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Brilliant idea, design and execution!

And distorted game on 125% scaling

Settings window

When the game is set to exact resolution of the screen (in my case 1920x1080) and application scalling is set to something bigger than 100% the game does not fit the screen. If on top of that, the game is in fullscreen the hitboxes on UI do not work no matter where on the screen you click. Non of other games I own are affected by this.

Repro rate: 100%

Workaround: Go to your desktop. Right click empty space. Select "Display Settings". Change the size from recommended to 100%.

Expected fix: The game should ignore this scaling.

Boy we underestimated the time here. Started really smooth and easy but scripting the events took awful lot of time xD

I've completed the game. Would be more challenging with moving opponents though. But it gave me the creeps so a way to go!

Nice idea. Trains your memory and makes it more engaging than a regular maze.

Thanks! It's from pixabay: "Monsters under my bed"

I wanted to post a comment but @Yagneel gave a perfect summary ;d

Brilliant idea! I wondered how one can make such a simple task interesting, now I know. Great job!

Hi! Thanks I found that exploit too xD
Game gets harder when you reach score of 40 (or 50?). Usually our games were quite hard to grasp so we decided to do some balancing and onboarding this time. That's also probably why we slightly exceeded 3h :( .

Yes, that is something that is lacking in the UX department. We had to hide the color wheel because that would provide a way to cheat (you would easily see the opposite color). But after shooting 20 creatures you get access to full color wheel and you can see how the colors change in each direction.

It says 8 PM UTC, so in 2 hours

390 points!

Nice idea, easy to pick up. Quite challenging. Love the artstyle.

xD That's the thing - there is no "crowd dynamics" (I had only 3 hours!). It just looks like it xD About 25 lines of code (excluding brackets).

I like the bad-ass main character. 

It feels weird that the fire trails behind you as you move although it's physically correct.

I approve choice of correct temperature unit!

Great game! Nice twist on The Memory.

A winner candidate for me.

In polish it should be : puree z banana or bananowe puree.
Otherwise perfect game! Educative, on the theme and plain simple. Should be the winner.

xD The sounds xD

I like the educational aspect of the game. You can spam click though to score every single potato so there is really no gameplay.

This game is brilliant! Management and platformer merged together <3 I really like that the game is timed - this simple thing made the game challenging and competitive. 

I wish I could click on a desired potato instead of switching.

Clever idea. I like it! I wasn't able to surpass 7 potatoes.

The potato is adorable!
Simple game, wish there was an ending though.

Thanks! I particularly proud of the controls. I also learned a lot. The hardest thing was how to make it bad without pushing too much. And I probably should have been more delicate with the audio. But I don't regret any second of recording it xD @Xiclu had a really good idea with that jam and I never laughed so much during any other one - both during creation of my entry and during rating.

There is a way to kinda "win" the game, like I said there are two endings. A little hint: each area where one of the endings can be achieved has different background music than the one you start with.

It doesn't look that bad, which is probably not good xD But those prompts for not being able to move... I was rolling on the floor laughing. You nailed the unplayability! A little too short, but overall a solid entry. Thanks!

That cover image really captures the spirit of the game and helps to set the mood. The color palette is really exquisite. Leaving the developer comments stuck in the middle of the content - top notch move. Game page matches the game perfectly! I wish you finished it though because that error in spider cave left me a little bit disappointed (in a bad way in this case).
Hope you had as much fun and laughter making it as we (Xiclu and me) had playing it. Thanks!

Man this game is awesome. It took me a while but I've beaten it. This perfectly matches the overall idea of game being so bad but so good at the same time xD Those controls almost broke my fingers - duck and throw just to jump afterwards... I tried several approaches using one or two hands xD
This needs a WebGL build - shouldn't be a problem since it's made with Unity.

Quite challenging, and the idea fit well to my mood (recently finished 2 detective games). I wish there was a few easier levels to start with so it won't be so disencouraging, yet I spent quite some time trying to crack the case and enjoyed it. 

Wow, an extra multiplayer mode in 3 hours? That's nice accomplishment. The game kept me on my heels all the time and I was mostly running around trying to prevent anyone from touching the terminal; it was fun xD I also like the aesthetics. 

It is beautifully done! I was confused at first but quickly figured out what's going on and even guessed the traitor correctly just to be killed on my next move. That was intense and exciting, thanks!

I like the mechanics. I kinda got lost who I should shot though xD The game definitely brought smile to my face, thanks!

Thanks! That was my goal, glad you had some fun with it. I realized that onboarding is very important in such quick - jam games due to my previous submission to Trijam 50. I made a game a bit too overwhelming so now I learned from my mistakes.

My best is 1.3s. Nice and simple game!

Great game! And that ominous music when you lose ;d So simple and nicely looking. I wish I'll create someday something so polished in only 3 hours.

I scored 39. Nice game, matches the theme and is easy to understand. Surely it's my candidate for win so far.

Nice game, easy to understand. It's funny when they start running away from you ;d

It's my second try on TriJam. I definitely learned how do things faster this time (I even have some graphics). Still I feel like I overprogrammed a lot. I hope to get music and sounds too on TriJam #52 ;d