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This was really fun, for something so broken, it has so much potential.  The physics are fantastic, although most of the cars tend to wreck themselves almost immediately.  And it's incredibly difficult to wreck any other cars without wrecking yourself first.  The camera angle leads to some really great looking shots, but isn't useful at all when trying to actually drive.  An alternating camera choice would be helpful here.  But I had a lot of fun!

The design of this game really works well, and it pulled me in further and further as the game went on.  My only critique is it ended fairly abruptly, BUT, that is exactly how I remember The Twilight Zone ending.  I think this would work really well, with more episodes, each one just as intriguing and odd, I really like it, great work!

I really like this game, cute and creepy with a hint of puzzling.  I enjoyed the first part of the demo, and look forward to continuing to the rest of it.  The English dialogue is a little off, but not enough to take anything from it.  Can't wait for the full game!

Loved it.  Especially how you were able to change up the duos usual game style.  Of course I miss Chook lol.  But a fantastic adventure nonetheless, great job Tooki 

Hey! I meant to play this a long time ago, I really missed these guys, although I'm still mispronouncing both of their names XD.  But those are the names I know and love them by haha.  Great game Tooki

This is a very strange game, but I love that about it.  the characters have so much personality despite the limited amount of dialogue.  The comic book style of telling the story is terrific.  I absolutely love the spider apes haha.  Especially the face the first one makes, lot of character.  The actual game play is fairly simple, but I enjoyed this short little adventure, and look forward to seeing more games from you.  Thanks :)

Crazy game, had a lot of fun, yelled a lot, went slightly crazy, all in the span of about 5 minutes.  Also spent way too much time in closets but got to skip the bathroom line at least.  Hide and seek with pups is a terrific idea, and a game that practically anyone could enjoy.  Great work, great game, great pups


Nice work, clean graphics, smooth gameplay, the mechanic to physically move the mouse in the direction you want to open drawers and doors is nice.  Took a little getting used to.  The ending was unexpected as well, gives me a lot of high hopes for the rest of the game.  There are some more thoughts in the video below, good luck with the full release!


I did not expect to run into such a well made game.  I love how much it draws you in to tell it's story.  I explored far more than what I have shown in this video.  The rest of the prison that you can visit seems to be more of a prelude of things to come.  I wasn't able to find any more puzzles or items, but if that isn't true I'd love to give it another shot.  I can't wait to see this when it's finished.  


This was enjoyable, I can definitely see all the work put into it.  It was a good opening, setting the mood so that you know just enough to be drawn in, but not to spoil anything.  I like the LOST vibe, just being on an unknown island after a plane crash.  That aside, the bobbing when not moving is a hassle.  I also commented a lot on the voice acting, but it gives it its own character and charm that I quite enjoyed.  Made it more fun to me.  Anyway, good work, and I'll be following to find out more secrets of this island.


WOAH! This game blew up since I downloaded!  Markiplier is the man, good for you dev.  Not much of anything to say about this game, but great work, would love to see the concept in a larger scale.  

Really enjoyed the game, although the text dialogue that pops up went off the screen so fast I could barely read it.  So the majority of the story was lost on me.  But as far as game-play, the game was challenging, and unique.  Really like the hacking, with a bit of a Matrix feel to it.  One of the first 'levels' was so hard that I had to implement a glitch I found just to beat it.  So I might suggest a bit less of a jump from difficulty.  But I was able to finish it.  Glad to see this made it to the front page!


This was fun, like an old school haunted house at a fun park, looking around for whatever is going to jump out next.  That clown though.....lol.  Nice work on your first horror game.  

This was good, I like short horror experiences.  I never did understand what the radio was for? If anything.  But it was fun, and I'd like to see more like this, nice work.

Thank you! Cool game!

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Truly beautiful, amazing music, fast fluid gameplay. I never did understand the traps though, I have replayed since this video and still don't really know if it's working or not. If a drifting mechanic could ever be added that would make it a lot more fun too, as it stands turning is a little difficult. Great work! Can't wait for multiplayer!

This was fun, I had to drink with the Dad, I never did fully grasp the mechanic for the baby though lol, I can understand why he's so ANGRY!

