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Overall I ended up enjoying most of the experience, and I really appreciate the work that went into making this.  More detailed review below with critiques

3rd game in the video - @14:38

This game is the definition of too much I think.  There is so much happening almost any time you move, sometimes jump scares piled up 3 at a time and I didn't even know what I was supposed to be looking at, leaving me confused and worn out from so much noise.  Some of those scares were really good though, I especially like the woman screaming on the car.  The inventory system is ridiculous, took too much trial and error to get a key to work.  Once understood it I could do it, but it was also pulling you away from the game a lot at the same time.  Just a frustrating system.  The health system didn't seem applicable, I'm not sure if anything actually caused me damage, or if anything could, and there is no health bar to be seen, so consumables seemed to be a waste.  The same for the flashlight batteries, they seemed to be a waste.  The flashlight didn't really help much at all, and the battery seemed to drain even when not using it.  The refillable cartridges only giving back one bar was frustrating as well.  There is also so much in each of the rooms that it makes it so hard to see what it is you are looking for, I overlooked keys a few times.  And had to intensely stare for a long time to eventually find them later.  But overall I still enjoyed the game, despite being overstimulated and  not understanding the ending at all.  And I do really appreciate that there is so much put into this game, and can still say that you did a great job.        

Really creepy, in most games the total silence thing doesn't work so well, but here it was utilized very well.  The hole in the fence bothers me a bit, it's too short for the character, made it really hard to see when going back especially.  The flashlight actually didn't help much at all, so this is a super dark experience as well.  Which works and also makes it harder to play at the same time.  The game bugged out on me in the end so I didn't completely finish it, but I almost got there.  Nice work overall, this is the second game in the video - @9:35


I really enjoyed this one, as I was playing I thought this was a demo, but it works as a short game too.  I would love to see this style and these mechanics brought into a larger scale game though.  Really fun, great job, this is the first game in the video

I like the atmosphere, the visual style, the ai of the zombies.  It's a simple game, fairly short.  I still don't know exactly why the code is what it is.  That puzzle is over my head.  And I am still annoyed that I could not look up beyond the horizontal plane.  Otherwise the game is pretty good for a short little experience.  I could see these zombies being used in a larger scale.  

This is the last game in the video

Something about the early moments of the game just ruined the whole experience for me.  It took me what felt like forever to find the early maze.  And from there the game did pick up, and had all that I expect from indie horror.  But it was too late, I had already lost interest and couldn't regain it.  I feel like I made a good bit of progress, but I really don't know how far I made it in the game before I had to put it away.  I do appreciate all the work in this game however, and the urge to put so much story in it.  But there should also be a fine line between how much you read and how much you play.  Too much reading can ruin the experience as well.

This is the 5th game in the video


I really like the visual style.  It's atmospheric and engrossing.  That being said, things like putting the text more on a sheet of paper would be more involved to me, just scattered across the screen pulls me away a bit.  I don't quite understand the ending, I felt like something should have happened to finalize it, whether it be a story, a different action, or even just a loud jumpscare sound.  But this environment alone screams horror, and could really be put to good use with some more horror moments, or even some kind of creature/person/anything chasing you.  Food for thought.

This is the 4th game in the video


Visually you've got something here.  It's unique, crazy, creepy, weird.  And I love that.  But it definitely needs some more sound, some kind of end, maybe a story to drive the character.  Things like that would help a lot.

This is the 3rd game in the video


I like the idea of this, as all Indie horror goes it has touches of jumpscares and an eerie atmosphere.  I do enjoy the puzzle mechanic that you touched on.  I hope that as you continue development you continue building on that mechanic.  

This is the second game in the video, but thank you for watching my video already when it posted

Really interesting, cool to see new ways of delivering horror.  As it stands it's more or less just eerie with a touch of disgusting.  I can't wait to see what you make of this, best of luck with the development

This is the first game in the video

The only thing I can think of I may not of shown is if you have an item with the inventory menu closed, if you interact with certain things that item can disappear and just be gone forever. I didn't realize the chessboard was top to bottom, the orientation felt like side to side when I saw it, and as the only way 2 players could sit and play the game would be left and right, so that's where I assumed it needed to be. As for how it bugged out in the end, after I left the chessboard with the solution I had made, it would not let me interact with the board again, it would just continuously update the journal, so I would have needed to restart the game again. I did just open the zodiac box with random numbers, I never noticed any clues that would have helped to solve that puzzle, what did I miss? The girl walking constantly is more just weird, it actually added a creepiness to it, so I'd consider keeping it, and maybe just adjusting it instead. But yes, it is important to flesh out all the game breaking bugs before upping that creep factor. I look forward to when you get it all worked out, thanks for watching!

