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nice game!

great asset! keep it up buddy 


i love it , i could play it for hours and hours

i am a ue4 with lots of programming experience. There are a lot of stuff i cant do and one of them  is level design msg me for more info 

100% would recommend 



doesn't load for me 


NICE!!! but there is a bug at the beginning where you get to attack someone while you are getting to the palace and if you select swarm the game becomes unplayable but over all good job   


1) if you spam space you get very fast 2) you can walk on water if you try hard enough and third you can grab an enemie if you press on him in the right moment but congrats on finishing your game !!! 

nice idea but way to many bugs 

i loved it!!

hey, congrats on finishing your game!! the only problem is that i dont really see the duality in this (the theme) and i dont really get what you have to do but over all keep it up!! 

hahahha the music is epic 

loved it

it is great!!!! i love the art style but it gets way to hard very soon

loved it , it would be better if you had a different button for shouting and another one for changing worlds but everything else is great 

YES it is 100% yours 


what about a baguette 

GREAT JOB KEEP IT UP !!!! the gameplay was very good and the level is the same as doom (the original) i would change the text fond to an 8 bit one but over all great job

wow just wow great job

i loved it but hitting the enemies was really hard otherwise good job

this game is great i didnt see any lag at all but my pc is very powerfull so i wouldnt count it, there were some moments that i didnt know where i was supposed to go or do like in level 7 , 9 etc but the idea is very good keep it up 

hello i am an indie game dev that knows nothing on 3d art i am looking for someone that can crate the 2 main characters for my game. the style of the are is stylised/ cartoon , the project is finished it just need those two characters

- the first character is a small child that can control magic 
- the second is an old witch , she must look very tired but a master of magic 
 if you want to take on the challenge reply and i will send you pics of the games existing art to get some ideas