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KARLSON community · Created a new topic This game is INSANE

Really cool game, the physics are great, gun play feels really good, and it's just nice to look at.  I have a lot of trouble with the parkour, I'm not so great with a keyboard with this type of game, I imagine it would function a lot better for me with a controller.  But the game is still really fun and well made.  Great job

Wanted to try the goose, and decided to try playing a game with him.  Really fun little addition to the desktop.  Great job, you can see some goose antics in the video 

Pretty nice progress, still running into a bunch of bugs, but those aside the gameplay is still fun.  I might of missed a lot, but much of the game didn't seem like it needed to be done.  Maybe they are puzzles for the future, or secrets of some sort.  Hard to say until development is completed.  But keep going, this game is entertaining

This was really fun, some of the mutators can really make it challenging.  And there is tons of replay-ability, fantastic job.

This is the third game in the video - 5:19

The atmosphere, sound design, and graphics were all spot on in this game.  A short experience that was actually really well done.  I would love to see you make a full game like this, great job, this is the second game in the video - 3:16

This was crazy, knowing your back history of games that would be expected though.  The story was so strange and funny.  The environments are really nice, with some jumpscares thrown in.  All around well made game and one to remember.  This is the second game in the video - 2:54

Fun game.  The graphics are cute, the objective is cute, and the music is Christmassy.  A good all around game for the season.  Had fun playing, and would play again, good work


Really cool way to make the "no players online" idea better.  It feels like there is so much to this world, so many things you can miss, and so much time you could put into digging deeper into the mystery.  While also having super creepy twists.  And the original area feels like a really good map and style for a fps online game.  Terrific job, I dug into it as much as I could in about an hour

Pretty good work, the environment looks nice, the sounds are pretty good, and the whole thing worked well.  I did bug out a lamp, but otherwise it ran smooth.  The voice acting was also very good, personally I wasn't that into the story, it fit the mood and time period it seemed to be in, just wasn't all that catching for me.  Something about the jump scares also weren't all that catching, but it is very well made and I did enjoy the experience.  This is the second game in the video - 12:23

This was a great experience.  The atmosphere is spot on, the environment is super creepy, and the reason for being there even makes sense.  The only complaint I have is the pipe going up had me lost for a while, didn't know you needed to crouch.  Otherwise this was an immersive experience with some terrific horror, great job

Very cool, very weird, but I like it.  The graphics are just beyond my level of comprehension, but it gives it a super unique tone.  And the gameplay and story is fun, great work!  This is the third game in the video -  15:16

Love the idea for the start to a game, the lore is interesting and compelling.  Too bad it ends as quick as it does, and doesn't have any plans of continuing.  But very good idea for a game.  This is the first game in the video 

This was heartbreaking, but a nice little game.  Good jump scares, nothing too complicated, a memorable character.  And adding multiple endings is a nice touch, great work.  This is the third game in the video - 23:01

Great job, I had fun with this.  One scare in particular sent chills up my spine, and I love games that interact with your computer.  This is the second game in the video - 14:02

I don't know if I played it wrong but that was super intense.  The monster was very threatening and extremely loud.  Terrific job.  Making a monster that's actually imposing can be a challenge.  The last section may of been too easy, it was pretty simple compared to the challenges before.  Just time consuming.  But overall a great horror game, this is the first game in the video

I'm late in playing this, but it popped up in Popular and I'd never seen it.  Really cool idea, really freaky, everything needed in a horror game.  The mini-golf was a little frustrating, but that just makes it more like regular mini golf in my eyes lol.  Terrific short experience, one to remember.  This is the second game in the video - 18:07  

Got a little lost in the beginning but this game was a great experience.  Love the lights, love the feel, love the atmosphere.  It's weird in just the right ways, and I have no idea what was happening, but I feel like if I played through again I could find some more secrets and actually finish the Rites.  Terrific job dev

This game has a lot to learn in it, but I enjoyed it.  I feel like I've just barely scratched the surface, but as you go you pick up on new things consistently.  There;s many things I still don't understand, and I'm sure plenty more that I would never guess existed.  Amazing work for a single developer, it's really good even for a larger company.  There's a few bugs here and there, but mostly not game breaking I think.  I do think the turret probably isn't supposed to shoot the dog though.  I also would tone down the brightness a bit, it seemed a little overexposed unless that was just the graphics settings I had.  

