feeling of the first time you ever saw porn is a special thing, that everyone should be able to experience over and over again.  Now I do think it could be improved with more feelings from the viewer on each particular subject.  But a beautiful idea nonetheless.  Also, I think our house is haunted, by a pervy ghost....but, who ya gonna call?

Pretty nice job, without a little direction I got lost pretty easily, and had no idea what it was I was supposed to do.  But once I figured out whichever mechanic I was unaware of, then it all came together nicely.  That mystery door has me intrigued.  Is it there just to tease?  Or is there a solution contained in this demo?  Anyway I like the camera mechanic, I would of liked to see it used more, more of what it could be, and having some clue as to why you would randomly take pictures of things contained in the story would be nice.  The graphics of course are beautiful, as are the scary bits :)

I got to check out the Aztec world, and this game is still surprising me.  These levels are massive, there's no shortage of gameplay here.  They've gotten so long that I couldn't even finish them all in one video, and it's a lot of fun trying to figure out faster paths to your next goal.  Still lovin the game, and look forward to seeing more!

Sounds awesome! Can't wait :)

Really well made, the humor took me by surprise from the beginning.  I love the epic introduction and ending, the nods to 2001: A Space Odyssey, the beautiful design of Mal.  The flying took me a minute to get adjusted to, but it worked flawlessly once I figured it out.  This is the first detective based game that I actually enjoyed, and got involved in.  Deeply.  I actually understood all of the characters by the end, how they got where they were, and I cared.  That is something I am impressed by.  Terrific work, I look forward to seeing your future murder mysteries.  

This is fantastic, every time a new mechanic was added I was drooling at the mouth.  It reminds me so much of Ratchet and Clank visually.  Everything runs so smooth, all the controls work perfectly, no hesitation.  The grappling gave me a tiny bit of trouble a few times, Klepto just wouldn't cooperate haha.  The most impressive to me was the change to the glider.  Truly great work, I really enjoyed the Wild West world, and look forward to trying the Aztec next.  Great work, and I can't wait for more!

Always love to see Chook & Sosig on an adventure, no matter how simple it may be, it's always packed with a charm that warms my heart.  Great job Tooki! 

This was really fun, for something so broken, it has so much potential.  The physics are fantastic, although most of the cars tend to wreck themselves almost immediately.  And it's incredibly difficult to wreck any other cars without wrecking yourself first.  The camera angle leads to some really great looking shots, but isn't useful at all when trying to actually drive.  An alternating camera choice would be helpful here.  But I had a lot of fun!

The design of this game really works well, and it pulled me in further and further as the game went on.  My only critique is it ended fairly abruptly, BUT, that is exactly how I remember The Twilight Zone ending.  I think this would work really well, with more episodes, each one just as intriguing and odd, I really like it, great work!

I really like this game, cute and creepy with a hint of puzzling.  I enjoyed the first part of the demo, and look forward to continuing to the rest of it.  The English dialogue is a little off, but not enough to take anything from it.  Can't wait for the full game!

Loved it.  Especially how you were able to change up the duos usual game style.  Of course I miss Chook lol.  But a fantastic adventure nonetheless, great job Tooki 

Hey! I meant to play this a long time ago, I really missed these guys, although I'm still mispronouncing both of their names XD.  But those are the names I know and love them by haha.  Great game Tooki

This is a very strange game, but I love that about it.  the characters have so much personality despite the limited amount of dialogue.  The comic book style of telling the story is terrific.  I absolutely love the spider apes haha.  Especially the face the first one makes, lot of character.  The actual game play is fairly simple, but I enjoyed this short little adventure, and look forward to seeing more games from you.  Thanks :)