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I did encounter a bug to prevent me from finishing, but the game surprised me with just how disorienting it actually was.  Especially toward the end when I got stuck.  It has a really nice atmosphere and I love  seamless environment changes.  I don't know where this game was going, as I didn't want to replay the whole thing, but wherever it was made me want to push forward and find out.  To see what strange experience would happen next.  I like it.  Great job, especially for your age, mighty impressive.  This is the second game in the video, about 20 min in.  


Pretty good game, I like the puzzle aspect, I never did figure out what the clues were for some solutions, and I ran into bugs multiple times that prevented me from being able to finish, but I did get close to finishing.  Some more fleshing out and bug fixes and this will be a great game.  It would be better to have some more horror to it, the little girl is surprisingly creepy in many ways.  But otherwise there were sounds that didn't seem to apply to anything and a lack of a threat.  Something to make it all more atmospheric and give the player a feeling of dread and a reason to be worried would add a lot.  But it's a great concept and seems to be improving along nicely.  Best of luck getting the finished game out, and thanks for contacting me, your game is the first in this video.

This game was a great surprise, the visuals are fantastic.  The atmosphere delightfully eerie.  The story even is fun and creepy.  I had a great time with this game, regardless of it being a short experience.  Great job devs, keep at it!

This game is the 4th and final in this video


Overall for a game made in 24 hours this was a good work.  It has good sound quality and visuals.  I do think finding out what you are supposed to do is too difficult, it doesn't push you in the right direction as much as I would like.  I found myself wandering for far too long trying to move forward.  

This is the third game in the video

A nice improvement over the first game of yours I played, Inheritance.  I like that there were more mechanics pushing you towards your goal.  I do think the sounds need to be louder, more prominent.  But in some cases the total silence in some scares would work great.  Just gotta find that balance.  And of course the ending was quite surprising, so great work there too.  

This game is the second in the video

Not bad, I had a good time.  The sounds would be the first thing I would work on.  The audio is a major part of good horror, choosing when to be silent, and when to build up the tension and such.  And hearing your own footsteps and creaks and freaks around you can really drive up those anxious feelings of what's going to happen??  I have the same suggestion for your other game Janitor's Day,  But good job :)  

This game is the first in this video 


Pretty cool game, once I remapped the controls it all handled well.  Sometimes it felt like ammo crates weren't appearing at all, which I had to opt out and just restart sometimes because of it.  I like the different mechanics, adding a jetpack, grenades, etc.  It would be nice to have those from the beginning, just because the game is hard, so it's hard just to get to those mechanics, and I'm sure I haven't even seen them all.  But this was fun, thanks for contacting me!

Really cute and fun game, I'd like if the camera had some freedom, so you can get a better grasp on your surroundings and look around easier.  But I really like the idea, brings me back to the old tony hawk days when I was younger.  The style and music also bring a lot of life into the game, this is really cool, I'd love to see more.

Third game in the video


This is a cool endless runner, the graphics are very pretty and the music is nice and relaxing.  The controls on pc are a little laggy, but for the most part they work.  It would be cool to have some kind of scoring system to see how far you got, so you can challenge friends or try to beat your own record.  But it's nice how it is, good work!  This is the third game in the video.

Really cool concept, the controls for one player take some getting used to, but it provides an interesting challenge.  The jumping mechanics need a little work, they were frustrating.  But I made it through the demo, and can't wait to see where this game goes.  Great job!

A nice little horror experience, I'd like it if the writing on the walls was a bit easier to read, but there was plenty of weird, plenty of strange, I enjoyed it.  Good work, this is the second game in the video.

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This game has a lot of good mechanics that could make it really good, unfortunately it's just a little too obscure to make it worthwhile.  I found myself guessing for some of the solutions, and just going with trial and error on others.  The Grimoire is just too vague and the solutions too subtle to make it feel engaging and worthwhile.  That being said, this style could be a lot more enjoyable with a more straightforward solution, or a better indicator that you are doing the right thing.  It took me a little over an hour to fully complete this game, but I cut a lot of it out for time.  