I really like the idea and story behind this game.  The graphical style works well too.  I do think the lantern is too bright, it brightens up your eyes more than the actual world it seems.  Perhaps that was just because of my recording set up.  I feel like I did something I wasn't supposed to do in that end sequence, it got a bit confusing, and the enemy just kind of walked by me and into walls and stuff.  But the idea is really good for a game jam and limited time to work on it.  So good work dev, hope to see more from you in the future.  This is the third game in the video - 17:59


This game has a lot going for it.  The puzzle aspect is very good, the attention to detail (such as the door locks), and reaching far by including lots of tools and even weapons.  The characters reactions and general volume is too much for me though.  The reactions usually happened before we as players could even see what was going on, and they were far more overbearing than the actual jump scares.  The puzzles also didn't make much sense.  At one point you shoot a tv to get progress, but there's no indication to why you would do that, or why it worked.  I made it pretty far, before hitting a puzzle I couldn't figure out what to do.  There were several moments while playing I could of gotten stuck.  Maybe they are too subtle, maybe they need some kind of hint or riddle to go along with them.  But if they were a little more intuitive, and the character was toned down I would enjoy this a lot more (I've personally never been a fan of a first person speaking character in a horror game anyway).  But good work regardless, this is the second game in the video - 4:19


The atmosphere and graphics are very nice for this game.  It sets up a lot of perfect opportunities, and utilizes a couple of them.  The ending left me disappointed though.  Maybe I missed some extra moments in the experience.  There is also some stuttering frame rate issues.  Given the time used to make it, the game is good, but lacking.  I hope to see some projects from you in the future.  This is the first game in the video 


This is a cool experience, I'd say you'd enjoy it a lot more if you were a fan of The Shining movie, but even as someone who hasn't seen it, it was still fun.  It's a little annoying having to start over the entire game if you mess up, especially considering the game has a learning curve for what you need to do and the best ways to do it.  The Shine control doesn't really make sense to me, as someone who doesn't know what it does, some sort of instruction or tutorial would be great at least for that function.  I could do without ever naked grandma though haha, this is the second game in the video - 18:06


Overall I ended up enjoying most of the experience, and I really appreciate the work that went into making this.  More detailed review below with critiques

3rd game in the video - @14:38

This game is the definition of too much I think.  There is so much happening almost any time you move, sometimes jump scares piled up 3 at a time and I didn't even know what I was supposed to be looking at, leaving me confused and worn out from so much noise.  Some of those scares were really good though, I especially like the woman screaming on the car.  The inventory system is ridiculous, took too much trial and error to get a key to work.  Once understood it I could do it, but it was also pulling you away from the game a lot at the same time.  Just a frustrating system.  The health system didn't seem applicable, I'm not sure if anything actually caused me damage, or if anything could, and there is no health bar to be seen, so consumables seemed to be a waste.  The same for the flashlight batteries, they seemed to be a waste.  The flashlight didn't really help much at all, and the battery seemed to drain even when not using it.  The refillable cartridges only giving back one bar was frustrating as well.  There is also so much in each of the rooms that it makes it so hard to see what it is you are looking for, I overlooked keys a few times.  And had to intensely stare for a long time to eventually find them later.  But overall I still enjoyed the game, despite being overstimulated and  not understanding the ending at all.  And I do really appreciate that there is so much put into this game, and can still say that you did a great job.        