Pretty good game, voice acting was great, felt a little lost most of the time trying to figure out what to do, or what I could do. I only bought two of the upgrades, and made it through the game without a problem. The satellite arrays were my biggest annoyance, that one could definitely use more explanation. This took me about an hour and a half to finish, and left me with mixed feelings. But I do love the idea behind it, with some polish, maybe a few changes, this could be a really great game. Here is my playthrough.

Thank you! I'm glad it was helpful and enjoyable. I really enjoy these characters and hope to see more of them, for me starting with their first adventure soon lol

This game is awesome, the characters are great, the humor is very funny. I had a lot of fun making this one, my voice didn't though lol. Great work, I WANT TO PLAY THE REST! I can't wait. That aside I am really looking forward to the alternate endings and choices as well. I didn't realize until after I played that there is a first adventure with Chook and Sosig, hopefully I'll be able to try that one out soon, and I can't wait.

Very good game, I'm glad to of found it. The puzzle aspect helps it to stand out, although it was a bit confusing at times. I'm following, and I hope to see more of this. Here's my playthrough, and great work!

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I like this this is a full experience, the voice acting needs some work, but it wasn't so bad. But in chapter two, the puzzle at the end, I spent a long time trying to figure out, had to cheat my way to passing it, and I really don't expect that's how you do it, so I have no idea how to pass that legitimately, although it's probably really simple. I'll probably get back in and finish the game fairly soon, but here's my playthrough of the first 2 chapters.

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My playthrough, so you can better see the problem. Thanks, Great work otherwise.

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I really liked the beginning, it wasn't what I expected and it was promising for a nice buildup, but once I got to the sewer area, it lost me, I don't know if there is supposed to be a flashlight mechanic, but it wouldn't work for me, I picked it up, I think, I picked something up, but the flashlight wouldn't work, which made navigation nearly impossible, way too dark to do anything without a flashlight. I'd love to get back in if this is fixed in the future. Although I did find one easter egg, which scared the hell out of me lol.

Absolutely loved this game, haven't felt that tense and truly freaked out in a while. I know there is already far too many reviews and videos of this game, but I am so glad that I finally got in to play it. Amazing job!

Awesome funny game, had fun with this one, man I say weird stuff when everything is so hectic, play this game!

Cool game, I'm a big fan of cell-shaded graphics, there is a nice challenge to the enemies, enough diversion to keep it interesting. This could be made into something larger, I would definitely keep up with it. The controls are a little weird, but it didn't matter a whole lot in the end. Keep up the good work!

Interesting experience, I wasn't quite sure what to expect going in, but I came out feeling satisfied. So good on you. Wouldn't mind seeing this style and idea incorporated into a larger game, I felt like things were happening all around me, and I couldn't see them, which I hope was intentional, as it fits the moral perfectly. Worth a play, good work, good idea.

Great game, I got lost early on, but once I got on track the game kicked into a higher gear, and got me really interested to see more, can't wait for the finished game!

I got to get back into the game and play Nightmare mode, and I have to say that I love this game even more now, you did a truly great job of creating something that a lot of people who create games leave out, the actual GAME. Something with a challenge, that gives you a major objective and keeps your mind going and blood pumping. Truly a great experience, and my favorite game of the year thus far. Hope to see it get more attention.

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It was a fun little game, nice interesting graphics, I liked the back story. It could use a bit more polish, but for what it is I think it's fine. Maybe a bit more horror though. The metronome clicking or beeping is a little annoying honestly, but I didn't notice it when I was playing. All in all it could use a little work, but it was a fun little trip. 4/5 - Worth Playing

Awesome! Soon as I get my mic problem fixed I'll jump back in and check them out!

Great game, glad I found it on here, the atmosphere is good, keeping the character searching for something while trying to avoid the monster was intense, I was able to complete Panic mode, I may try Nightmare mode as well, definitely following for future updates. I made a video, audio quality is a little bad though, sorry about that. Keep up the good work!

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I loved this game, the frequency mechanic is amazing, creative, unique, and just frustrating enough to add a great deal of tension in using it, I did need a bit more explanation, as there is a very large frequency bar and only the 2 frequencies that exist, but I figured it out. Also loved the atmosphere and monster design. I think I the sensitivity of the monster was high for my play-through, I've watched other videos since that have gotten much closer to the monster without setting off the kill screen, but it was still fun and I hope to see more of this in the future, 5/5 Great work and thank you!