Really cool style and mechanics, I can see a lot of work was put into this, and it looks like it can be something great.  I love the design choices on the creatures, just the right amount of creepy and cool.  Great job :)

I enjoyed it, I played A Horde Too Many first to learn about the base game and the characters a little bit.  And it's fun, a little bare bones at the moment, but the cards all work well, simple but good animations and good gameplay.  I only tried the base deck, no building myself, but it looks really well put together, and could be a fully fledged game that I think could catch on.  Great work :)


I agree with the camera being insane.  It's so annoying to look at more than anything.  Difficulty of control is a pest I'd attribute to intention.  You want the game to be a little challenging.  Super buggy, but not so much in a game breaking way, gives it a bit of character on it's own.  Really like the idea, I didn't finish the game, purely because the way it's laid out drove me a little nuts.  But enjoyed the package as a whole, there's some nice work in there.  This is the second game in the video.

Really cool, I love any game that allows you to build.  Whether that be weapons, art, music.  I love how most of your games revolve around creativity, awesome work Flamebait.  Of course as a prototype it needs more to fully work, especially some tweaking with the arena fighting, but it's a great idea and I'd love to see it further developed.  

I really didn't think I'd enjoy this at first, but after the first track I made started coming together, I got kinda hooked.  With the limited instruments and notes, there is only so much you can do right now.  But with a selection of new instruments, letting you expand upon the genre of music, and many more critics to appease, this could be a good add on to Passpartout.  Obviously it's harder to just pick up and understand for just anyone, but I know nothing of music and enjoyed it none the less.  Always good to see George again too.  Really hope this gets developed a bit further, great idea Flamebait!


Really enjoyed it, especially the hand drawn cutscenes.  I like that it's easy to just jump in and know what you're doing, but with plenty of challenge throughout.  I didn't get very far in the game, but I can see it has a lot  of character in it, and I really enjoyed it, great job, and thank you for contacting me :)

This is the second game in the video

Loved it, it's pretty short, but has a good experience throughout.  Love the music and especially the atmosphere.  Really good work, that I could see being developed into a bigger game, but as it is, it is a fulfilling short experience.  Great job!

This is the third game in the video

This is interesting, that bird freaked me out at first.  But unfortunately there are some bugs preventing me from actually finishing the game.  It cuts to the end screen randomly at one part.  But it's cool, definitely different from what I've seen from you in the past.  This is the third game in the video.  

I really enjoyed this, good card game mechanics with a cool little story to go along with it.  It's a little restricted at the moment, but I'd love to just play the card game separate, dueling an npc opponent, or even friends, with a full deck of all the different cards.  But either way it's a fun little game as is, nice work.  This is the first game in the video.  


I remember playing your game, When Nightmares Come True, I've enjoyed your games, including this one.  It could use some more variety on levels, or different colors, a little more to give a reason to play it more than once.  But the music is spot on, and it left me feeling much better after a slew of aggravating games.  So 10/10.  I played it with a bunch of others, this is the 4th game.

A nice experience, the fox is cute, the landscape is beautiful, it all flows nicely.  Some of the puzzles felt like they were a bit too based on luck, but for the most part they were clever and unique.  I had fun, great game, and would love to see further expansion from you.

Wow, this is an interesting game, tons of choice of weaponry, lots of funny dialogue, and it's even challenging.  So much so that I didn't manage to finish it just yet haha.  That Buttlicker man, geez.  Although I was playing with keyboard, with which I suck.  Anyway, this is a fantastic game, nice work!  It's the 4th game in this group of Christmas games.


Didn't expect that at all lol, this was fun, and good work.  This could be made into a much bigger game and I would totally play it.  I hope your girlfriend liked it!  Nice job, this is the 3rd in a group of Christmas based games.

Cute little game, nice house, very short.  Since there's not much to it, there's not much to say, but it was a fun short little experience.  This is the first in a group of 4 Christmas games.

I enjoyed this game, a good collectible finder, and always good to spread joy and cheer.  I did this as part of a group of games, this is game #3.  Didn't quite finish it I don't think, but I went as far as I could find lol, really nice work.

Love it, great dialogue, really funny, beautiful scenery, just a little bit of a challenge.  Great game, I look forward to seeing more

I really liked this experience, and there are so many vastly different endings, fantastic work.  I went through 2 endings, and was fascinated throughout.  Loved it!

The game looks nice and runs pretty well, though I found this more funny than scary. But I enjoyed it none the less. This game was good for the short time it was made in. Nice job.