Really creepy, in most games the total silence thing doesn't work so well, but here it was utilized very well.  The hole in the fence bothers me a bit, it's too short for the character, made it really hard to see when going back especially.  The flashlight actually didn't help much at all, so this is a super dark experience as well.  Which works and also makes it harder to play at the same time.  The game bugged out on me in the end so I didn't completely finish it, but I almost got there.  Nice work overall, this is the second game in the video - @9:35


I really enjoyed this one, as I was playing I thought this was a demo, but it works as a short game too.  I would love to see this style and these mechanics brought into a larger scale game though.  Really fun, great job, this is the first game in the video

I like the atmosphere, the visual style, the ai of the zombies.  It's a simple game, fairly short.  I still don't know exactly why the code is what it is.  That puzzle is over my head.  And I am still annoyed that I could not look up beyond the horizontal plane.  Otherwise the game is pretty good for a short little experience.  I could see these zombies being used in a larger scale.  

This is the last game in the video

Something about the early moments of the game just ruined the whole experience for me.  It took me what felt like forever to find the early maze.  And from there the game did pick up, and had all that I expect from indie horror.  But it was too late, I had already lost interest and couldn't regain it.  I feel like I made a good bit of progress, but I really don't know how far I made it in the game before I had to put it away.  I do appreciate all the work in this game however, and the urge to put so much story in it.  But there should also be a fine line between how much you read and how much you play.  Too much reading can ruin the experience as well.

This is the 5th game in the video


I really like the visual style.  It's atmospheric and engrossing.  That being said, things like putting the text more on a sheet of paper would be more involved to me, just scattered across the screen pulls me away a bit.  I don't quite understand the ending, I felt like something should have happened to finalize it, whether it be a story, a different action, or even just a loud jumpscare sound.  But this environment alone screams horror, and could really be put to good use with some more horror moments, or even some kind of creature/person/anything chasing you.  Food for thought.

This is the 4th game in the video


I like the idea of this, as all Indie horror goes it has touches of jumpscares and an eerie atmosphere.  I do enjoy the puzzle mechanic that you touched on.  I hope that as you continue development you continue building on that mechanic.  

This is the second game in the video, but thank you for watching my video already when it posted

Really interesting, cool to see new ways of delivering horror.  As it stands it's more or less just eerie with a touch of disgusting.  I can't wait to see what you make of this, best of luck with the development

This is the first game in the video

The only thing I can think of I may not of shown is if you have an item with the inventory menu closed, if you interact with certain things that item can disappear and just be gone forever. I didn't realize the chessboard was top to bottom, the orientation felt like side to side when I saw it, and as the only way 2 players could sit and play the game would be left and right, so that's where I assumed it needed to be. As for how it bugged out in the end, after I left the chessboard with the solution I had made, it would not let me interact with the board again, it would just continuously update the journal, so I would have needed to restart the game again. I did just open the zodiac box with random numbers, I never noticed any clues that would have helped to solve that puzzle, what did I miss? The girl walking constantly is more just weird, it actually added a creepiness to it, so I'd consider keeping it, and maybe just adjusting it instead. But yes, it is important to flesh out all the game breaking bugs before upping that creep factor. I look forward to when you get it all worked out, thanks for watching!

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Pretty good game, I like the puzzle aspect, I never did figure out what the clues were for some solutions, and I ran into bugs multiple times that prevented me from being able to finish, but I did get close to finishing.  Some more fleshing out and bug fixes and this will be a great game.  It would be better to have some more horror to it, the little girl is surprisingly creepy in many ways.  But otherwise there were sounds that didn't seem to apply to anything and a lack of a threat.  Something to make it all more atmospheric and give the player a feeling of dread and a reason to be worried would add a lot.  But it's a great concept and seems to be improving along nicely.  Best of luck getting the finished game out, and thanks for contacting me, your game is the first in this video.

This game was a great surprise, the visuals are fantastic.  The atmosphere delightfully eerie.  The story even is fun and creepy.  I had a great time with this game, regardless of it being a short experience.  Great job devs, keep at it!

This game is the 4th and final in this video