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Overall I ended up enjoying most of the experience, and I really appreciate the work that went into making this.  More detailed review below with critiques

3rd game in the video - @14:38

This game is the definition of too much I think.  There is so much happening almost any time you move, sometimes jump scares piled up 3 at a time and I didn't even know what I was supposed to be looking at, leaving me confused and worn out from so much noise.  Some of those scares were really good though, I especially like the woman screaming on the car.  The inventory system is ridiculous, took too much trial and error to get a key to work.  Once understood it I could do it, but it was also pulling you away from the game a lot at the same time.  Just a frustrating system.  The health system didn't seem applicable, I'm not sure if anything actually caused me damage, or if anything could, and there is no health bar to be seen, so consumables seemed to be a waste.  The same for the flashlight batteries, they seemed to be a waste.  The flashlight didn't really help much at all, and the battery seemed to drain even when not using it.  The refillable cartridges only giving back one bar was frustrating as well.  There is also so much in each of the rooms that it makes it so hard to see what it is you are looking for, I overlooked keys a few times.  And had to intensely stare for a long time to eventually find them later.  But overall I still enjoyed the game, despite being overstimulated and  not understanding the ending at all.  And I do really appreciate that there is so much put into this game, and can still say that you did a great job.